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  1. Footprints Everywhere II ( Vertical) Focal Length :10mm Filter : Singh Ray Reverse ND
  2. oh gosh !wacky colours for sure .
  3. Service manual of RH10 Not sure, if that would help .I guess, you will have to contact Sony ,to get its battery lid replaced .
  4. Stuge

    Vaio fan stopless

    @ Archur: were you able to fix the issue ?
  5. thanks for the compliment ,azureal
  6. Stuge

    Vaio fan stopless

    are you sure that laptops processor isn't working for long periods of time @ 100% ? in between Welcome to Sonyinsider
  7. Stuge


    no clue to me as well . just make sure you buy original sony battery, and no 3rd party one . also ,becareful with ebay (if case you buy one from there )
  8. omg orange and green :| specially orange one looks dead terrible .
  9. Listening to A State of Sundays by Armin Van Burren with Senn HD650 on + Coffee ..:)

    1. Christopher


      I love Armin! Sometimes that music is the only thing that can make me work.

    2. Azureal


      I love Coffee! Sounds nice Stuge!

    3. cyberstasz


      How do you like the 650's

  10. we were use to seeing tobey in spidey suit lets now whether kids love this new spidey or not
  11. you got its battery changed ?
  12. taken today with Canon IXUS 950is
  13. day must come soon when I will gift myself NEX5 .
  14. Ishiyoshi has Red dHD10P ,but he doesn't post anymore .not sure where is he now . I have the black version .
  15. Singray RND + GND 0.3 + B/Y polariser didn't find time to correct the white balace will try to post that picture too `
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