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  1. Nope, literally went from stopping the recording to plugging it into the PC. Didn't fiddle with the tracks or anything, my first prioty was to get them on the PC. Didn't bump the minidisc when it was playing either, as it was 6am and I was in bed asleep when the first error occoured, 7pm when the second occoured (watching cricket) and 11pm (on the net) when the last occoured.
  2. Okay, using WinXP, SonicStage 3.1, never had a problem uploading tracks from my computer. Did a huge record over the weekend, marked the tracks at every hour to split them up (talking about 55 hours of recording) over two Hi-MDs in Hi-LP mode. Used my NH600 to do it and all seemed to run fine. Transferred one disc across, fine no problems. Went to transfer the second disc across, all the tracks except three transferred fine. I now have three tracks that give me "An Internal error" occured whilst transferring. These tracks seem to play fine through the USB back to the PC, and in the minidisc player themselves, but wont transfer across the USB. Is there any way to do a diagonsitic on the disc to get them to transfer? Is there any way to force them across (tried fiddling the ATRAC setting, no dice). I need them in sonicstage to split and join them in with the other tracks as the time marks arent in the right places. I figure if I do a straight capture import I cant split join tracks in Sonicstage, is this right?
  3. I had the same problem when i used the full installer, on this site. I figured it was because my computer was set up for Australia not the US (I like my u's in words). I uninstalled everything just using Add/Remove programs, and then did a web reinstall, and after that I had no problems finding my Minidisc (600). If you can get a net connection with your laptop maybe try this.
  4. LOL It wouldn't have suprised me if a lot of people rushed it thinking that they might see the ps3 come out rather than being realistic and seeing what new products Sony will bring to the market. Then again I kinda got replused by the news coverage of E3 here.
  5. I had this problem when I did a clean install of Sonicstage (after a reformat). I have a limited internet connection (read 28.8kbps, thanks to a dogey telco) so I downloaded the "allin one installer". It installed great but when I connected the minidisc I could see it in explorer but not in sonicstage. I also tried the PA driver, and it didn't change a thing. I relented and did the online download of it (started instal, went out came home and it was done), and it worked then. My computer is set to Australian language rather than US, so I dont know if that was the problem but try an online download if you haven't done that maybe give it a go. I just uninstalled all of the programs (go down the Add and Remove Programs) that I thought were connected to remove them, I didn't fiddle any registry entries.
  6. I like the idea of being able to replace the earphone cable. Mine have just gone with the headphone, and I know on some larger (ala Hi-Fi) headphones you can replace the cable and they still work. Its a shame they dont do this with smaller headphones (buds I can understand, but say streetstyle). Might have to get the old soldering Iron out and see what I can do, it didn't work on my buds, but its worth a shot.
  7. Also very useful for ingoring the questions you get asked "You want Fries with that", "You want [insert "Country" Idol due for release] with that" They dont usually worry about asking for the extras if they see you have the headphones on. Oh if you have them up loud enough they can hear (I'll admit I've done this on a couple of occasions) they usually give you a funny look My Minidisc never leaves my backpack, thus I always have it when I'm out.
  8. Riding my bike (to and from work) usually is the most. On the bus if its raining. I wear it when I go shopping, especially if I'm going CD shopping because I generally hate the music thats played in most stores. One store (JB-Hifi) will give me ear aches because of the subwoofer dispaly is up so loud. I occasioanlly have it on where I work. The other guys in my lab have a radio (bad music again!), and I get annoyed by it so I usually chuck in a game soundtrack and work to that (no words to break my concentration).
  9. Add to the fact that if you forget to back up, you can lose it easily. So far I've only ever lost one CD. The actually having something in your hands, is something that appeals to me (I also like checking out covers etc), so I dont mind paying a bit more (not much) for an album.
  10. Yea I put the US price up as a maximum that I would go to in the worst (I'm Australian, so CAD and AUD can be close). I had a look at the pinned article and noticed that it was mainly buds and clipons. As for buds, yea they were the worst thing for me, I would always have one go (usually wiring coming loose) and that would annoy me. I fixed up a couple of them but gave up in the end. I've never had a pair of clipons but I dont think they would be that comfortable, and I've been happy with my streetstyle ones. I've been using Sony MDR-G56 which are quite nice and I'm tempted to get another Sony lot as these have been beat up (chucked in my bag, fallen off desks) over the years and still been fine. I would just like to check out an alternatives that are out there at the moment though if anyone has recommendations. Never had a problem with the band and my collar (never got it hooked on my labcoat!), and its always fit under my helmet so I'm happy with the style.
  11. Unfortantely all the ones around me sold out (yea caused by me!). I rang them up (due to another issue, security guard harrased and manhandled my girlfriend, because she didn't let him check her empty bag, it was obviously empty, also threatned me) and asked when they were getting more in. The guy seemed to say that they weren't getting anymore in at that price and it was a special deal. He also made out that they were thinking of dropping MD players to allow for more HDD players too.
  12. roguefan99


    Very useful for me, I have an 40elk remote with a 600 model. The minidisc lives in my "Ipod" pocket in my backpack, the remote comes around and hooks on a strap across the front of my bag. The only time this is a pain is when I'm shopping (always CD shopping too, I think they want me to listen to Australian Idol Music when I'm in the store, sorry I'll support Aussie bands, not people who will be around for 1 year) and have to take the bag off my shoulder to get it inspected. Because the minidisc never leaves my pocket, I use the remote for everything, actually I dont think there is anything I would do on the actual minidisc itself (unless I'm recording then I dont use the remote). I use my minidisc with a pair of Sony headphones (MDR-G65) which had a looooong cord, but I just shove that down my shirt front (T-shirt or Ice Hockey top) to hide it away.
  13. Okay I know a lot of people dont like these. I tend to get ear problems from Bud earphones, so I dont like using them as much anymore. I had a pair of Sony behind the neck headpones, and found them really comfortable, and fine for when I was wearing my helmet. I want to avoid the clip on ones (I tend to hate clip on anything!). I know a lot of people dont like these but they are only used for going to and from work (I have sennheisers for other stuff), so whilst I'd like to get good sound quality, there is always going to be outside noise problems! Well the Sony ones are on the way out (I have a tendancy to kill headpones, but these are a few years old so they have done much better than most of my buds I've had), so what recommendations for these types of headphones are there? I'd be looking for a pair less than $40 US if possible. Any recommendations would be great (especilly if linked to reviews!)
  14. Green Day---Live at the Wireless (Sydney) Smashing Pumpkins---Live at the Wireless You am I---Live at the wireless The local radio station here put these up. I wish they would release them as CDs I could buy them, but at the moment they are off the radio Also, as they played here recently The Butterfly Effect- Self Titled EP The Butterfly Effect- Begins Here A great Aussie band, a couple of their mp3s are on http://www.thebutterflyeffect.com.au/ (2 of my favourite songs from them).
  15. How long is your session limit. I started the installation and went to bed. I'm on a 28.8k connection (Thanks to my telephone line being stuffed!), and I got it this way. Just started the installation went through till it started downloading stuff and went to bed. Next morning I just hit restart and it was done. 3 hours later I've cleaned up the library, and just having to put a few albums back on again!
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