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  1. Includes an AC adapter, external battery pack, and black remote. Battery life is abit weak and the netMD function is broken. Recording "live" still works though (mic, line-in, optical). I've been mostly using this unit to record lectures and conference meets, ever since NetMD decided to die on me. Drop me a message if you're interested..
  2. iPOd? Get an iPhone (3G), lol
  3. Ahh sorry, should've wrote that someone already claimed these. I still have some MDs available.. though I can't find the original thread where I posted about this.. ---- MDs available: 1x daiso black cutipop 80min 1x daiso white cutipop 80min 2x daiso blue circle 80min 2x daiso orange circle 80min 1x daiso clipmix pink 80min 1x daiso clipmix white 80min 1x daiso window red 74min 1x daiso window white 74min 1x sony basic 74min 1x sony basic 80min
  4. I'm looking for a few more to complete my collection. TDK's RXG, XS-iV, and WA series in particular.. I can give up Daiso's Circle's (orange, blue) and Cutipop's (white, black), "PINK", "WHITE", and Window (red).. all still in shrinkwrap. Also looking for the ultra rare Sony 60-min MD. I know you can get TDK's WA series on ebay but they usually sell them in 30-pack bulks. Willing to deal internationally.. -- I can also sell these for 1.50 USD a piece.. shipping is extra depending on location.
  5. I'm split between MDLP and HiMD at the moment. 90% of my collection are still in MDLP and the thought of importing/exporting everything to the newer format makes me cringe. I'm still eager to take advantage of it in the future (if there ever is a future).
  6. You can also use the N10's remote on an RH1.. they're functionally identical except for the color.
  7. Listed on ebay.. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=270205816345
  8. I think it's the only budget soundcard that includes an digital-out/optical toslink, compared to Soundblaster cards with "LiveDrive" drive bay. I've been using this since 2006, when my N10 lost it's NetMD functionality and I had to resort to realtime transfers only. Now that I've got an RH1, I was wondering if anyone still records live and might find this useful.. Look here for the specs: http://forums.minidisc.org/index.php?showtopic=5165 I'm thinking about $25, shipping included. Or I'm open to trade.. I'm looking for new HiMD discs.
  9. I still prefer an original external battery pack, no wires involved. Coincidentally, there is none for the RH1.
  10. What I was trying to say was, minidisc is on its way out.. they're not as common and majority of people would buy an iPod over a HiMD unit. The format may not be obselete but will definitely be worth more effort in cracking by any forensics. Plus, there are so many ways to obfuscate data into randomness. (Think steganography)
  11. One thing I miss from the old school days were the external battery packs for minidisc recorders/players. The RH1/M200 lacks one. I always slap one onto my N10 whenever flying overseas on 12+ hour trips..
  12. Just bought a MZ-RH1/M200 for 300 USD w/ 3-year warranty. Two months earlier, I spent about 600 USD building a computer with extremely reasonably priced hardware that should last me the next few years. That, and the steady amount of 60/74/80min minidiscs being "liquidated" from stores that no longer wanted to carry them.
  13. I like to think HiMDs as the best way to hide personal data since it isn't as popular and easily accessible than other forms of media. Plus, magneto-optical disks are durable and built to last a lifetime.
  14. Eh, the black RH1's body isn't plastic? It sure feels like cheap plastic to me.. and it's slightly lighter than my N10. Or maybe it's just me.
  15. Same problem here.. but over 2 years ago. My solution was to just record via optical toslink. It's a slow process of tweaking your EQ on your computer, leveling out the volume (the N10 doesn't normalize inputs), track marking and titling individual songs -- ahh, totally miss the ease of NetMD. I think you have to send the unit for servicing. But the last time I checked, the servicing costs as much as buying another N10 itself so it's the least of my budget priorities. Hopefully by the time I get my RH1/M200 next week, I'll free myself from the "old school" bondage of pre-NetMD...
  16. Levanel


    I'm still around. Don't be impatient.. I'm sure alot of lurkers come around to specific technical specifications of what they seek. As for me, I'll probably be in need of your services soon, as there just isn't anything related to minidiscs in America anymore. (or maybe I'm just not looking at the right import places) I'm sure whatever Sony or other Minidisc manufacturers produce or prototype ends up exclusively in Akihabara, and that'll justify the curiousity of MDers and the legacy of the technology more. Who knows.. maybe Hi-MD may become DRM-free in the future?
  17. Yeah, sorry about that. Just excited to see a normal Japanese "livingware" store sell minidiscs in the United States.
  18. A Japanese stationary store just opened around my block in San Francisco and lo' and behold, I find a huge variety of Daiso minidiscs at a buck each. I'll definitely be snagging more in the near future .. daiso window series white 74min daiso clip mix series white 80min daiso circle series orange 80min daiso cutipop series white 80min sony basic 80min
  19. Levanel

    Sony MZ-M200?

    .. but not sure about the similarities but seeing it has "USB 2.0" caught my attention. And Mac compatibility with included software? Have you guys seen this unit before? I just happened to stumble upon this while searching for an RH1 on Amazon. Here's the link: http://www.amazon.com/Sony-MZM200-Professi...3393&sr=8-2 (I don't see it listed on minidisc.org's equipment browser either)
  20. Yeah. .. and the friggin' DRM.
  21. A decade ago, Sony made available minidisc drives in desktop computers and laptops. I just wish it had caught on before Iomega's Zip drive nudged themselves in the market. Today, there are still some people who use the legacy MO drives for data retention/reliability and the minidisc is based on the same technology. But it isn't popular anymore and is still quite expensive. That's where Sony did themselves IMHO.
  22. Ever since my N10's USB feature died, I had to record via optical toslink. But every friggin' time I record, I have to input the disc's name, group name, and track title manually. It gotten to the point where I'd stop separating tracks via t-marks and just title the track the album's name instead (and put the group's name to whatever artists' I'm recording with). I've been thinking of investing in a Hi-MD unit but have little faith in USB nowadays. It'll probably make music management easier but I'm not sure I want to convert all my legacy minidiscs to the Hi-MD format.
  23. Spotted these in an old Chinese film called 'Armour of God II' starring Jackie Chan (also called 'Operation Condor'). They look like floppies but are certainly smaller. I've never seen an MD with a red disc spindle though .. must be one of Sony's I suppose.
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