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  1. That would be cool! Or the Hi-MDs could combine to become some super robot to defeat the HDD player.
  2. July 17, 2005 http://www2.warnerbros.com/batmanbegins/index.html
  3. (1) Wow, I doubt that you could find anything made today that would last 20 years. If you are happy with that and it gets the job or jobs done, then nothing can top it. That sounds like a good mic, you are going to have a really good set up! I am green with envy!! (2)However, I am curious just what do want to do with that mic? stealth recording, live music, reporting, just your own voice, or all of those? And how powerful or detailed a mic would you want? Oh, if the mic you have is ajustable and can it be set to pick up different frequency then it tops most mics today. I am sure you mic is built better than those of today, in most cases. Later, Mikami
  4. Could someone please erase my last two Post in FIND YOUR MINIDISC Best Recordable Discs, Which brand / style is your favorite? I sorry to trouble you again, Mikami
  5. These are those Bianca's eveyones talking about:
  6. My trusted units [attachmentid=105] [attachmentid=106] [attachmentid=104]
  7. Yeah, if these, Sony MDR-D66SL Eggo Headphones, are what you are talking about I going to get apare of those. Ah, those look comfortable. I am ganna try, Mikami
  8. Hey Yochanan, Do you have a mic for it, yet? Or did you order a mic already? With such a cool recorder, your gonna need a good mic to take advantage of Sharp's great quality. Later, Mikami
  9. Improving on writespeed on Hi-MD would be hard. The writespeed speed of the bigger MO have not been improved on that much since 1986. However, you are right there is not really anything either in the English part or the Japanese part about recording, only reading. Since, Sharp, esp in their auvi line, takes great care with sound detail they may be trying to bring the Auvi tradition to Hi-MD. Also, take a look at Sharp Eletronic components catalogue, you will notice that they specialize in alot of optical related parts and Laser diodes of many kinds.They have already developed a few famous hologram lasers for use with CD, and now they are almost finnished with a fast high powerd DVD hologram laser for writing and reading. Well, it is a guess, but they maybe trying to incorporate that tech into Hi-MD, but the speed issue is still gonna be tough. However, I guess that recording quality might be improved on and readspeed with protection. I am sure those sharp guys and gals are working hard to bring out something good. regards. Mikami
  10. Hello Yochanan, Zombietycho is right! And it sounds like you need Sharp. It is my opinion Sharp's units are much better recorders than anything Sony has. Why well if you want to do Live recordings Sharp will let you change settings while recording, and Sharp won't make tracks if the outside volume falls for a sec or two, enless you want it to. Sharp does have a variable volume control on the input. But, do not take my word for it, check out. Check out Sharp's MD-DR77 at this link: http://www.minidisct.com/products/sharp_md-dr77.html And Check out Sharps MD-DR7 at this link: http://www.minidisct.com/products/sharp_dr7.html Shalom, Mikami
  11. I want to try those! Can those be bought in Japan?, Mikami
  12. That's a good idea , esp since some stores have aweful music in the background!Protect your ears from noise pollution and subliminal messages found in shopping centers. Minidisc never leave home without it, Mikami
  13. Good idea ! I like that, but which one? E.T., Alf, Alien of Aliens, or one of those bugs on men in black? Alien would be funny, I would buy a 2nd gen if it had an Alien picture on it, Mikami
  14. I think I would end up scratching a dual disc! I have enough trouble with normal CD's. What happens when the CD case breaks? Where could I lay a disc while I look for a new disc case, if the disc was double sided? Not ganna buy it, Mikami
  15. I am sorry, if the refernces in the first post was obsure. Well here are links with information about all those obscure refernces: Bob Sapp used to be an American football player but now he is in Japan acting and fighting: http://www.prowrestle.tv/bobsapp/ Bae Yong-joon(Yon Sama) A southKorean actor who is supper popular: http://www.hotelier2002.com/abt/bio/bio_byj.htm Morning Musume a really large female singing group: http://www.jpopmusic.com/mmusume/ http://www.helloproject.com/ Smap a nice boy singing group: http://www.japan-zone.com/modern/smap.shtml Hideaki Takizawa or Takki of the singing duo takki and tsuba. http://www.geocities.com/tazarn/takky.html synergy, Mikami
  16. Well, Panasonic usually gets Ayumi Hamasaki to do their MD commericals and Sony got Mika Nakashima to do their HI-MD last year. I do not know who does the MD commericals outside of Japan. see you later, Mikami
  17. Okay I'll start, Yes I did and I think that: In the fall of 2004 Sony air-ed their first HI-MD commercials. Basically there were two or three versions of the same commercial. Length being the only difference.The person who did that commerical was Mika Nakashima a somewhat popular singer in Japan. In the back ground of the commerical they had her song, Legend playing. The following site has a good picture taken from that commercial: http://intp.lolipop.jp/blog/archives/2004/08/03_1357.html This where the commercial used to be online, but it does not seem to work anymore: http://hi-md.net/nakashima.html The following site is Mika Nakashima's homepage(it still works): http://www.mikanakashima.com/ good-bye, Mikami
  18. I do not know if this has been posted or not. But, this is for those who do not know about this. So, check it out: (1)Type, http://hi-md.net in your internet address bar (2)Click on the big HI-MD letters, or click ENTER (3)Wait while it loads or till you hear the jazzy music (4)Click any of the 2nd gen Hi-MD units you want to look at (5) Enjoy look at 2nd gen Hi-MD from different points of view (6) If you can read Japanese are have a good web translation that can handle those pages enjoy the entire site. Bye-bye, Mikami
  19. I think a commercial would need someone cool like Batman, Bob Sapp, Smap, or morning musume(Just kidding) . Takki&Tsuba-san are pretty cool these days, and so is Bae Yong-joon (Yon-samma) So, they might be more ideal for a commercial at least in Japan. Well, I still like Batman after all he would have a Hi-MD! If he could not do it, maybe Clark or Lex on Smallville would be good. up up and away, Mikami
  20. Okay, I'll start. I might buy a portable one if; It was about the same size as as the HI-MD that I have, comes with a better version of JustSystem's BeatJam software(than past Auvi's came with), it uploads like Sony did but Onkyo's deck didn't, it's blue or Gold, and it sounds really good. It would also be cool if the player/recorder has a Radio, too. salutations, Mikami
  21. Well, I am not sure what happen to the Delta Sigma, but it is gone on all Auvi's recent protable units. For example the MD-DS33P does not have the delta sigma either. I guess someone thought it was time for a change. But wait didn't sony use some type of delta sigma tech in the past(not the logo). I wonder if that had anything to do with it. At least in 2004 Sharp was still using the logo on their units. Well, who knows maybe the Delta sigma is on the top of the unit or something. Well, it is really strange we have not heard anything about this logo change in the news! Now, I really want to know what happen. If I find out I will tell you, Mikami
  22. Well, before I read this thread the last movie I had seen was "China cry" http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detai...371348?v=glance But then I read this thread and found out about," in the Mood for Love" after reading Ishiyoshi post. So, I watched that movie and then remember I had forgotten to post on this thread. So, the last movie I saw was "in the Mood for Love". See ya, Mikami
  23. I am surprised there has not been much talk about sharp's new idea for integrated optical pickup since, Christopher MacManus informed MD community page, about it, on 1/28. So, now we know sharp has/or is thinking about optical pick ups. And that these pick ups will be able to read both MD/and Hi-Md, by the means of using a laser to read the disc based on two different film proccesses through the use of holograms(that sounds cool, already!). So, we know sharp wants to be different and not copy sony. But, I wonder just what will Sharp's Phase-shift differential push pull mean for RES? Does, this mean that sharp might be working on a reading proccess that might eleminate more errors during playback or reading caused when a disc is vibrated or when one is moving around? A more shock resistance Hi-MD!!!? That would be cool! (Also, in the past Sharp improved or altered Sony's Atrac codex, will sharp do this again with atrac 3plus?) this is great fun to think about!, Mikami
  24. On, march the 8th, 2005 Sharp introduced the SD-FX200 an Auvi 1-bit MD/CD System. It comes in Orange, Red, and Silver. I am sure it has all the typical features. So. it could be programed to wake you up with CD, MD, or Radio, to record the radio at a certiant time, to speed record MD, and ect. So, check out sharps new, SD-FX200. Here is the link: http://www.sharp.co.jp/corporate/news/050308-a.html Check it out, Mikami
  25. I appoligize, to the mods and to anyone else who has or is reading this thread. I should not have started this thread. I should have just talked about the computer-less without saying anything about the Mp3 players or the I-pod. I did not mean to start a cantankerous thread my sincerest appologies to anyone reading this, Mikami
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