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  1. For sale: Sony RH1, gently used with 3 Li-on batteries, all accessories and original box; Reactive Sounds stereo mic and velvet bag, Sony softcase for MD Walkman. I will entertain offers. PM me if you are interested in buying it. I don't want an astronomical figure, so let's talk price. Thanks, James
  2. First, decide what podcatcher program you will be using. iTunes is by far the most popular, but is not the only one available. Second, once you have subscribed to the podcasts that you want to get, locate the folders that your podcatcher has made for them. Now, these next steps are for Windows users only. Open SonicStage and use the conversion tool to find and convert the podcasts to atrac, or if you are using an RH1, just upload them as mp3's. Upload them as you would any other audio file, and enjoy. If you are unfamiliar with SonicStage, there is a wealth of information here in the software section of this forum. Good luck, and if you have a chance, give a listen to our MD made podcast on the end of the world: Destructomundo! I have walked many a listener through the process of getting our show.
  3. Making use of an amplifier audio out, or recording a mono feed such as a guitar, bass, synth, theremin or other instrument going into an amp will require mono cabling in order to avoid stereo bleed over into the opposite channel. You will still get a stereo recording, however, on the RH1. Just delete the blank channel in editing software. I suggest using Audacity. It's free.
  4. You are unfortunately going to have some level of difficulty in getting podcasts onto your NH1, mainly due to the conversion process. The main thing is SS's inability to deal well with MP3s that have poor and inconsistent ID3 tags that it has to convert. Podcasts have notoriously bad ID3 tags, and my own is no exception. Sorry. If you can get SS to convert the podcasts into a folder just for podcasts, you may find this to be acceptable for your needs. In the SS preferences point the converted files to a folder that you create called podcasts, then convert them all to Atrac. You will have to switch back to the default folder in SS when you want to convert music, but hey. This is an over simplified and vague explanation for how to do this, but it's the basics and you are going to have to suffer a little for the privilege of using superior sounding equipment. Listen to a few of our shows if you want. Recorded exclusively on HiMD equipment since 2005. Destructomundo!
  5. The RH1 is to be discontinued from Sony's consumer electronics lineup. Sony will still be offering the M200 as a part of their Professional products lineup. It will effectively remove the product from the DAP market and put it into the professional recording market. By removing it from the consumer market and including it in the professional market, it may actually improve the format. As long as journalists and other content creators continue its support. NPR seems to run its news service on theirs, so I don't see it dying any time soon. And besides, you could still go out buy a Sony Betamax all the way up to 2003 when they finally halted new production.
  6. I ordered one for $291US from www.keenzo.com, but they did me wrong on the shipping. UPS Ground instead of the 2 Day Fedex I paid for. I'll update on how the resolution goes.
  7. Paint a small dab of Loctite on the screw threads. A very small amount will go a long way with glasses, and MDs.
  8. Mine as well. Also, the batteries I purchased later had the same charge.
  9. http://www.partstore.com/ModelDetail.aspx?...e=0&exact=1 Look through this list of parts for your unit, they probably have it.
  10. Mine has had a bit of "give" in the right rear corner as well. If you push on the Walkman logo, it presses the lid down a little, and then it springs back. It's never really bothered me, and as far as I know it's acoustically silent in my recordings.
  11. No, I'm afraid it doesn't pull out. You have to use the remote to change groups without forwarding song by song.
  12. What kind of data stream? This sounds interesting. I have been wondering as of late if I could use my minidisc with my Commodore 64 emulator as a tape drive.
  13. You should be able to convert files to atrac3 or 3+ without much signal degradation. Of course it's better to have the original source, but you could remaster them sort of. decode the mp3 to wav, and re-encode to atrac might have a better overall sound. I know that some of the tracks that I did this to at least felt like they were more refined. At 192kbs you should be good.
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