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  1. Why spend the extra bucks? With the exception of Krystal, Audacity does do multi-track recording for free. I use it all the time. Just place your time marker at the point where you want to add another track and click the record button. It will add another track on top of the one you already have recorded. I have done up to 16 track with no problems.
  2. No offense against you but that sounds like a bunch of hocus pocus snake oil to me. Digital is just one's and zero's. It cannot be reproduced any less or any more, unless you get some sort of data corruption. Where I can see the sound being affected is in the amp or any sound shaping devices like EQ. The only advantage to coax that I can see is the strength of the cable. arb226: Yes, that is why I assumed the bit-rates are the same. Again, I don't want to offend anyone, that is not my intention.
  3. I am curious, How can one digital format be superior to another digital format if digital is digital? Asumming the bit-rate is the same, of course.
  4. Hello everyone. My first post here. Just watched Robots yesterday. It was a good laugh. It will be added to my collection when it comes out on DVD.
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