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  1. The TOP MD money makers at the Japanese version of Amazon.com as of June 8th 2006 (1) Sony MZ-RH1 S Hi-MD Of course! (2) BUFFALO MD-HUSB USB2.0 (3)Victor XM-C17-S (4)Sony MZ-E520 S MD (5)Sony MZ-EH50 P MD (6)Victor XM-S51-A (7)SHARP MD-DR77-A 1 bit (8)Victor XM-S51-B (9) Victor XM-C37-S (10) SHARP MD-DR7-S MD And these units and a battery fall below the top ten SONY Hi-MD MZ-RH10B Ranked as Number 18 SONY Hi-MD MZ-RH10S Ranked as Number 22 SONY MZ-NH1S MD Ranked as Number Number 25 SONY Hi-MD MZ-RH10L Raned as Number 35 SONY LIP-4WM Ranked as Number 37 See you later
  2. I think the ability to upload SP and to record true SP again, on the go, helps a lot! I also think SonicStage has improved a lot! However, I usually use SimpleBurner to transfer music from CD to HI-MD I think it is a lot cleaner and saves a step.Plus I have been through enough PC's and harddisc to know not to store important data on them for long. On, the other hand I think SonicStage is not the only proprietary digital media player/trasfer device! There is another big proprietary auido softwear out there that people fail to understand as being proprietary. For, now I am just happy that HI-MD portable recorders are doing better than the standard MD units (in terms current of sales) and I hope that HI-MD will become the new standard or default. But, they will need to start making HI-MD boom boxs, and mini-systems for HI-MD to get a bigger foothole. Audio Tape is still around but starting to disapear. I hope MD/HI-MD can finnish that job and convert audio tape uses over. Syrius Are you talking about "Garfield and Friends"? I loved that show. Sparky191 Sorry, to hear that See you again, Mikami
  3. (a)The only major advertising of HI-MD Sony seems to be doing is on their Japanese web sites.The NH1 was proudly advertised on T.V but it's uploading features and PCM abilities where not explained clearly enough on that first HI-MD comerical long ago. (b1) If you think Sony's advertising for Hi-MD is poor, I think you are right! (b2)The people who are and have been doing the real and the major advertising for HI-MD are not Sony, instead they are people like the Minidisc formums, MDCenter.nl, Minidisc.org, AudioStation.com, Audio T-Station as well as people with their news blogs. ©Salespeople are a big can of worms. If they are in to HI-MD then they will be in the know, but many other them here do not know whats going on as they can be moved from one station ot the next in a given store. (d) When the NH1 came out it was the first and the only HI-MD recorder on the market for a while, but that did not cause it too sale out all over Japan like the newest model has. Having only one Hi-MD model does not in of it's self cause it to sell out all over Japan. (e1) I see your point about the usage of'Home run', BUT one 'Home run' in of it's self does not mean that someone has won the game, yet. I think round one has been won , and this is not only a step in the right direction but is a victory to be proud of even if it may seem small I think it is different than before. (e2) Worldwide, MD may have had a peak in 2000/2001(because of NET MD) BUT the HI-MD format has never had a peak in Japan or major interest till now. Before it was only the specialist and the addicts that where in to HI-MD, now I hope more are getting interested in it. (e3)In Japan it sometimes takes a while for changes to start taking effect and for things to start becoming more popular or common. The normal MD took it's time, and HI-MD I feel is starting to become more popular and I hope to become the standard for of MD in Japan. (f)I can't think of any other sales item that was not advertised or pushed by it's own company and yet totally sold out! Not only in one country but in maybe two or three, wow! Sure maybe one store did not have enough Hi-MD units in stock and they sold out, but An Entire Country? That's amazing to me! This is why I am so excitied about this. Only an item that is really great or is really desired could do such a thing. I was in Japan long before HI-MD came out and I have watched HI-MD before, and although it is only my opinion I have never seen so much interest in not only Sony's Hi-MD units but in the other two companies that produce HI-MD units as well. Onkyo's units have ranked at number 2 and 3 in terms of sales in some stores in Japan And Sony's black RH10 was the number saleing unit for over 13 months but it still did not sale out in the first month like the newest unit just did! Now, if I were not living in Japan this might not mean or feel the same way to me as it does right now, but from my point of view and from my shoes this looks good. I like to think of my self as the average joe in Japan. ............................................................................................ Now, a word or two for the other posters: RUMZ, no the other companies are not producing protable HI-MD units other than Buffalo and their MD-HUSB. Also, Onkyo has produced three are four home HI-MD mini-stereo systems. However, I think you are right or at least I hope you are right and I hope others start making HI-MD units. Esp since HI-MD can do Sp and Hi-MD stuff there is no need for the old school units to still be produced all units could easily become Hi-MD. Sharp had been thinking about HI-MD in 2004 check their technical journal No.22(December, 2004)http://www.sharp.co.jp/corporate/rd/25/25-3-9a.html . BLAND10000, Wow, that is big news to sale out in Akiba and that town/shopping area should have had a bigger stock than anyone else. DANIELBB90, I agree with you I think things are really looking pretty good. ROB F1UK, I am happy to hear it's doing well in the UK. See you again, Mikami
  4. (1) Where does the average Joe live? (2)If it is North America or somewhere where MD never sold well to the masses then: I am sure your right, of course this means little(or it only means something to the fans there that have always like the format(like you ) and also the new bees), if on the other hand the average joe,(Tanaka, Mr. Smith, Chun, Li, Jet, Santos, or Maria) is living in Japan, other parts of Asia, South America, and maybe some places in Europe then I really do think this is more of a what's HI-MD. However, I can only put myself in the average Joe/Tanaka's shoes who is living in Japan. I think that the average Joe/sue in Japan is not a single format kind of guy/gal not to mention he/she probably has collected lot of MiniDisc since the early 90's, likes to share music with friends via MiniDisc, and has never really given up the format. (3) Probably the biggest (average Joe) buyers of the HI-MD recorders in Japan are bussiness men, salerymen, amature performers, musical groups, and students. Now, I think that this group base is getting bigger because of the upload SP feature. I think the ability to upload Sp makes a big difference here in terms of sales or at least the groups that will be attracted to the new unit. Lot's of people record music in Sp from radio, or Tv radio, and shows like weekly tv programs like "music station" a music varity show that comes on every friday night here and has all the newest J-pop artist. (4) There was never a frist surgence for HI-MD(in my opinion) till, now, so this is can't be a 2nd or a (re)-surgence. Some colors of some HI-MD player only units sold out, but not all the HI-MD recorders till, now. For example the NH1 did not sale out when the RH10 came out, nor did Sony's normal Net MD recorders which are still selling and in stock. (5)Also, Sony is not the only HI-MD/MD producer who is doing well. But, then again, MD have always been doing okay. After all companies here like Sharp, Victor, and sometime Panasonic are always releasing new units. I doubt they would be doing it if there were not some type of constant demand for them. And having said that those who continue to buy MD players/ recorders and those that used to may find Sony's new unit attractive. See you again, Mikami
  5. Hey, good to hear/read from you again ! Maybe some of those people might go for the RM-MC40ELK after all it even matches the color/colour of the MZ-RH1. About silver models and black remotes, I never thought they could be so popular ! But, then again the other MD unit that keeps on going is the the Sharp MD-DR77-S(silver) and it also has a black remote. It is still ranked as number three at Yododobashi was number 2 at Sakuraya, and is still going strong at Don quixote, and it is was released in 2004. I wonder if that had anything to do with Sony's decision to go with Silver for the MZ-RH1. Well, their Black MZ-RH10 was number one for a while so I guess thats why they went with silver and black. In the area of color/colour I think Sony can learn from Sharps nice paint jobs and sharps almost always metal bodies. It would be nice to see a Sharp HI-MD recorder simular to the MD-DR77, with a record button on the remote . and Andicillo, If they have 2gb HI-MD blanks like the one you have for your avatar I sure can see why those blanks would be flying of the shelves in Chile. In fact I would not mind having a few of those myself. I will just have to be happy with my 1 gig disc till they come out with something better here. See you later, Mikami
  6. The past few weeks have or seem to have been great for HI-MD at least in Japan. (1)The MZ-RH1 completely sold-out everywhere in Japan for example Bic camera, Yodobashi, Sakuraya, Loax, Denkodo. Even the Sony Building and some of the Other Sony stores are out. And it may be the end of this month before they get anymore in stock(or so a lady at the a counter there told me). (2)The other Sony HI-MD portable recorders also sold-out. (3)Even the Buffalo MD-HUSB has also been moving(It is sold-out in some places but not everywhere, yet). (4) Onkyo X-N7 and Onkyo X-B8 have been going, too. (5) Amazon.co.jp and a few other online sellers claim to have a few RH1 in stock but they may not. HI-MD has always done okay, but these past few weeks it has been doing great! Before the MZ-RH1 I think many people did not know about HI-MD after the RH1 it seems HI-MD is finally catching on a whole lot more. I hope that HI-MD units now have a better chance of complete replacing the standard MD units and becoming more mainstream. See you again(also does anyone now the MZ-R1 doing outside Japan?), Mikami
  7. That's reasonable, but on the other hand if Sony is really going to come out with a PRO-RH1 like the rumoured MZ-M200 and if they are going to charge a little more for it, then I say they need a new color! If Red is out of the question, how about a Gold one? They need to do something to make it look at least little different than the RH1! Otherwise who in their right mind would buy the MZ-M200 if it is the same as the RH1 in everyway, but comes with a mic? So, I hope they give it at least a cosmetic change like Gold? My two choices would be Gold or Red and I hope they pick one of those for the high end version.
  8. Wait a minute, what about another color(colour)RH1 like Red? Or gold or something else let's think out side of the box. Maybe there is only Black and Silver, but on the other hand it would be nice if they distinguised between the MZRH1 and MZ-M200(or the rumoured Pro unit) with another color like 'Red' or something.
  9. Giving up? I am sorry, but I either do not understand or do not get this "completely" thing? Yes, some of Sony's English HI-MD sites were taken down(reduced), but this is not at all the case with the Japanese site. If you would to know a little bit of why the people behind the newest unit made it the way they did itis all explained in the following online interview, you can use bablefish to translate it too: Check out the MZ-RH1 creaters'interview here: http://www.sony.jp/topics/walkman/himd_dev_interview/ Check out Sony Topics view point on the MZ-RH1 here: http://www.sony.jp/topics/walkman/himd/sasaji.html ANd do not forget these other great links: http://www.sony.jp/products/Consumer/himd-rec/ http://www.sony.jp/products/Consumer/himd-rec/Hi-MD/ http://www.walkman.sony.co.jp/products/md.html As you can see Sony has neither given up on HI-MD for recording or for playing. Some new players came out just last year, and who knows what may happen in the future. This is not over till the people in charge say it's over. Let's be positive.
  10. DAT came out in 1986 MD cheap consumer units Came out in 1992 Therefore DAT was well astablished before MD not to mention MD's purpose when it came out was to out do the normal cassette recorder not DAT. 'Some' sound engineers may have avoided MD in the mid 90's but they could not have avoided them in the late 80's or in the early 90's because there were no MD studio equipment around to be avoided! After which 'some' sound engineers and people in radio used them and 'some' didn't. Different people have different wants and/or needs and MD fits some people and others it does not. Now, getting back on track; I think the original article is great way of showing another way of thinking about MD and HI-MD is clearly not the only way but it sure one way of thinking through it and it may help 'some' people but not 'others'. I am happy that you are using HI-MD now and that you live in a place where computers are so cheap. Not, so where I live computers esp notebooks or laptops will cost a whole lot more here. See you later, Mikami P.S. All of my friends use MD for recording and have been for a long time. But, that does not mean any more or any less than simply: One can find whatever it is he/she is looking for, if you want to find those that use MD you can find them, if you want to find those that do not or never used it you can also find them. Here is a charming story of a sound engineer who used MD: http://mixonline.com/mag/audio_kevin_davis_quick/index.html The Summer institue of lingistics and wycliffe Bible translators ( http://www.wycliffe.org/survey/ourown2.htm) use MD for recording and documenting new or rare languages. Even students of language: http://www.languageimpact.com/articles/rw/whyminidisc.htm
  11. At the time of my writing this: Defying Expectations, Third Generation Hi-MD Unit Surfaces? got 35,904 veiws and counting And this thread had 13,930 views and counting. With such interest and (we hope) demand for this product do you think it is really likely that this will be the Last HI-MD unit? I don't think so. It seems every time a new unit hits the market someone says, "the last MD/HI-MD", but has MD or HI-MD died? No, it has not. Even with the sales of Mp3 players this does not mean that people (even the same mp3 player buying people) are not still buying HI-MD and MD units at least in Japan. But, that is just my opinion so take it with a grain of salt. Anyway, I am very happy that what looks like good looking, and well crafted unit HI-MD unit is going to hit the market soon! I hope it sales well and more demand for it rises. Anyway I have got to get back to work, Mikami
  12. Hey unusablesignal, I 2nd everything "The Low Volta" told you. If you want to upgrade I think the new unit coming out will be the thing to get esp since it is said to be able to work with both IBM PC's and Apples. However, if what you have works for you and gets the job done then there is no need to upgrade. Don't fix what is not broke. Anyway, I am gald to virtally meet you on the forums. See you later, Mikami
  13. Wow, you joined very recently! Well, if no one else has, I would like to be the first to welcome you to the forums. Also, there is no need to shout here we are all just minidisc fans just like you. HI-MD does both USB in and out as well as digital/optical in. We do not know yet, but maybe the new model will be a full “aluminum case“ However, let me remind you that the NH1 did better than that! It was made out of a stronger material than aluminum. I think there is some control over recording levels and modes with HI-MD. I tend to think that the new unit is a compromise between the NH1 camp and the RH10 camp. I think people who loved the NH1 did not like the RH10 and vice versa. However, the new model seems to bring in the best of the NH1 and the RH10. You can’t please everyone right? But this new model looks like a nice compromise between the two pervious HI-MD models. For ten people there are ten different points of view, Mikami
  14. I hadn't thought through that aspect, yet. But, that is so true and I have to agree with you they must have spent sometime thinking about how we Minidisc fans would use this unit. The deal about the jacks that dex Otaku brought up is an interesting bit, too. I wonder if they will do anything about that next time. One can only hope that someone at Sony is taking note of our concerns, but they are probably pretty busy. Bye for now, Mikami P.S. I once heard a rumour that Sony sometimes has people test out their new units/or show off them on the Yamanote line that circles part of Tokyo. That is probably not likely but it is a funny little rumour and it is fun to imagine they could be out there testing out this new unit on the train and around the train stations.
  15. Well, I for one take your speculation seriously because you are almost always right and have done the homework to back it up. So, you are most likely right this time, too . Sony might have employed, an ASIC (DSP) specifically for dealing ATRAC early in the game. On the other hand you might be right in that it is a programmable one but its’ adaptive filter might not efficient when dealing with MP3 files for whatever reason. Although, one would assume it could be easily upgradeable since it is should be adaptable ( that was my attempt at humor ). I am not sure if the engineers created a bad algorithm decorder on purpose or out of spite . Maybe, they were just short sighted at the beginning of the game or under pressure ? However, Sony does seem to be trying to correct problems and differences in opinion with in their own company . This new MZ-RH1 will probably not answer peoples prayers for Mp3, but maybe it could, Mikami
  16. I like you your a pretty positive person here! Thats pretty clear and perfectly understandable. Let's hope Sony adds a timestamp and focuses on recording. Who knows maybe they are trying to do that. Some, think a little too late, but then again if Sony comes out with something good we will all want to have one. Well, I will definitely take a look at the first post of the "Defying Expectations" thread and try to catch up with everyone else here. I have been pretty busy so I have missed a lot of the HI-MD action around here. I too am really excitied about the good news! A friendly MD user, Mikami
  17. A bigger LCD (no one likes LCD anymore, right?)/ OLED screen means, bigger scratch ability unless there some type of cover/door for it like digital camera’s have for, their lenses. Durability of a unit’s body is of great importance to people who use them as field recorders and maybe Sony is marketing this new unit to such people. So, it is understandable that the larger screen was dropped in favor of thinner one this time around although maybe a bigger screen is not totally out of the question. Who knows what Sony might put out after all their connect players have big screens. Well, we can hope for a nicer remote and better softwear, maybe. Better native MP3 play back might mean decreased battery life OR a more expensive HI-MD model with a CPU chip and/or better MP3 decoder. Wow, Speculation is sure a lot of fun! The new MZ-RH1 sure looks like it is going to be a nice unit and if it sells well and there is demand for it who knows what else might be put out. The unit designers must be proud and given a little praise for a job well done(at least in looks anyway). Well, I like everyone else here am in great anticipation for this new unit. The future is so exciting, Mikami the curious Spectator P.S. What else might be changed, added, or deleted from HI-MD models to make them better?
  18. And there was a HI-MD Deck: http://www.minidisc.org/part_Onkyo_MD-133.html and it was very good!
  19. Now, that is sweet and sour! Don't be sad, yet. I doubt that HI-MD finnished, yet. For years people said that normal MD was dead, but it kept on ticking. Heck, Cassette and cassette recorders are still being put out. And HI-MD is not in as bad shape as the cassette is. I agree with you I think I too would consider tthis new model for an upgrade it really looks nice. So, what are these changes you speak of? How would you like Sony to change HI-MD recorders and players? A friendly MD user, Mikami
  20. In the beginning there was the NH1 and it was good but people thought it had two major weaknesses it didn't play back Mp3's and its LCD was too small. On the second day there was the RH10 that had a nice OLED screen and played back Mp3 files but people still weren't happy some thought it was too bulky and scratch able. Now, there will be the MZ-RH1 or at least we think Sony is going to put out some new pro or high end recorders sometime this year. It seems people like the new design and would buy one if it came out even though we still do not know much about it. So, it seems like we all can agree that Sony is making some good changes. I am happy that is seems a lot of us are happy and are positive about the future. Now, I am curious.... (1) What would make the MZ-RH1 better? And while we are on that line of thought... (2)what would be the ideal or the dream HI-MD recorder/player? (3)What is it that we are all (at least the majority of us) really looking for? A hopeful and curious MiniDisc user, Mikami
  21. Wow, that is pretty sharp! I really like the way that looks at least from the pic. I am happy that Sony is not dropping Hi-MD.
  22. 1. Yes, this device will let you download anything that your version of SonicStage and Simple burn are able to do. You can use it in HI-MD mode or in NET-MD mode with simple burner and SonicStage. In Sonic stage 3.4 you can also download SP Atracs, but keep in mind some people may or may not agree if it is true SP or not. 2. This drive just as all HI-MD downloader/uploader units have sony's normal plug and play driver files that will enable you to drag and drop files back and forth. I do not know much about Windows 2000, but I can tell you that on Japanese language versions of Windows XP I have been able to go from my home PC to the PC's at work without, having had to be logged in as Administrator. I do not know if this is because I have been using Windows XP or if it is because of the drive. It is hard to imagen that a portable pug and play drive would require one to always have Adimistrator support. I hope this is not the case. I will try and find a computer with Windows 2000 on it so I can test this out. See you later, Mikami
  23. Seasons Greetings: to: theblueraja, thank you for the humor to: Ishiyoshi , thank you for keeping an eye on this thread. Well, you are both right... One: Avril Levigne does not have much to do with sharp, I think she looks like a sony artist and she is releasing titles on that crazy "dual disc"(doubble sided CD/DVD) thing. A MiniDisc release would be much easier to prevent scratches and handle.(but that is not likely) Two: Sharps Auvi/Delta-Sigma (D) modulation and auvi chips are great and save or uses less battery power and does great job of converting anolog to digital. For more information on Delta-sigma modulation and Auvi check these links out: (1) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Delta-sigma_modulation (2) http://www.sharp.co.jp/corporate/rd/journal-77/12-7-3a.htm (3) http://www.sharp.co.jp/corporate/rd/26/26-3-2a.html However, Sony's recent imporvments in their amp technology and their new PCM ability afforded to HI-MD units enable them to compete with sharp and with these new players they maybe said to have the last laugh for, now. The new "Sony EH-70" reviewed on this thread has great battery life, and sound abilites! This player can boast: (1) Virtuaphone Technology Acoustic Engine (sharp might have something like this) (2) HD Digital Amplifier (pretty standard on HI-MD units these days and maybe even better than Auvi ) (3) Adjustable play Speed control/or pitch control (I have not seen too many MD players with this ability and I think this is a real plus for play back fun, listening, learning, and even creation of a new world in which to hear old songs one might be bored of in an amazing way on the road or anywhere but in the water) (4) A~B Play back ( standard these days on some units) (5) 6 Band Equalizer (nothing so special here, but it still is fun to use in combination with the adjustable play speed control) In summery Sharp AUVI 1 bit tech is cool, but Sony's new HI-MD players (and PCM) are cooler/or more faithful and Avril Levigne should probably use MiniDisc more if she does not already for recording purposes esp since DAT might be on its way out. See you later,  三上
  24. Hmm, that's funny, but true and a must at, some point if, Kaoru wants to do any live recording. Well, there are some cheaper Hi-MD recorders out there, but they may not be as aestheticly pleasing as the older Net-MD units were for some(not to mention that the newer recorders make use of plastic, which is why the full magnesium bodied MZ-NH1 is still a favorite even through it's faults)See this link for more opinions on the best HI-MDhttp://forums.minidisc.org/index.php?showtopic=11777 . So, Kaoru are you just going to settle with one of the current Hi-MD recorders, wait for a new Hi-MD recorder to come out, or buy one the most recently made old school NET-MD or MDLP models? For example: Sony MZ-N920 (Sony's 2004 NET-MD recorder/player) http://www.minidisc.org/part_Sony_MZ-N920.html or the Sharp MD-DR77(Sharps 2004 MDLP recorder/plaer unit non-net MD) http://www.minidisc.org/part_Sharp_MD-DR77.html (Both of the above units were still on sale and being manufactured at the time in which this post was written) では御機嫌よう                  三上です。 P.S. I really do not find any faults with the MZ-NH1 esp when it is used with it's cool remote.
  25. Seasons Greetings Kaoru, (1) Simply, buy the MZ-E10; the unit you like. That should take care of your on the road music playing needs and be aesthetic pleasing to you. (2) Then buy the (DS-HMD1) Pit-in HI-MD data drive and music transfer device. If you can find this device or order it to your country then you will be able to use Sonic Stage and simple burner to trasfer music from your PC to HI-MD media or to normal MD. A review of the DS-HMD1 can be found here: http://forums.minidisc.org/index.php?showtopic=10249 See you later, Mikami P.S. Have you had a look at the Sony's late fall 2005 HI-MD player units? Here are some links with pictures and reviews: A nice overview of them both: http://forums.minidisc.org/index.php?showt...st=entry74042 MZ-EH70 Blue http://forums.minidisc.org/index.php?showtopic=13080 Sony MZ-EH50 pink http://forums.minidisc.org/index.php?showtopic=13651 Super Post script: By the way I do not think anyone could be into MiniDisc with out being a little picky or an Audiophile of some type.          では御機嫌よう。                  三上でございます 
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