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  1. I am thinking about buying a new MD unit for a good friend who cares about sound quality more than the amount of music, but I am not sure if I should buy my friend a Sharp Auvi unit or a Hi-MD unit? (Which really has better sound quality, a Sharp Auvi unit or one of Sony's current Hi-MD units?) I know Sharp Auvi units have: (1)Delta Sigma/1-bit digital amplifier (2)4 pole headphone plug(but that can be trouble some, right? Do 4 pole plugs give off a better sound?) (3) Sharp has their own slightly altered Atrac codex, I think? (4)And more than a few reviews I have read about Sharp Auvi units claim it to have better sound quality than anything Sony has. But.............. Sony's Hi-MD units have the ablity to record and play PCM, and PCM sound quality should in theory sound better than Sharps Atrac codex. Hi-Sp is sounds pretty good, too. Also, don't Sony's units have their own amplifiers, or lest 2 different kinds can be found among sonys portables. The Auvi units really seem to be famous for high quality sound, but Hi-MD 's PCM is also cool. Both seem like good options but which one is the best? If, any could share some advice with me I would greatly appreciate the help. Thanks in advance, Mikami
  2. Hi, I am new to the MD forums and am very curious why we MD users all find MD so attractive? So, here are my questions: What are your top ten reasons for continuing to use MiniDisc products and/or for supporting the new the Sony Hi-MD format?(Or) What 10 reasons would you tell your friends, why, you continue to persist in investing in MD. (Or) what 10 reasons would your tell your frineds to encourage them to start using/or to convert over to the Sony Hi-MD product line, rather than use something, else(like the I-pod or any other contender)? An average friendly MD user, Mikami Here are my top 10 1.Great Looking Media and MD-Units 2.Good price of Media 3.Great re-usablity of Media 4.Super portablity(without being too small to use) 5.Awesome sound quality(PCM and Atrac) 6.recordablity (almost anywhere, anytime, from anything that makes a sound or music) 7. Great Editing options 8. Great price for MD units 9. Durability MD is strong and relible 10. Ability to upload any thing recorded to Hi-MD (11)MiniDisc are avilable everywhere at least in Japan, in convient stores, groccer stores, department stores, shopping centers, parks, airports, and whereever you think of almost. I wonder what other peoples 10 ten will be, I am so curious to know? Mikami
  3. Question: Are you buying into the 2nd generation of Hi-MD? Answer: Well, I am a litttle surprised and upset that some of the 2nd generation units are cheaper than the first generation of the Hi-MD units! Yodobashi camera (a big shop in Japan) just started selling the 2nd generation units and the MZ-RH10 is ¥34,800while the older MZ-NH1-S Hi-MD¥39,700, and I bought that a month ago! Here is a link to one of Yodobashi web pages that has a few of those new ones along with their prices: http://www.yodobashi.com/enjoy/more/produc...5/23318536.html and there is that nice MZ-RH10 ( very tempting!!!)unit Kurisu was talking about: http://www.yodobashi.com/enjoy/more/i/cat_...6/35202643.html Till next time, Mikami
  4. Hello Micheal1980, VPC is not able to use sony's drivers to make any NetMD work, at this time. Here is a cool guy who is trying to make NetMD work with VPC: http://manila.cats.rwth-aachen.de/behr/activities/minidisc/ I do not know, but I maybe Sony and Apple have a few issues to workout. I hope they will send out some good firmwear for NetMD and Hi-MD to work on all Apple computers. Good question Sorry, I do not have any good answers, Mikami
  5. This is not much, but I really want to offer some help or at least something of interest to those who have a Mac/Apple computer but still want to enjoy MiniDisc. So, here are some site's of interest for those who have a Mac/Apple but like MiniDisc or want to try MiniDisc. You do not need to good-bye to Minidisc, if you do not want to. 1. GENERAL HISTORY AND/OR INFORMATION ABOUT MINIDISC RELATIONSHIP WITH MAC (Mac to Minidisc Tutorial; this site has lots of information of interest to those who love MD and Mac) http://home.earthlink.net/~mac-minidisc/ 2. RECORDING OR TRANSFERNING MUSIC TO AND FROM MINIDISC TO MAC OR APPLE COMPUTERS (2a) (Minidisc Recording with iTunes; this site is just what is says it is) http://minitunes.kentidwell.com/ (2b) ( The following site has information about how to transfer music from, NetMD or pre-NETMD to Mac) http://home.earthlink.net/~mac-minidisc/Mac-MD/netmd.html (2c) (Power Mac Nosie-Recording; at the bottom half of this site there is some information on recording from Minidisc to Mac) http://home.centurytel.net/chunhsu/mac/noise/recording/ (2d) (Mac Audio Connection; this site is in Japanese, but there are great pictures to help anyone figure out how to record from MiniDisc to Mac) http://www.twcu.ac.jp/~k-oda/MML/sound/MacAudioConnect.html (3) If you do not have a sound card or you do not have a good one on your Mac/Apple computer here are 2 USB devices that can link your computer to a portable Minidisc recorder/player. (3a) (Griffin iMic USB Audio Interface) http://www.griffintechnology.com/products/imic/ http://www.minidisc.org/part_Griffin_iMic.html (3b) (Xitel MDPORT-DG2 another USB Audion Interface) http://www.minidisc.org/part_Xitel_MDPORT-DG2.html Enjoy Minidisc, Mikami
  6. My primary use of Hi-MD is for the salvation of old tunes. I use Hi-MD to record old tapes, records, 8tracks, and live sources in PCM, upload and convert them to wav. So, that I can burn them to CD-R. Maybe, Music is Data is a way, but then again maybe not.
  7. I think SS is, good. I am very happy that Sony keeps on imporving SS and that they are listening to their customers. SS has never crashed on me and has done everything I wanted it to do. Also, Sony's cool WAV convter was clearly a big compromise and it makes a good team in combination with SS and the simple burner. Sony is in between a rock and a hard place, at times. They are trying to blanace the sensiblities of their customers, recording artists, and their recording label. The changes that have been made with SS took a lot of courage on the part of The Sony Corporation and praise should given where praise is due. Also, the changes that might be made to Ss in the future might be very cool.
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