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  1. Does anyone know if you can still purchace sp pre-recorded minidics now? thanks, Danny
  2. Thanks, It works now! I have to use the microphone input as my laptop dousn't have a line in.... ~Danny
  3. Does anyone know where I can get hold of one of these (Sony LIP4WM) in canada without using interner sotres? Thanks
  4. The net md upload dousn't work on my md player, it just records silent files! I'm using the MZ-NH1 and a Fuji Siemens AMILO Pro V2010 running on XP.. Any help (It might be because it dousn't have a line-in port)
  5. http://www.watch.impress.co.jp/av/docs/20051202/sony.htm (Trans) Has anyone seen this page It has a link to a download page for the japan version at the bottom of this page i think?Download Player does this mean it has just been realeased in japan but not elswhere? Or have I just missed something?
  6. could this be anything to do with battery power?
  7. I have had a NH1 for about 2 months and the only problem I have found is that when transfering a large amount of audio it a disc in one attempt dousn't work it swiches off after about 2 cd's worth unless I have the battery in the player whilst transfering....
  8. I'm working on it, but I won't have an internet connection for afew weeks after today so I can't make it publically avalable!!! Sorry!
  9. encoding of tracks use space so if there is one longer track it will have more playing time on the disc than 182 seprate tracks right? wouldn't that have somthimg to do with it? Correct me if i'm wrong....
  10. is there an offline version of SonicStage3.3 to download? my computer dousen't have a internet connection!
  11. sorry i pressed the worng 'thing' on the computer poll!!!! It should have been up to 1 not virtually none
  12. thanks, i'll look in to it! I know you can buy pre made ones that would be probably more safer lol.
  13. Does anyone know of any 6 volt power adapters that use 4 aa battries? I know that they exsist but I cant seem to find any! Thanks, Daniel
  14. this is an intrestng topic... found earlyer trhis week http://forester.uf.a.u-tokyo.ac.jp/~ishiken/e/ADAM/HiMD.html
  15. this is an intrestng topic... found earlyer trhis week http://forester.uf.a.u-tokyo.ac.jp/~ishiken/e/ADAM/HiMD.html
  16. thay do! Just the circle ones I dont trust!!!!
  17. I don't know about that... I wouldn't risk it Go for a hi-md player that hasn't got one to play it safe I'm using a mz-nh1 and it's working fine with me
  18. I think this is a popular problem for the MZ-NHF800 / 700 I just had mine replaced by argos.... It had the same problem and a while ago it happened to someoneels on this forum... I think it must be a weak potin in the players...
  19. The people who have problems with the standalone version of sonicstage not recodnising the md player, http://forums.minidisc.org/downloads/details.php?file=5 I installed this and then it worked after that!?
  20. I don't have that problem on my NHF800, but If I spin the weel too quickly it wont work. All I can suggest is check if the minidisc player is still in warrenty or use your suggestion... I hope you find a solution. ~Danny
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