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  1. For anyone interested, I still can let go of the cradle and the N10 specific USB cable, for a trade. Just hope that the NetMD functionality wouldn't return all of a sudden to warrant my reluctance in giving these up.
  2. Yeah, the line-in and optical still works, just the netMD has gone kaput. I'm thinking of just getting a really cheap N420D or something that I can use netMD on. Otherwise, I'll probably opt for a Chaintech Av-710 soundcard .. you know, the budget PCI card that has an optical out. But it's a damn shame ..
  3. I'm thinking of giving up my mz-n10 for sale or trade. As some of you may know, my unit lost it's netMD functionality not too long ago, and after many inquiries with very clueless Sony tech reps, I've just about had it. I'm still seriously contemplating my loses here .. if I sell this thing, I would have to give up my 20+ MDs I've been "collecting" as they won't be of any use to me anymore. And you could inherit music I've recorded via netMD, whom I am unable to remove "natively", that is, without SonicStage support. Still, I could just sucker up and keep this darn thing as nothing else besides netMD are broken. You'd be getting just about everything that came with the box: AC adapter, battery pack, USB cable, manual, remote, cloth pocket, the unit itself, and some blank MDs whom I haven't opened up yet. The internal battery life is still decent, maybe a day's worth of continuous listening to music. So I'm open for suggestions. How much do you people think this would go for, lacking netMD but nothing else?
  4. Levanel

    MD to Mp3

    Shouldn't MDs be more reliable and durable than CDs?
  5. Haha, never thought of ebay .. yet. I'm willing to trade with any other MDs, stylistic preferred.
  6. Do anyone want new Denon's Lapisia 74 min MDs? I've traded away most of my MDs and these are what I have left: 3 Denon Lapisia 74 Min MDs, new (purple, green, yellow) and a TDK Bitfire still sealed. I'm looking for those really old-school (and ugly) MDs. I don't have a pic but if you've watched that movie "The Matrix" where Neo opens up his book "Simulacra and Simulations" to reveal a stash of it .. well, I think you get the idea. -- Here's a pic I found on the net that looks similar: http://mdf1.tripod.com/mdlarge.jpg
  7. It won't sync with my PC via USB anymore, no "PC-> MD" message on the LCD. It only shows when I unplug it from the USB/cradle but for a brief moment, less than a second. PC won't recognize the device (there's no indication in WinXP's Device Manager that the recorder is connected at all). I called up Sony's Support hotline on this, and they gave me the usual basic troubleshooting (ie: is the cable firmly plugged in, are you low on battery juice -- all that BS). At the time, SonicStage 1.5 was enough, but I had the drivers reinstalled to observe any change in the broken netMD functionality .. nada. Not even SS 3.2 alleviates this problem. (and yes, I installed SS before connecting the unit. There was a cute blue tag on the USB cable that said just that: "install software before connecting")
  8. I can give you the cradle and USB cables but not the AC adapter. Since my MZ-N10's USB became nonfunctioning, these are useless to me.
  9. Do anyone want new Denon's Lapisia 74 min MDs? I've traded away most of my MDs and these are what I have left: 3 Denon Lapisia 74 Min MDs, new (purple, green, yellow) and a TDK Bitfire still sealed. I'm looking for those really old-school (and ugly) MDs. I don't have a pic but if you've watched that movie "The Matrix" where Neo opens up his book "Simulacra and Simulations" to reveal a stash of it .. well, I think you get the idea. edit: here's a pic I found on the net that looks similar: <a href="http://mdf1.tripod.com/mdlarge.jpg" target=new>http://mdf1.tripod.com/mdlarge.jpg</a>
  10. .. when it loses it's NetMD functionality? This is what I have and I have to go back to making digital recordings via optical toslink. Then again, the new slim PS2's that have the optical outputs restrict on copying (on my N10, it gives a "NO COPY" message) and the only recourse is for me to burn an audio CD and record via my CD player (which turns out also has an optical output). This is like a step back in time, like a pre netMD system. And before this time, I use to record happily via USB .. now I'm left with 2/3's of my MDs that I can't erase manually (it gives the "TrPROTECT" message). I suppose only a handful of people have this sort of problem, as it tremendously becomes an annoyance than an inconvenience. Any way around this other than sending in my unit for servicing? My warranty is already expired ..
  11. Same for me. The NetMD functionality of the N10 is dead, making it just another MDLP recorder. As far as I can tell, there is no fix for this unless you send it in for warranty service. (not even installing the latest version of sonicstage will fix this) Least I still have something to work with in importing audio. Recording via microphone is one way, recording via the optical toslink is another. But I still have to enter in title/name/etc into the recorder manually.
  12. Hope they're not those ugly Sony color collection ones ..
  13. Thanks for the thorough correspondence and quick payment.
  14. Went browsing through the forums via search function and found two related threads: http://forums.minidisc.org/index.php?showtopic=4499&hl= http://forums.minidisc.org/index.php?showtopic=4499&hl= Maybe there are a handful of people with this kind of problem and is perhaps an isolated incident .. but I would not like to think so. Sigh, now I'm devoid of the netMD feature whom I come to love so much.
  15. I use LP4 when recording class lectures .. its actually better recording in LP4 this way since you get 5~ hours recording time from beginning to end (on an 80 min MD). Recording in SP mono will only get you literally 80 min so that's out of the question. This is on a non Hi-MD recorder btw ..
  16. Thing is, the MZN10's cable is "different." :-)
  17. Just recently, I've been uploading loads of music by SonicStage 1.5 (no excuse) via CD ripping and MP3 importing. Until yesterday afternoon, everything was working fine. Now I found out in the morning I can't even get my computer to recognize the recorder, via USB connection. Usually, when you dock the MZN10 on it's cradle, a "PC->->MD" message would appear on the LCD screen. Now, no message shows up and the buttons are fully functional even when nestled in the cradle. I've tried reinstalling the NetMD driver (and yes, I did unplug the dedicated USB cable before installing). I've checked whether the USB connection was stable, fully inserted or not. I've even checked WinXP's device manager to see whether the device showed up on the hardware profile or not. And lastly, I've installed SonicStage 3.1 (separately - still wanted my 1.5) and it still wouldn't register. Now I'm totally confused. Has the USB cable itself gone to hell? Or the recorder itself? One thing I did notice though was whenever the funky USB cable for the MZ10 was unplugged from the unit, the "PC->->MD" message would appear briefly for less than a second. If indeed the USB cable is the problem, I'm not ready to shell out big bucks for it anytime soon, whether Sony still offered "surplus" accessories. I can still use my recorder for live recordings, and the digital toslink recording still functions normally. I need my NetMD.
  18. I'm new here. These past years I've accumulated an excess amount of MDs I never had the opportunity to use. These include: 7 TDK BitClub "BitFire" 74 Min MDs 3 5-pack of Denon "Lapisia" 74 Min MDs (blue, green purple, yellow, red) 2 Maxell "Generic" 74 Min MDs (green, blue) I'm looking to rid myself of these or, perhaps trade them with other rares out there. I can see from the members' galleries that there are a couple of people who have MDs that for the life of me never seen before. Sell? Trade? These are all individually shrinkwrapped. -- update: the three TDK HO have been taken as well as the "balloon" and one "bitfire".
  19. I'm interested in doing some swaps, trades or post(als). I have mostly independent music on my minidiscs, those music that aren't quite mainstreamed and/or quite rare to come by. Currently, dark ambient and soundscapes dominate my collection .. looking to trade these away for other artists of the same genre. Here are some off the top of my head: Lustmord, Wolfskin, Nordvargr, Vromb, Toroidh, Troum, RAAN, Terra Sancta, Troum, and Iszoloscope. From the ruleset in this forum, I suppose we'll need to do these in SP mode. I'm also on the lookout for new MD styles rather than plain vanilla sony MDs that are prevalent in music retail stores. Postal is okay but doing it internationally might be stretchin' it; coast to coast seems alright for me. Let me know.
  20. Lately, I've been bored of staring at Sony minidiscs and their dull color arangements. A quick browse through t-station's blank galleries made me realize that I didn't need to live my life with nothing but an eye sore. There were so many brands that sported their own cover artwork, inspiring styles. I wanted them all. But another quick browse through minidisco's blanks catalog sorta' nudged me the wrong way. I didn't want MDs in bulk. I wanted one of each, throw some "chaos" into my collection. What are some online retailers that'll let you do this, pick out individuals for the price of a bulk? Or, will minidisco do this? (and yeah, I've just discovered the forums on minidisc.org)
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