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  1. thanks, t'is rad stuff man
  2. i use mine every single day... i have 3 full disc and i always carry one in my machine and another in my pocket
  3. 14160 vignerie st, Dives-sur-Mer, France... you cant translate city names haha and its fairly close to paris
  4. midgar, zanarkand or balamb =p
  5. all new hi-md players now come with a blue disc. (my bro got one today)
  6. as picked up by me today : ps: boo @ ms paint =p ahhh... where i ripped the case it says "dry type"
  7. yup bought 2, as thats all the money i had lol im now using the blue ones for tunage and the black one for data
  8. a very un-full 1 gig md =p both alexisonfire albums, the new tegan and sara album, the new postal service album, atreyu's the curse, both rise against albums.
  9. i dont tihnk it would be hard to make patch for... a guy i know is blind and music is literally his life... he's a good drummer too, but its kinda funny when he plays on others sets ~_^
  10. i was at the sony store today... all they had were blue ones
  11. i guess cut a little notch in your stereo's tape deck to allow for a car kit cord lol
  12. wedding crashers.... possibly the funniest movie i've ever seen!
  13. those are nice... ive only seen the normal ones tho..... im gonna look for a blue one now lol
  14. well at least where i live an ipod mini is 350 bucks minimum... i payed 250 for a hi-md (the silver one with "jog knob" or w/e") and sice it came with 1 gig... and with 100 bucks you can buy 10 more gig mds... seems like a much better deal doesnt it? 11 gigs vs 5? and large ipods are what 20 gigs? their 500 bucks here... so thats 20 gigs against 26 or so so it is a MUCH better deal to replace a ipod mini... but with a regular one, it is not as great.... never mind everyones fav batteries in those ipods ~_^
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