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  1. I really regret selling mine. I bought it for $25 and it sold for about $80 IIRC.
  2. You would not happen to have some "3D" sound software running? sounds like those custom "room" EQ settings my laptop sound card is always trying to enable.
  3. I'll add to this too, I download a lot from http://www.sectionzmusic.com/.
  4. the device will only draw what it needs. your adapter will only provide the two amps if the device drawing power from it "pulls" the amperage.
  5. Love Audacity and use it heavily. I recently started using Wavepad to automatically split long wav files into tracks, automatically. Did I mention it can split tracks automatically?
  6. The key word is cheap. The scope is cheap but it does have the smaller cap on the main dust cap. The blur is there because I have not been able to colminate the scope properly. My primary mirror is off just a bit. I need to get it out of the shed since the cooler nights are upon us. For the sake of a speady setup, I have been thinking of making a concrete pier mount in the back yard so I don't have to align the scope every time I want to use it. Just mount it to the pier and go. @ Bobt: LOL
  7. Hehe, through the eyepiece shots are what I used to do until I got this: It's is still not a good enough rig for fainter objects since I don't have a motorized mount. The moon and sun (with a mylar filter) are totally doable though. I still tend to over expose my moon shots.
  8. Nope, the PC link is just an outboard sound card for your PC to interface to the R500's optical input. It is still real time recording. EDIT* Let me rephrase that. It will work with SS in the sense that you will just play your music and record real time on the R500.
  9. He said MD or mp3 player. I have the sansa and would not classify it as having good quality sound. It's okay but not great. You probably cannot get a hold of the iAudio X5/X5L anymore but it does have excellent sound quality. It records too. Mono only though, through the built in mic. Recording quality is best suited for speech but I have used it to record outdoor concerts and a few indoor events. Again, it does an okay job but cannot compare to MD's recording abilities.
  10. Normally I would suggest this too. I recently found WavPad that will devide a long wave file into tracks automatically. There is a free version of WavePad also.
  11. Do you mean an actual port on a NEtMD or Hi-MD (What model minidisc recorder?) unit or an MDPort as in the USB optical interface?
  12. The only problems I have come across is using Fuji discs. I recorded a Fuji disc in a Sharp recorder I had then tried to do some more edits in my old R900. The R900 could not read the disc. Niether could my onld N510. Turned out the Fuji discs were all bad.
  13. I have recorded from one MD to another. I was hard pressed to save some material and usually don't do that. I must say I was impressed with the quality considering the circumstances. Keep in mind the original MD was recorded from CD optically in SP mode then rerecorded from the line out on my deck to the line in on my Aiwa Portable which is an SP only unit.
  14. Glad you like them. I have some JVC's too. I have not been using them much lately. The UE's have become my everyday phones.
  15. There is a small ribbon cable that connects the record head to the mainboard. This cable moves back and forth with the record head when it is in use. This cable eventually can develop breaks. I have heard of people fixing it for themselves but it would require some really good soldering skills, a steady hand and lots of patience. Keep in mind that unit was introduced in 2000.
  16. Personally, I would bypass the tuner all together. Line out of tape deck straight to line in on MD unit. That is what I do.
  17. It can be used for business or personal use I guess. This will be for personal use. What I like is that I can upgrade the capacity at any time by purchasing a larger hard drive. It does not have HDMI output but that does not matter to me and there is a model that does include it for those who need that. Here is a view of the back side:
  18. Just bought a Mvix multimedia player w/ 160 gb hard drive. It has component video outs and optical outs. You don't need a computer to watch/hear your movies/music. I was going to buy a new point and shoot camera but got this instead.
  19. You could always record real time from the Hi-MD headphone out to a line in on the Linux box. That's a way around it. Seriously, SS is so proprietary it is not even funny. It is going to take Sony themselves to make a version that would work with Linux. We all know that is never going to happen. Maybe transferring them on a USB thumb drive would be faster?
  20. MD Fans will love it but music fans will love it even more.
  21. Someone was able to get SS to work under WINE but I cannot remember who it was. The thread is here somewhere. Maybe some of the other linux users remember who it was?
  22. I really need to check this thread more often. Ray Frequency Response: 20 to 13,000 Does not seem very good, does it. I have been happy with them and the high cut off does not seem to be a problem. I usually cut the high frequencies with EQ because they seem bright already so I don't know. @guitarfxr - That's without the attenuator. I have never used it. The durability is without a doubt a big plus. They are polycarbonate shells and the wire insulation is a PVC type material. It's very flexible and it does not suffer from "microphonics". The other plus side is that the wires are replaceable if something does happen.
  23. Hi Ray! It's a hard disk based ATRAC player that sony made a while back. TBR has three of them, I think.
  24. Hey! Look! The gangs all here!
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