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  1. Im selling my MZ-RH910 plus a ton of extras, you can check it out here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/10455571@N04/...57602374536214/ Included is: -30 normal minidiscs -3 HiMD 1gb discs -armband case -leather case -remote control (its from a older player, but still works with the 910) -12 disc case folder thingy -5 disc plastic case -instruccion manual -Fiber optic cable -AA battery adapter -AC adapter -Car cigarette adapter (NO TAPE ADAPTER INCLUDED!) -USB cable If you are interested in buying: http://cgi.ebay.com/MZ-RH910-Minidisc-Reco...1QQcmdZViewItem
  2. Im Installin Ubuntu 6.06 and i was wondering if there is a Program for linux that allows to transfer songs, not as data but as actually playable music.
  3. If all you need is "music player" functionality get the MZ-RH710 (DH710 in the US), if you absolutely NEED to have Mic and Line In inputs....get the 910
  4. I have owned my RH910 for over a year and I get 8 hours of playback..... IT SUCKS!!!! then the AA side cart adds to the size of the unit.... it's very annoying.... if you NEED the live recording capabilities get it.... if all you want is a music player (no live recording) get a MZ-RH710 or MZ-DH710 (DH in the U.S.)
  5. I do not own any of the headphones you mentioned, but i have a set of in the ear JVC and i lost one of the tips, so just messing around the web i found this. http://www.headwize.com/projects/cmoy4_prj.htm this is a MOD for the "KOSS the plug" headphones, but the method for making the new foam plugs can be adapted to any in the ear headphones, just make sure the hole is just big enough to get the sound needle through, using this method i have made replacement tips for my JVCs. I hope this helps some
  6. The Senn headphones are really good..... as far as the "slic sound" things.... they are not the most comfortable things in the world, also they do not block as much outside noise , but they DO make sound a lot better when used on earbud style headphones (not in the the ear style) overall, do not waste money buying the slic sound. Im still on my quest for the set of heaphones that blocks the most noise..... must keep saving for the E2Cs
  7. My wife got me some JVC HX55, they are OK, but I just ordered some sennheiser MX400 and also something called "Slic Sound", it goes on the end of the earbud and makes them into a "in the ear" headphone. I read reviews of people that have Senn MX400 and these "slic sound" thingy and they say is awesome, so im giving them a try.
  8. I was wondering, are they interchangable between brands and models? my wife gave me a set of JVC HA-FX55 and a set of Logitech Stealth. I was wondering if replacement tips from headphones from other brands such as Ultimate Ears would fit in either of these I found a site that sells them and as far as i can tell from the pictures it looks like they will fit. Does anyone know anything about this? have you replaced the tips in your headphones with ones that are for another brand?
  9. Sony did ..... they are called UMDs, they might not had built them into the sony ericsson. either way they failed. I think that in the later part of the 90s Sony had a change in their corporate structure, because they have been having a lot of failures...
  10. I was listening to my 1gb disc and i selected shuffle play... well it basically isnt much of a random playback as i would have liked... basically it follows the same order of songs!! even if i pop the disc out and reinsert it, the unit does remember i want to listen to that disc on shuffle, but it is always the same order of songs!!, not random at all... is there a way around this?
  11. Yeah, thought as much... im just going to save my Money and get a pair of e2c. thank you. hey, SebastianF, you are from Chile? What part?
  12. I checked amazon for the EX-51 LP; since i lost my ebay bid, anyways... a user in amazon posted pictures and coments about the ex51lp , how after 3 months of use the cord stripped... so i decided against them.. is it pretty comon of all of sony's in the ear headphones to break like that?
  13. I looked on ebay and im bidding for a pair of shure e2c, but if i dont win then ill just get the panasonic RP-JE50, guess ill just have to live with the asymetric cord. thank you for your comments
  14. I need help finding the right headphones for myself. I want the kind that go in your ear canal, like the sony's EX51LP or the e2C The main thing im looking for a pair of headphones that block a lot of the ambient noise around ( i know Shure are awesome at this, but i dont have that much $$$ ). Im willing to sacrifice sound quality if they are good at clocking ambient sound. I only have $30 so hopefully you can help me find something that meets my requirements in this budget. thank you Oh yeah i forgot!!! i hate asymetric headphones ( one side of the cord is longer than the other) thanks
  15. FTS2090

    HiMD ads!

    I was thinking... since Sony will not advertize HiMD (I have never seen a tv ad or printed ad).... how about people submit ideas for an ad, and then people with artistic talent in the minidisc.org community join efforts and together and actually make an ad... then post it to google video, then we can all go to the apple ipod forums and post links to our HiMD fan made ad. just a thought
  16. You know what the problem is? User Base! A Hi-MD deck would not save the format... why? because the people who would go out and buy it are basically... us!!! MD users since... a long time ago. In order to save our beloved format we need to get new users to buy MDs, so that Sony can make money on this. My reasoning behind saying that the PSP was their last chance is because it would have been the perfect "troyan Horse". Lots of gamer (and non MD users) go out and buy PSP and then as a bonus it came with a 1 GB Hi-MD Disc... they load their music and then next time they go to best buy they see a MZ-RH710 for ...$150?, at that point, they get one because they have been exposed to MDs. In My opinion, the retarded PS3 will amount to huge loses and they WILL have to cut from other divisions to make up for it, the latest i read was that it cost $800 to make a PS3 and to sell them they need to sell for $399... a HUGE loss (1 million units sold = 400 Million loss)... I just hope the end is not near
  17. Im looking for a new gum stick battery, can you tell me which gumstick are good and where can i buy them? I live in the US.
  18. Not realle, each PC gives you 3 transfer per song.... and if that happens all you need to do is this: 1.- say the song name is: Sarwars - Main.mp3 2.- Make a copy of the song 2.- Rename the copy to something like: Starwars - Main_.mp3 (Notice the underscore!) 3.- Then drag and transfer! you get 3 more times to transfer the song!!! but if you have SS 3.2 or higher it does not matter, the transfer limit was removed
  19. Do you know what truly pisses me off about sony... im my opinion, last March they wasted their chance to save the minidisc format.... how?... Sony PSP!! All they had to do was make the UMD drive also compatibe with Hi-MD ( i know i know there are diferences between the two, just make the UMDs a little bigger and have the drive have a dual mode like UMD and HiMD/NetMD, kind of how you can play DVDs and record CDs in a PC combo drive) and Normal Minidiscs and add the recording capabilities without increasing the price and the format would had been saved.... or at least gained more momentum. Sony... YOU PISS ME OFF!!!!!
  20. Here in the US you can go to Sony's website and they have a bundle consisting of a MZ-RH910 a microphone and 5 1GB discs for $299 us Sony calls it "the musicians package" here is the URL the RH910 is basically a RH10 but with no OLED, no remote, 5 line display instead of 6 also i think the lid of the RH10 is metal i own a 910 and is not a bad unit http://www.sonystyle.com/is-bin/INTERSHOP....sicians_package
  21. Hey, here is my problem... I have a HiMD filled with MP3s (i know, i know...atrac is better), some tracks were recorded or ripped loudly and some others are really soft. So what ends up happening is that im listening to my music and one tracks is loud enough and then the next tracks starts and is SUPER loud and then the following is so soft i have to turn up the volume. Is there a function in the MZ-RH910 to have all the audio tracks leveled? if not on the player itself, maybe in sonicstage at the time of transfer? and if that is not possible... is there a 3rd party program that will level the volume of tracks as a batch job (meaning, you input a list of 30 Songs and automatically makes them the same volume).
  22. yeah, you must use SonicStage to transfer tracks to the disc, even if they are MP3s. Also once a disc is formated as Hi-MD there will be a couple files and folders there, DO NOT ERASE THEM or you will have to format the disc manually (not using sonicstage but with the unit as a standalone) once MP3s are uploaded you will not see them if you browse the disc in windows explorer and last but not least, not all MP3 bitrates are supported, all high bitrates of music MP3 are OK, but if you upload a podcast since is a lower bitrate, it will not play it; then you just, in sonicstage, convert the file to atrac or atrac plus (your choice) and then once that is finished, right click on the file and then go to properties. in the new window that showed up, go to the last tab and then it will show the location of the MP3 file and the Atrac file, delete the MP3 file, what i do i just copy the mp3 to a temp folder and i work from there so when i delete the MP3 file, i have an original mp3. hope this helps
  23. you know have a lifetime supply of Hi-MD units in the very likely event they discontinue MDs..... if I was you I would Place them in airtight bags and stuff them in the freezer!!! no matter what happens you will always have a MD unit....
  24. Sweet! thanks man! i thought it was a pretty basic but functional unit, which is what im looking for.
  25. I already own a MZ-RH910 and my wife likes it so much she decided to use it, so im thinking of getting myself a MZ-DH710... my questions are as follows: What comes in the box (I live in the U.S. so your answer may vary but is still helpful)? How long does the battery last? Does it have a control remote Jack and a AC adapter Jack? can you recharge the battery with the player? do you think is a good player? and last but not least... i have not being able to find good pictures of this unit on the internet (just the standard front shot) and im wondering if you can take pictures of the player (back and side) and e-mail them to me ar OptimusPrim2090@yahoo.com Tahnk you
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