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  1. well i tried to initialize, and i got the error: error code: 0000662e
  2. i think i once read a thread like this, but i don't know where it is or what the solution was... anyways, i deleted things this morning on a 1gb disc (does anyone else ever get a 'ghost copy' of a folder they delete, and then you have to re-delete that one?), and then i added a few folders when i was done. seems all good, but then when i went to play it, the disc says "cannot record or play" or something like that. and when i look at it in SS, the folder images show up but with NO titles for any of the names. also, i can't delete them, and if i click to see the files in the folder, they all come out blank, too. the little switch at the bottom of the disc is okay for recording still.... i don't know what to do!
  3. today my brother and i are going to best buy. last time i checked at the one near me, they had the black psyc model and an nh-600. now clearly i'm thinking about getting him the nh-600... however! i dont know a few things... for one, my brother is picky about battery life. the nh-600 doesn't come with a rechargeable battery, right? if not, i'll just make him buy a battery recharger and a couple AAs. and if i record in 132kbps, how long would the battery last? i see on the FAQ page it says PCM/Hi-SP/Hi-LP for how long battery life will last. i have no clue what the difference is between them for audio that will be transferred from the computer, in 132, as i stated earlier. any light you could shed on this would be EXTREMELY helpful!
  4. it did! thanks and just to verify, atrac3plus 192 is bigger than atrac3 132, righ?
  5. okay. on ss 3.4, when i'm transferring it says 128 kbps is atrac3plus. however, on the faq here, it says "ATRAC3plus output at user selectable bitrates of 132, 105, 66, 64 and 48 kbps" so is 128 really atrac3plus, like ss says? and what's the main difference? the size of the output file, right? sorry for such a newb question however, ive had my silver rh10 (japanese) for a month and a half now and i LOVE it!!! forcing my brother to buy one, too... and yeah, the screen does scratch too easily. also, the rh10 guide lists atrac3 as 66, 105, and 132 kbps, and atrac3plus as 48, 64, and 256 kbps. all my stuff is in atrac3 132kbps, and now i feel like a fool if i could fit so much more with 128kbps atrac3plus.
  6. windows xp... and ss just froze while i tried to delete 5 tracks from a disc.
  7. just internet explorer open, and the latest version (3.3?) it would make things MUCH easier if i didn't have to choose each album to add individually, then wait until it was done to add another...
  8. no problems with one at a time. but when i try to transfer more than one album from my computer to an rh-10, it won't do it. it will say 'transferring (last track of last transfer)' so then i hit 'stop,' and it says 'stopping the transfer... do not disconnect the media/device' but it freezes doing that, and i have to close sonicstage. then it wont reopen, so i have to restart my computer. very frustrating.
  9. if i highlight more than one album at a time and try to transfer, it just kind of sits in limbo, neither frozen nor transferring, until i close the program in frustration. is that just me, or does it happen to anyone else?
  10. restarting the computer seems to have fixed the problem, so nevermind
  11. after i import a cd using sonicstage, i eject it and put in a new cd. but it wont read the new cd until i close sonicstage and open it again. ive tried refreshing it, going to my library and then back to the import screen, hitting 'cd info,' but it always comes up with the last cd that was in there. any clue how to fix this? i am using the latest sonicstage software... and for the record, i imported about 50 cds before and it worked perfectly, one after the other. this closing/re-opening thing is getting annoying. oh, one more thing: the 'import cd automatically when inserted' box is and has been checked. it used to auto-import them, but now its just...not.
  12. oh yes. i just got my japanese rh10 in the mail (silver). its fucking glorious. i am in love with it, and now this format. the sound is amazing, and everything else is all i had hoped for... but i have a question! i got it off ebay without an instruction manual, and ive been playing around with the stand for it... so how do i recharge it in the stand? because the plug that goes into the wall connects to the side of the rh10 that is covered by plastic while in the stand. and i dont see anywhere on the stand to plug it in there. any help? by the way, does listening to music on a minidisc player seem like hearing it for the first time to anyone else? i dont know what it is... the sound just blows me away!
  13. can you change the remote to english? or only the oled screen?
  14. oh cool. thanks. i think i went at 132kbps. that should be good enough for the just-above-casual listener, eh?
  15. so i just ripped my first cd with sonicstage... but in the options, i cant select atract3plus. i have the latest version of sonicstage... so how do i find that setting? all i see is atrac, atrac advanced lossless,wav, mp3, and wma. and, y'know, corresponding bitrates. help?
  16. im so wishy-washy... the nh1 looks amazing, too, but i have no experience with a remote control, and i dont know how much id like one.... how do you guys feel about remote controls?
  17. ohh, but its soooo expensive! yarr... stupid life. why must it taunt me!?
  18. okay, follow-up question! where can i get the cheapest japanese rh10???
  19. so on ebay i see the really pretty japanese versions... but can you set them to english? i read a couple reviews of people who got the orange one on here, but i didnt really see that listed... it probably goes without saying and i'm a fool for asking, but the remote control w/lcd sounds great, and i kinda want to go with the japanese version. it would be lovely if anyone could list any differences between that and the american versions
  20. yeah. especially when i have 25+ gigs... but i was just at the sony style store, and they have some in stock... im getting some gift cards/$ for x-mas, and then i shall strike! i listened to 'higher ground' by the red hot chili peppers, played around with the equalizer, and i was sold... the guys said the songs were recorded at 96kbps there, so why the hell did it sound so good?? the sound on it was way better than my mp3s (and ipod)... and i dont know why.
  21. okay... its time. after being interested in minidisc players for over a friggin' decade, i think the mz-rh10 is gonna be my new best friend. the fact thats its backlit with a lovely display, plus the new 1gb discs, it seems like the time is right. for the last couple months, ive been going to the sony style store at the mall every wednesday after dropping my girlfriend off at school to play with the rh910. i generally love it, the menus and display, etc... HOWEVER, i want stories from you guys. which ones you have, the pros/cons of each... i suppose, specifically if you have an rh10, that would be helpful.. (and yes, ive already read practically every thread on the board, but i want more. MORE!!!) and i have a question or two, too! firstly, the remotes. what kind of display can you get with a remote? can you search with it, or do you have to do that on the player? i like to search out songs when i get one stuck in my head, and if i can do so with a remote, i would consider a less expensive player with a remote control instead of paying so much for the oled screen... secondly, right now i have an ipod, so all my songs are in AAC format in itunes. would i basically have to re-rip all my cds to sonicstage in atrac format? finally, what players (hi-md or otherwise) have the longest battery life with a rechargeable battery? ive looked around, but im curious what other peoples experiences say... i look forward to all your posts; now im off to the mall to check 'em out yet again! and my name is jason, by the way
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