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  1. @barnum : topaz denoise http://www.topazlabs.com/denoise/
  2. I removed noise and cropped the picture a bit .I hope you don't mind barnum
  3. slightly tiltedtowards right @barnum I liked the first shot .by the way : never use flash in a concert
  4. wow ! 29 people want to see MD back.
  5. DJ tiesto : In the search of sunrise 7 asia
  6. Sony's NEX5 and NEX3 utilizes new APS-C sensor from Sony .It is interesting to note the ISO performance specially against D5000. I felt Noise removal done by Sony is just too much ,and hell lot of detail is lost . Even though its not right to compare a dslr with a small camera like NEX5,but those who want simple camera with superb image quality + portability,then NEX is all the way to go . do checkout the car(half broken lol) in the sweep panorama http://www.imaging-resource.com/PRODS/NEX5/YDSC01154.HTM source http://www.imaging-resource.com/PRODS/NEX5/NEX5A.HTM
  7. http://money.cnn.com/2010/06/30/technology/sony_laptop_recall/index.htm
  8. these vaio x is so wafer thin and light .I feel my lappy is an elephonat in front of it hehe. i wish it had better processor .thats biggest -ve it has got.
  9. Where are you hidding man ??

  10. Tape's were more popular than md .For the same reason many people still have old tapes (can't be said about md for sure ) .Even three years back, I was able to see recorded tapes being sold in my country ,but never saw md selling like tapes or cd's(though tapes might be still sold I'm not sure. )
  11. I voted "MD is dead" its a format which is DEAD AS A DODO " .Sony couldn't convince people, when they had time ,money ,now after its downfall how they Gonna convince people to use a format that 99% don't like . These days people like to carry less and more music in their pockets .they don't care much about audio quality .keep in mind not everyone wants a audiophile gadget on the move .when you're travelling one tends to carry lite as possible .
  12. Man Selling Betel Paan for his livelihood
  13. this seems very interesting piece of news from sony for a while .this might lure many to get SOny dslr who might later get camcorder like this
  14. is that a portable DJ van ??
  15. Imagination Panorama of two pictures (taken in continous mode from car ).Though it was taken long time back . . Location :Dharamshala and camera used Canon Ixus 950is
  16. 1st shot is nice how about shooting two pictures, one for the upper portion of building and one for the lower one and stitiched them
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