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  1. Hello, I had been using my RH10 everyday since I had gotten it from Japan (I have the Japanese model). Since school finished in May, I have put it away and have used it maybe 1-2 times until today, August 2nd, when I tried to power it up. It won't power up! I tried using 3 different batteries (yes, they are charged), I checked for HOLD to make sure it was off, I checked the polarity, I checked if the lid was well closed...I just can't get it to power up from the batteries. I connected it via USB to my PC, and I got it working as usual, I was able to do eveything, including playback via PC speakers, all OK... it really just seems I can't get the unit to power up from batteries. I also tried putting it on the cradle and it would not charge. Does anyone have any ideas what I should do? Is this a common problem? I'm ready to try anything before sending it out back to Japan for repairs Thanks alot, Mark.
  2. Hmmm... I noticed it also lists the Digital Cable, which is US version only. And I *really* doubt they'd sell Japanese SonicStage software (they are a pretty big electronics retailer) to the american public, which most couldn't use. Call them up but I'm convinced it's the US version Look at the price too...
  3. Hello, As a rule of thumb, if the merchant isn't Japanese, or the merchant does not sell imports, chances are you aren't going to get Japanese. The Japanese version sells for around $US 350, lowest price for it outside the Japanese market is on eBay. Here's one: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...item=5769016041 I heartfeltedly recommend buying from this seller, he owns a shop in Japan and is extremely caring of his customers. Replies quickly, and speaks excellent English. On top of that, he honors the Japanese 1 year warranty that comes with the unit for residents outside Japan. I guess you can tell by now that's where I got my RH10 from Very satisfied. Etronics is american and I am 95% sure that model is the US version. And if it is, they won't have the blue one. Hope this helps.
  4. I own this one: http://www.audiocubes.com/category/Cases+a...rying_Case.html Fits my RH10, 1-6 MDs, optical cable, Sony mic and battery.
  5. Weekly backup of Thunderbird emailbox and Firefox settings and bookmarks, my documents, and some other important .ini's. Yes, a bit on the slow side, but hey, it's not like I can't do anything else at the same time
  6. With brand new NH-14WM's, and for most betteries, they need to be fully discharged then fully recharged. If you charge your battery this way everytime you will ensure the longest possible life on your 14WM. From the RH10 manual:
  7. Did you charge the battery because it was dead? Or did you charge it just to have a full battery in the morning? Sometimes new batteries need to be completely decharged, before being recharged. This should be done for a few charging cycles to "break-in" the battery.
  8. Did you charge it with the supplied AC adapter? Do you have a used battery?
  9. I have the Japanese RH10 and can confirm I don't have this bug.
  10. THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. I have the RH10, and the gaps between MP3s are barely noticeable. The gap is about as big as with ATRAC files (virtually non-existent).
  12. Hey, I'm wondering if any of you have methods/ways to preserve your batteries when you're not using them? I have 3 brand new 14WM's that will not be used for a long time... where should I keep them?
  13. Just received my RH10 from Japan today. I transferred four files: two successive live tracks from a concert in LP, and those same tracks in LAME MP3 @ 160 CBR. First of all, the gap between both tracks, for both formats, was in the milliseconds as Zappa stated. Neither one seemed to have an advantage in my opinion. Second, I gotta say that LP sounded MUCH better. LAME MP3 @ 160 CBR sounded "flat". LP2 sounded lively and richer it seems. I'm not sure I can interpret this result [Note that my tests were without any EQing or anything.] @Hironiemus: VBR playback was fine for the files I tested. Nothing to comment on it.
  14. The best thing is to verify with the merchant you are dealing with. If they say they will honor the one-year warranty on the unit, go for it. You usually pay shipping to get it to them. They will service it at Sony Japan, which usually takes about 2-4 weeks. Then, most of the time they will be willing to send back your unit to you at their own cost.
  15. Also, is the playback of the native MP3 support of the RH10 gapless? Has anyone who owns the RH10 tried to play 2 MP3s, one after another, without any gaps?
  16. The SS MP3 encoder maxes out at 256 (not 320, sorry about the mistake). Anyone know why?
  17. I need to know something from all you SP fans. Do you really have the bulk of your record collection in SP? How did you do that? "SP" is achieved through line in in real time... did you really take the time to transfer each CD through line in to MD discs?
  18. Hello, I'm looking for the best deal on one of the MashiMaro 1750mAh batteries. Lowest I have found is from Bargaining4All @ $US15. Anyone know where else to find one of these, or at a better price? I'd be willing to buy one from someone too, but only in new condition. Mark.
  19. Plus the black 35ELK remote. Minus the warranty, unless you don't mind sending it to Japan to get it serviced, which isn't uncommon practice anyways.
  20. Yeah too bad they max at 256 Great find though thanks. Now we don't have to wait until mid-may for this feature. [EDIT: Sorry, stupid me, I meant 256 not 320]
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