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  1. Mic-in might be mono; line-in would be the better choice quality-wise. There are external soundcards with line-in.
  2. The original Dangerous is actually quite dynamic. The 2001 remastered version is about 6dB louder, but still listenable.
  3. Hi, a rock concert should be significantly louder than recording your stereo, so you should get better levels in the field. A higher voltage does increase the gain a bit, but not significantly.
  4. Most recorders should be able to handle the initial peak. An idea would be to connect the battery before connecting box and recorder.
  5. The service is more or less closed. Thank you to all customers. For instructions on how to build your own set, please refer to this thread: http://forums.minidisc.org/index.php?showtopic=11254
  6. You're welcome. The WM-61's are still available at digikey and other vendors AFAIK.
  7. The cutoff frequency doesn't say much about the resulting sound quality, unless set way too low. Most adults can't hear beyond 15kHz anyway.
  8. If you want bass roll off, use capacitors of lower value.
  9. Distortion's not really recoverable, sorry. Better luck next time. By the way, it's called AGC (automatic gain control) if you don't set the level manually.
  10. If it overloads at high sensitivity setting, try the low one with a relatively low manual level setting of approx. 10-20. By the way, the mic is mono; stereo will sound more lively when recording from a distance. God gave you two ears for a good reason.
  11. About 8 or 10 should be a good start. The heat shrink tube should be slightly larger in diameter than the capsules i.e. 6+ mm.
  12. Try this link, it's an overview of their mic capsules: http://www.schlotzhauer-versand.de/index.p...d3375895ba68c30
  13. It works with recorders equipped with a line and/or mic input. Try http://www.schlotzhauer-versand.de/ in Germany.
  14. Might be a defective MD in the NH600, did you try a different one?
  15. Unless from a very close distance, recording a church organ should be possible without distortion without external attenuation in most cases, even with highly sensitive mics. Just set the manual levels relatively low somewhere in the 10-20 of 30 range (lo sens setting). If it still distorts at 10/30, it must be an exceptionally loud organ. No comparison to rock concert levels.
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