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  1. That was amazing article. Thank you for sharing it. It's rare that I read something that actually makes me stop and think nowadays, but that did...
  2. I'm very puzzled by this picture, as I thought the MZ-R900 was MDLP only...
  3. Fun note: right after posting yesterday morning i accidentally dropped my DH10P while it was loading music onto a disc. Now one of the two little hook-catches on the USB has been knocked back into the USB and I now have to hold it firmly in place to connect the unit to my computer. This comes just a month after the front little logo that keeps the unit locked into the charging stand somehow fell inside the unit and now I need to use a rubberband to keep it in the charger. The ironic thing is I take VERY GOOD care of everything I own, and my silver RH-10 (now my brother's) never had any problems in the year+ I had it.
  4. Firstly, I must say that is a VERY nice unit. I still think the red is amazing, but the black looks SO much classier than the silver. That being said, I saw your post on the Audio T-Board and almost immediately afterwards began experiencing problems with MY DH-10P. Sometimes now, maybe twice a week (I listen to it all day at work, mind you), when I press 'search' or 'display' or just try to change the volume the disc stops plays and re-starts. Also, like you said, the battery life is absolute shite. Have you worked out any kind of temporary solution for the random restarting of this unit?
  5. Wow, is this pissing me off. Playback is set to 'normal' everywhere I can think to change it, and yet when i play back an album SonicStage is randomly jumping to tracks. Has anyone ever experienced this, or perchance have any kind of solution?
  6. You are correct, it's the little gray/white tab that fell in. I edited the post to try to make sense of it for everyone-- I've had it just over a month (xmas gift), so I wasn't terribly familiar with the front. Or is it the back? Anyway, it only stays in the charger now if I keep a rubber band around it. I think I'm going to take it apart now in hopes that I can find the piece and put it back together.
  7. But... how?! [edit: I guess its not a logo, it's just a little plastic piece, but its still gone missing!] The small plastic thing that is the catch to keep it locked in the charger somehow fell off! I just noticed a couple days ago, no clue how it happened. The good (?) news is that when I shake it, I can kind of hear something shuffling around inside. Has anyone here ever taken their DH10P apart by undoing the two screws at the bottom side that has the eject slide? I'm considering opening it up to find the piece, but I don't want to somehow damage it. In the mean time, I have to keep the unit in the charger with a rubber band. It's a sin, I tell you!!!
  8. I've been considering getting an MZ-N10 lately. Any thoughts or comments from current or past owners? I've also noticed that the MZ-R900 is a very popular MDLP recorder. Does anyone have any especially positive or negative things to say about either of these, or care to recommend another MDLP recorder? Also, are there any MZ-E10 owners that would like to give their feelings about that particular player? Anything you guys have to say would be greatly appreciated
  9. I don't believe they are all the same, but raintheory has been nice enough to set up a trade for one, so my longtime need is met
  10. When did all this come about? I LOVE this board!!
  11. Bought an MZ-E900 off ebay about 6 months back and it has no sidecar If anyone has one, please let me know! Thanks
  12. I took my factory-CD player out and put in a Sony unit with an aux-in so I can enjoy my minidiscs wherever I travel I thought about getting a minidisc car unit, but I still use CDs on occasion in the car
  13. a HUGE thanks to Bland10000 for picking up my fiance's xmas gift of a pink MZ-EH50
  14. merry christmas to all, and to all a good night!
  15. Interesting and interesting. Thank you both very much for the info
  16. The topic pretty much sums it up. I think I'm getting an E10 for Christmas this year and just wanted to know if the RM-MC40ELK will work as a 3-line remote with it. Anyone who knows or could check, I'd very much appreciate a response
  17. David Bowie. When I first really learned "Oh, he does THAT song? and THAT one?" I was still young and not a huge fan. I finally bought my first Bowie cd, Low, in late 2001 (around my 19th birthday). I was blown away. Here was one side of amazing songs that used sounds I didn't know existed in the '70s. Then the second side was just dark, beautiful music that really got into me. I saw him at the Area 2 festival in Chicago in 2002 and sadly didn't appreciate it as much as I should've. Diamond Dogs was my second album, and I was equally impressed. My new girlfriend then was a rabid Bowie fan, and that gave me much more exposure. Then after seeing him in Moline on 'A Reality Tour,' I kind of almost exclusively listened to his music for about a year or so. I own all his albums at this point, all the 2-disc versions with the remixes and so on. Every album has its finer points, and I love all of them for different reasons. Whatever mood I'm in, whatever I feel or want to hear, there's something in his catalogue that's perfect. My favorite albums of his, in no particular order, are: Station to Station The Buddha of Suburbia Outside and the Slow Burn EP Other favorite bands/artists are Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam, Nine Inch Nails, Harvey Danger, Smashing Pumpkins, Iggy Pop/The Stooges, The Cars, Primus, Elton John.... I could go on and on. And minidisc is my favorite means of hearing them!
  18. So for almost a year I've been trying to find my girlfriend an MZ-EH50 (pink). However, we're on the poor side, and I can't seem to find one for under $180 or so shipped. Yahoo Japan auctions have them VERY cheap used, but unfortunately I don't know anyone in Japan to ship one to. Does anyone have any ideas aside from PriceJapan, Audiocubes, and Amazon.jp (won't ship to US)?
  19. As of late my (Japanese) RH10's charging stand isn't working, and the battery only charges through the USB. When I put the RH10 onto/into the charger, nothing happens. No screen display, no battery charging, nothing. Has anyone else experienced this problem or have any advice?
  20. I suppose, but I could find it on ebay cheaper than that. I was hoping for a $99 price tag so I could pick myself up a nice birthday gift today
  21. I just called my local Sony outlet store and the DH10P was $299 there. How disappointing
  22. I understand where you're coming from, for the most part. I'm about 20 years younger than you, Spiff, but it still all makes sense. I used to listen to my cassette walkman during recess at lunch in grade school, got my first huge, clunky, constantly skipping discman in middle school. Bought an Archos 20gb mp3 player in 2001, if memory serves, but was too frustrated by its bulk, display, lack of options.... just about everything except for the fact that it could hold 20gb of music! Finally, I got the ipod of my dreams early last year, and what a disappointment it was. The sound quality wasn't too great, the battery life was AWFUL (it never got more than 8 hours), and it scratched so easily, even with a skin/cover on, I stopped treasuring it after a month or so. For a poor kid like me, feeling like I had just flushed $300 down the toilet hurt. And then, voila!, I stumbled upon minidisc.org one day when looking for an alternate portable music player and remembering the fascination I had with minidiscs in my youth, which were at the time far too expensive. I was finally able to purchase an RH-10 last x-mas, and I've been in love ever since. My brother has pretty much taken it, though, so I'm looking VERY forward to hopefully purchasing an RH-1 this x-mas. Everyone here has rave review for it, and I know it won't disappoint. And yes, as you put it, the RH-1 is a marvel of mechanics; one of its many, many desirable points. I quite enjoyed this post. I love hearing everyone's minidisc stories
  23. What is the difference between the NH-14WM and the NH-14WM(A)? I recently bought an MZ-E900 off ebay (from Australia) and it came with two NH-14WM(A) batteries. Without a power adapter to use for the gumstick charger, I've been putting it in my RH-10 and charging via that. However, even when fully charged it says "low battery" as soon as I remove it from charging. Anybody know why that is? I'd prefer not to buy a new gumstick, and I don't have the extra money for an adapter (even though I've been looking locally)
  24. I think this is a fantastic idea! My knowledge is probably limited compared to most people here, but I would love to help in any way possible. I'm all for the idea of putting the product pictorials pictures in there as well as extensive user reviews from whoever wants to submit one. And like the wizard of oz said, I think this will definitely help get more people into minidiscs. Even with the equipment browser now, I still had to ask questions to be 100% on what unit I wanted as my first purchase. I'm very excited for the prospects this has behind it! Count me in!
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