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  1. According to the manual; in normal MDmode(formate) It can trasfer: stereo ATRAC/292Kbps, Atrac3/132, 105kbps, and Atrac3/66kbps to a 60/74/80 minute MiniDisc. Regards, Mikami
  2. Okay, I will give it one more try: 1. The HMD1 can transfer Mp3s without converting them. 2. So, there is no need to convert Mp3 to transfer it to Hi-mD media when using the HMD1. 3. One has the ability to transfer a native formate natively to Hi-mD media when using the HMD1. 4. But the HMD1 is not a portable player: it is a Data storage drive. So, the HHMD1 is not like the NH700 or the RH10. regards, Mikami
  3. Yes, Sonicstage 3.1 can transfer native-mp3 files to a Hi-MD but it will only play from the the HmD1 unit or from a 2nd generation unit. And it also claims to be able to burn an Mp3 CD as well. I have not tryied that, yet.
  4. Hello, When I got a Mz-NH1 last year, it came with two USB wires in different lengths, and some neat little wire clips to shortern the wires. It also came with an ugly gray felt bag to protect the player, sonic stage 3, and standard earphones with a short wire. Well, in past times (like 15 or more years ago) some companies like the big "N" did not put all the wires you needed in the box with your electronic stuff and you were forced to pay more money to get the right wires from that company. Those times sucked, but now companies here are more friendly that the big "N" used to be. P.S. Ishiyoshi's retractable USB wire is cool! And I really like your set up Topaz! ARe you using the newest version of Sonic stage and do you think it is faster? The sonic stage that came with my unit is slower than one I download in Japan on the MORA site. I would have thought Hi-MD would have come with a better version of the sonic stage soft than one could get for free.
  5. All and all the seek times seem about the same to me. It might be faster(to start up), but I really think that the NH1 and this new unit seem to run about the same speed. My NH1 makes a certaint sound when burning, than this new unit does not or at least this new unit has a different sound. As for recording times. 9 sec from SonicStage to Hi-md for decent quality(in truth most files take about that long from the time you hear the unit start up) And somewhat less than 8 sec from lower quality. For PCM or WAV it takes a little longer even up to 14 sec for one of my files. However, if you are burning more than one file at a time like a normal 75 mintue CD or 60 mintue CD the times can be cut alittle. But I have only just started playing with it. regards, Mikami
  6. Topaz, 1. Yes, you are correct the unit opens just like a normal Sony MD player 2. The black button next to the access LCD light says "Release". And when the access light is on, if you push the "release button" the LCD light turns off and it is then safe to eject the MD media or to un-plug the the USB from the computer. 3. Well, I like the feel of the MZ-NH1 better, but this unit feels like it could be aluminum or some alloy HOWEVER, I think it is PLASTIC because it is so light and magnets will not stick to the shell of this drive like they would to the shell of the MZ-NH1.Also, inside the DS-HMD1 there is a Plastic layer althought the componets are mostly metal. So, the MZ-NH1 is probably more scratch resistance and much stronger because it is made of a cool metal and it looks like it has groves. I hope that helps, Mikami P.S. (but a magnet will stick on the black bar on the side of the drive that say's "portable Hi-mD drive DS-HMD1" but not on on the black bar that has the USB plug or on the rest of the body of this unit)
  7. Well, its' speed is USB 1.1 which in terms of speed does not compare well with some other USB storage devices that are soild state. But, it compares well agaisnt the MOs and and floopy disk that are often used in Japanese public schools over CD-R/RW and DVDR. Price is far more important than speed when you are given a small buget from the school district for supplies. This is why MO is so popular even, now. So, a school setting being able to have cheap re-usable media to hold data, that you do not mind letting others borrow, or to present reports and documents in a tangable non-paper form is very important. The small USB soild state devices are just too expensive to let others have or borrow, but MiniDisc is just right for the job.
  8. Today, I went Yodobashi in Kawasaki city and bought the DS-HMD1. It looks pretty strong, but feels very light and is made in Malaysia. It is somewhat larger than a portable Hi-MD recorder. I think that this Data storage idea was a good one, but that it has not been advertised very well here. I work in a public school here and I know that many teachers still use MO media and Floopy disk. Both the HI-MD media and the Hi-MD drives are much smaller and allow for much more storage on the media than MO or Floopy Disk. I hope MD will catch on with more public school teachers, after all they are the ones who keep Floopy disk and MO alive and strong. Well, I have posted a few pics to this mail of the DS-HMD1.
  9. Mikami

    Buffalo Md-husb

    Yes, it can play Mp3's or at least it claims it can. But, no I do not think it will be sold in stores overseas, but I am sure it could be orderd and then sent over seas. Now, maybe more companines will start making Hi-MD players.
  10. Mikami

    Buffalo Md-husb

    LOL, that is funny because it is so true! Why does buffalo have to make most of their units bulky. Their CD burners are very long and fat. I guess they do not care about size.
  11. If you have the MacOS9.04 or the MacOSX10.0.4 then their might be an answer to your problem here: http://buffalo.melcoinc.co.jp/products/new/2005/003_1.html But, it uses a newer version of the BeatJam software and I do not know if they offer any language options other than Japanese. The previous versions of Beat Jam that were provide with Sharp Net-MD did not provide anything other than Japanese softwear. Good luck, Mikami
  12. Recently, I saw the BUFFALO MD-HUSB. I was wondering if anyone has any opinions regarding this interesting player. Here are two links with pictures of it. http://buffalo.melcoinc.co.jp/products/new/2005/003_1.html http://www.yodobashi.com/enjoy/more/i/cat_...6/37478619.html What do you think?, Mikami
  13. It is, but it is aslo long. Have you seen either of these movies? Keiwashi http://www.amazon.co.jp/exec/obidos/ASIN/B...6248988-4839556 Tamayura no onna http://www.amazon.co.jp/exec/obidos/ASIN/B...6248988-4839556
  14. Thanks those do look nice! A bit expensive, but cool looking. I think might just get a pair of those (stereo)sony eggos a few people on the forums have been talking about. I heard their comfortable, and I need some comfortable headphones badly.
  15. Thanks dex Otaku! That makes sense. AND portable MiniDisc players not have an optical out , and would not be able to support the digi-phones. I have been looking at few cordless Digital phones, Optical ones, and some of the USB ones a few stores seem to stock and these: Panasonic RP-WH5000 Sony MDR-DS4000 But, I do not know much about them, yet. Well, I guess I will just get a nice stereo pair after all we do not hear digitially, while I think about the digital ones.
  16. I agree with bland10000 he speaks the truth. If you do not care about being about to upload to PC, or the amount of space you can hold on a Hi-MD, then there is no reason to go with Sony. However HI-MD does offer PCM sound and that is good. Here are those models bland10000 told you about: This is the Sharp non-net MD recorder: http://www.minidisc.org/part_Sharp_MD-DR77.html This is the Sharp Net-Recorder: http://www.minidisc.org/part_Sharp_IM-DR580+DR80.html You really can not go wrong with those units the sound is great the only thing with better sound is Sony HI-MD in PCM mode, however that may also be disagreed with. Good luck, Mikami
  17. No, I have not seen them all, yet. But, I would love, too. The Tsutaiya near my home does not have all of them. Another great movie series is TOEI studios version of Miyamoto Musashi. Not to be confussed with NHK's 80's Musashi, or NHK's 2003-2004 version. See this link for a review: http://www.amazon.co.jp/exec/obidos/ASIN/B...6248988-4839556
  18. Sharp does not yet market a HI-MD recorder or player. However, Sharp does still make recorders marketed for and sold mostly in Japan.Take a look at this: http://www.minidisc.org/part_Recorders_Sharp.html As, you can see the last portable recorder was made in 2004, but they have made a MD boom box this year, too. Check out this page: http://www.sharp.co.jp/corporate/news/050308-a.html
  19. Now, I have! Thanks! You may might find this hard to believe but Sometimes I am little confussed or a little I hope that was not too surprising.
  20. I really enjoyed it! It was refeshing as it was iteresting! This film should win awards.
  21. That was a good movie! Do you like them all: http://us.imdb.com/title/tt0056714/ http://us.imdb.com/title/tt0363226/ http://yoursay.imdb.com/title/tt0072439/
  22. Nice! I gonna take a look at those
  23. Okay! Your links have alot more pics! Wow, you guys have pics of all of sharps units! I am saving this to favorites, now.
  24. Thanks! I'll make sure it does not happen again.
  25. Thanks it is: Panasonic RX-MDX81 And Here is a nice link: http://minidisc.org/part_Panasonic_RX-MDX81.html But, mine is the cheap version, there is more expensive version that also plays Mp3 CDs.
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