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  1. Really? I will have to read his books sometime. I am sure I might be able to find something he has written on the Japanese version of Amazon.com. I think I will check that out soon. till next time, Mikami
  2. What? I am not original ?? Someone, already thought of that ? That was going to be next post . Just kidding . Well, when I think about you are probably right, Mikami
  3. No, there are still those who do not have or use a computer. Does sonicstage matter to those people? NO! Those people can still record to Minidisc without sonicstage. Therefore, a change in the sonicstage software is not going to effect people who want something they can use like they did their only tape players and boom boxes. Yes, there are problems with sonicstage, like it does not work on apple and that pushes apple users away from it. I think I-pod is great for computer users and those who have tons of mp3's. If you just want an Mp3 player I-pod is what you want. But, what about those who know little or nothing about computers? What product can those people use to listen to music, now? Who considers the computer less, the computerphobes, or the elderly who often still use tapes? At, this point in time only MD, DATA, are normal Tape does considers the computer less, Mikami P.S. THE DRAGON BALL Z thing is cool ! Kame ha me ha !
  4. I often listen to music while ridding to and from work on trains, my bike, or walking to my apt, even at work.(By the way trains, even crowded ones, are silent in side most of the time at least where I am. Everyone is listing to their protable players or reading.) I also, like to trade MD's with friends. Sometimes, I listen and sing to MD's with co-workers in a karaoke box. Minidisc almost anywhere and in time, Mikami
  5. Yeah, I had and still have that problem from time to time. I think if you want to use time effectively know who you are, and knowing that will help to define what you are to do. So: (1)Think about what is most important to you. (2)Think what your short term and long term goals are. (3)Then make a to do list for the next day(with the above in mind), And always make sure that you make time for rest! and time for play!That should be on the to do list. In general get your obligations and responsiblites out of the way as fast as possible each day. Enless, your obligations are things that you enjoy doing. Like Relationships! They are an enjoyable obligation. So, make sure to make plenty of time for nuturing your important relationships. Because, how your important relationships are going can effect your emotions and in turn effect everything else. And, finally allways make sure you are clear about your true goals, then nothing and no one can ever side track your off of your clear path. But make sure it is a tenitive and felixible path. GOOD LUCK, Mikami
  6. If, all one wanted was just an MP3 player, then I would guess the I-pod or the normal MP3 CD players have won over that crowd. Although, I must say the protable music market is starting to be flooded with all sorts of MP3 players, harddisc, flash memory type, Memory stick, CD player type, and USB drive types. So, it would apear that Mp3 is very attractive, but there is one problem. Mp3 assumes that one has and knows how to use a computer to burn or transfer Mp3 files to these new players. However, not everyone has a computer, and some who have computers do not know how to encode to Mp3. As, recent as April 2004 Sharp put out out on the market a NON-NET MiniDisc recorder/player. The very cute SHARP MD-DR77 in 3 different colors to boot(sorry, no pink). It is clear that an reasonable company would not bother to produce something that is not going to make any profits. So, why did they make this? Well, I think we can assume there are still alot of people out there who want to: (1) Record audio digitally by an optical line in, or through a normal stereo line line. (2) Listen to high quality music or audio, but Do not have a computer/or do not use a computer for audio (3) Have a Mac and are not able to use a NET-MD (4) Like to or are forced to line in their music to their PC (5) Have a bunch of MDs already, and just want the ablity to record (6) Maybe, like the bigger LCD screen on the SHARP MD-DR77 (7) Want something as easy to use audio tape, without the fuss. These assumtion were made even more clear to me when the I-pod-mini was introduced to Japan. Some people were excited by the new tech on the market and wanted to be the first the block to get the new "thing". However, not all were so excited. On one news show they have about 4 to 6 house wives and sometimes office workers(usually female) rate new products. These judges were at first exited one could hold so much music on such a small device and that it came in cute colors. But, their excitement faded a bit when they found that you must use a computer to get music. They either did not have a computer or thought that using a computer was a hasle for whatever reason. This may or may not be typical of everyone, but it at least shows that I-pod or Mp3 will have problems reaching this crowd, Enless, they come out with a home mini-stereo or boom box that records Mp3 with the touch of a button and when you can feel safe to take i-pod to the gym. I always, seen MD's at the gym. Good luck I-pod you really need it, Mikami
  7. Wow, those are some seriouslly cool looking blanks!, Mikami
  8. Ah, I did not think about that! Yeah, decks would use a few more cables then I put on the poll! So, how is the sound quality after using digital coaxial cables? Can you tell any difference from the original source than from the recording made with digital coaxial cables? Thanks for the reply, Mikami
  9. What about Bestbuy? Are they still around and if they are do they still sell MD? I noticed that there was usually a Bestbuy right across from, or very close to, any circuit city I saw in the states. Someone, once told me you could order some MD stuff through Bestbuy, althought it would not be as fast or cheap as e-bay, I am guessing. Till next time, Mikami
  10. Amen! That is the truth! Yodobashi's point card is great! Don Quixote also has a point/or members card, too. You will notice that there are often two prices on things, and if you use their members card you can get the lower price and save money! I like those points , Mikami
  11. Wow, there are some good reasons on this thread! Oh, I forgot this reason: some CDs will not play in CD-rom drives because they imploy copy protection !Therefore, I use Hi-MD to optically record from a CD player to Hi-MD. And it is legal to copy to Minidisc ! But, it may or may not be legal to copy a copy proctected CD to Mp3 or to harddrive . Without Minidisc I would not be able to legally listen to copy protected music on the go, with out using a CD player. Glad I bought Hi-MD , Mikami
  12. I guess I will start this topic with: Q:Where do you buy Minidisc? A1: I have bought my Minidisc blanks at the following stores: (1)Don Quihote/Don Quixote (2)Yodobashi (3)Sakura-ya (4)LAOX (5)Itoyokado (6) Sofmap (7)Daico-Denki.co.jp Basically anywhere that has a sale when I need a Minidisc A2: But I usually like to buy my Minidisc units from Sakura-ya or on the net.
  13. I will probably not be buying Sony's 2nd generation HI-MD units for the following reasons: (1) A month ago I bought my first Hi-mD unit the MZ-NH1, and I am very happy with it. (2)I do not have but, a hand full of MP3's and therefore have no need for the 2nd generation. (3) I like the way the MZ-NH1 looks the best. (4) But I like my 2003 Sharp IM-DR80-B's docking bay the best, and if Sharp comes out with a HI-MD that is like to my old SHARP NET recorder unit, then I will buy it. (5) I am hopping that when the sony's new units go on sale that the price of the MZ-NH1 will drop and then I might buy another one of those. Till next time, Mikami
  14. Yes, I did! I bought the MZ-NH1 at Yodobashi camera in Kawasaki city and I have been very happy with it for the month I have owned it so far! Now, I just need to buy the right mic! Till next time, Mikami
  15. This is what is currently on the MiniDisc (in HI-SP) I am listening to, now: 1.THE SHAMEN, EN TACT 2.JOE SATRIANI; Surfing with the Alien 3. VAN HALEN, BEST OF VOLUME 1 4. a portion of the Torah being chanted. 5. Superhero-8 bits wonder mix, remixed by the orangers 6. Chesney Hawkes; the one and only 7.Tsugaru-Jamisen music recorded live 8. YUI; I feel my soul 9. THE JAPAN GOLD DISC AWARD 2005 10.Ayaka Hirahara; Blessing 11.Mika Nakashima; Hinatori 12.Miyuki Nakajima; Chijo no hoshi 13. Hitomi Shimatani; Overture~Perseus 14.女子十楽坊; Beautiful Energy (http://www.platia-ent.co.jp/artists/joshi/profile.html) 15.The Secret of Blue Water; FOREVER NADIA 16.Namie Amuro; Singles collection(say the word) 17.PACHELBEL Canon/Albinoni 18. Nippon no Minyo(Japanese traditional songs with Shamisen and koto) recorded live 19. Salamone Rossi; The Songs of Solomon 20. Chants Mystiques 21.SHONEN NIFE( Tomatoe head) 22.BEETHOVEN; SYmphony no.5 23. Antonio Vivaldi; the four seasons 24.Chants at a Shingon-shu temple recorded live 25.Motown Story Volume One: Various Artists 26. M&M Bossa Bass Space; Love Squall 27. and some audio I have recorded of TV and DVD 28. sounds from Shingon-shu Temple in Aomori-ken recorded live 29. TWO MIX 30. some of the sound track from the original Macross series 31.SEAL 33. Number one hits of the 80'S 34. Cheer up; music for your positive life 35. Stan Bush; THE TOUCH 36. Eye of the tiger Till next time, Mikami
  16. Well, I love my smart and cool wife! I also, love God and Tsugaru-Jaminsen(shamisen) muisc. And of course I really like MiniDisc and the MiniDisc community Forums.
  17. Hello, Is there any information about, Fiber Optic Headphones? Since, most people now use digital MP3 players, or MINIDISC I wounder why do companies not provide true digital headphones to listen to digital music? Why do we still still listen to digital music through stereo headphones? Has anything been done to replace the stereo headphone types. The only Optical Fiber Optic Headphones I have seen are made by fibersound. And they can be found at the following page: http://www.fibersound.com/prod04.htm Enjoying Minidisc, Mikami
  18. Help, I did something thing wrong, the poll was suppost have 9 answers but all 9 of these answers show up as one. Is there any way to fix this pole or get read of it. It was suppost be like this.............. How Do You, "line In" Your Audio From Things Other Than Pc?, What Audio cables do you use to get music? ( )1. a standard stereo mini plug to stereo mini plug. ( )2.a stereo miniplug to, two RCA(Male/Red and white) ( )3.a toslink to toslink Digital Optical Cable (Male to Male) ( )4.a toslink to Mini plug 'like' Optical OD 5.0(male) ( )5. an optical MiniPlug-MiniPlug Audio Cable ( )8. I use a combination of two or more of the above ( )9. Other or none of the above
  19. Thanks aeriyn, Thats, good to know. I guess that makes sense to me, now. After all when most people in Japan do most of their listening while ridding on a busy train, a bus, a bike, or walking to a bike, bus, or train then Auvi amps will shine since, they sound good at low voltages ! And I guess most people will use sharps standard four pole ear phones and will aslo not be using high voltages at those times. But, the problem might come in if someone wanted to plug a portable auvi up to some speakers, or to nice headphones(that are not 4 pole and/or require higher voltages) . I do not like sharps ear phones very much they usually do not fit in my ears, and their headphones usually have some sort of rubber clip that fits around the outside of ones ears but those can hurt if someone is also wearing glasses. So, sharp sounds good(at low voltages) but their ear phones are not so nice. I hope Sharp will bring out a cool HiMD Auvi with nice ear buds. Thank you for your relpy! P.S. I like the Boa pic. She came out with a new album last month, but it was basically just her best singles from the past few years, with a DVD.
  20. Hello Kurisu, Thanks for the quick reply ! I will keep that in mind . I hope Sharp and others will come out with a HI-MD portable player/recorder, soon! So, that Hi-MD could grow without being stuck to one company. I know sharp posted something on their internet site about optical pickups for Hi-MD and normal MD media. I hope those sharp guys and gals will post some cool digi pictures of what they have in store(or will have in store ) for us. Till next time, Mikami
  21. Post script or something I forgot to say: Sony's Bianca blanks do not show scratches, because they do not use clear platisc. In fact they use a very thick white plastic on the front and on the back they use some color dyed plastic that is opaque and rough like a bathroom window. And so, I think they look better longer. And the slidding door on the disk is made of Aluminim. I think they are best bet if you want a MiniDisc to stand up to most of the damange a Disc might take from being held, dropped, being put in and taken out of MD's players, and even being stepped on! regards, Mikami
  22. I am very fond of Sony bianca 80 min blanks, and TDK MD-KG80GX5N 80 min. There are cool. But there are so many cool MDs out there, Mikami
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