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  1. Well, it works in parrallel, so thats another correction i guess. I soldered the wires to the capacitor in the battery box. My effort is flawed in a few ways: 1) wires are too thick - battery box doesnt fit together again - easily fixed 2) light is too dim - can only see about 3 characters at a time - easily fixed 3) nh900 doesnt work on external aa power alone - did it anyway? - potential problem. 4) no on-off switch - can be fixed, but how big will it be Assuming that problem 3) can be fixed (I think it was caused by 1))this method with thiner wires and a brighter light will definently work, but is it worth the extra effort over a keyring led??? I hope that someone gets round to trying an internal light as it seems possible. Good luck. Im off to put my battery box back together... [attachmentid=238]
  2. OK, correction, the pins and strips are connected, so the connection would have to be made elsewhere in the box. As far as the light goes, I have taken an old casio watch apart and tried the led. It is not very powerful, but is tiny and ou would be able to see if recording was on or not. However it may not even be good enough for menu browsing. But that is from 1 watch, the first one i tried was good enough, but i broke it when tring to solder it (because of its size). This external light is definently do-able, but it may prove less effective that i first planned.
  3. I have been thinking about this. If the light were internal how would it be powered? I am assuming that it needs to be in series with the remote or main unit (if this assumption is wrong please correct me). So I believe that although it may look untidy, a "snake light" from the external battery holder would be more practical. If you open the battery holder, you can see that where it connects to the unit, the pins are in contact with metal strips. If you placed a "custard cream" (biscuit = tin foil/copper foil, cream = insulator e.g. 2 sided tape) between a pin and strip you could run an led from that. Its just a thought, and i would give it a go if the only led i have ran off anything less that 3 volts.... On the other hand, if i had a broken nh900, lots of money, or more confidence in my electrical skills i would definently give mounting an internal light a go. There is loads of room, its just a matter of how to power it....
  4. alex harvey - teenage a go go canned heat - live at topanga/vintage allman brothers - beginings derek and the dominoes - layla and other assorted love songs
  5. nh1 is there again at £110. http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/B...1013853-8620436
  6. Quite an in depth discussion (and poll) here http://forums.minidisc.org/index.php?showtopic=9397 , but this is mainly other peoples opinions of quality, you're best to read what other people think, try a few samples and decide what is acceptable to you! It depends on what music and what headphones etc etc
  7. Yep, all gone again! It may be back again but i doubt it, ill try and keep a watch for it....
  8. I'd have thought it would be a lot more trouble! I think this is a case of us in the uk getting a better deal than the rest of the world for once!
  9. http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/B...1013853-8620436 Its a really good offer!! P.s. look at the reviews, only 1 bad one. I dont know how long this offer has been back on for or how long it will last. So get it while you can! Judging by the sales rank (124) it may have been a day or so....
  10. A full 70 -80 min cd takes about 3 mins at lp2 for me. The faster your computer the better(it has to encode the music) and the lower the bitrate the faster (less data). This is very fast compared with real time sp
  11. The Sensational Alex Harvey Band - about 10 of my Dad's SAHB vinyls recorded to pc and being "tarted up". The current one is "Live".
  12. The Aston Villa crest painted onto my bedroom wall. (I'm not sad, im devoted)
  13. My dads records seem to be ok in terms of hiss (but could be better), but I am planning on storing all the "masters" (split into tracks but unedited .wav's) on dvd's, but will probably use nero wave editor's noise reduction and stored on cd's for favourites and the same noise reduction and stored as .mp3's and minidiscs for all the rest, to make them sound cleaner. I am willing to listen to suggestions on how to store the edited versions as i feel there is probably a better method than .mp3. I plan on using ejays mp3 convertor and a high bitrate, probably 256kbps, but if anyone has a better suggestion... .mp3 appealed because 1) can play in windows and linux without fuss 2) can play on dvd player 3) I already have the programs needed Thanks for any suggestions!
  14. Could you post a few snipets of you recordings? Just the beginings so I can hear how they sound? Or are your recordings with your new record player better than these? I just want to see if its worth getting a cheap deck.... [attachmentid=210] [attachmentid=211] clip1.wav clip2.wav
  15. Once you select shuffle, it gives you 2 options, "repeat on" and "repeat off".
  16. It appears you mis-understood. I dont know how the nh1 works, but on the nh900, once you turn shuffle on you get the option "repeat on" or "repeat off". It appears that if you select "repeat off" it plays every song on the disc once, in a random order. You can then restart the disc if required. I hope this is clearer!
  17. I haden't even seen them, but after looking around, the mx450's are available for £14 (check dealtime)!! Seems like a bargain to me! The mx-550's are about £20.
  18. Was that suffle with repeat or without? I have got all my zz top albums on 1 himd, and had it on shuffle play without repeat all day today. Not one track has been repeated!
  19. I may take it up as a project! But the chances of success aren't great Perhaps you are right about the cheap alternative, he may go for an mp3 instead (he is pretty lazy and putting stuff onto minidisc is time consuming! ) - its his loss!
  20. Sounds really promising! Great 1st post jgabor
  21. Should really be a new topic, but: I have some senheiser mx400's (mx500's without the volume control), they are really good and you can get them cheap from loads of places (richer sounds, play.com, empire direct) all about £15. They dont have a really short cord, but it is about 1m. Try opening a new topic in the 'phones board - you will get more responses!
  22. I know - I got my nh900 the other day and with the original battery, first time charge, on line out mode (mainly) it went on for about 10-12 hours!!! I was well impressed.
  23. Try ebay (they are about £5 on there, but check delivery), and does amazon.co.uk deliver in ireland?
  24. Ahaa - Very clever! So I assume then that fixes it!
  25. But if your groups are in chronological order (e.g. albums from 1 band), then first off you're as a sad as me, and 2nd, this ruins your whole Obsesive Compulsive life!
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