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  1. I bought this unit a bit over a month ago off ebay and I absolutely love it. I've been using it the last few days, and today I was just sitting at work admiring it. I suppose it would be a waste now to get an E-10, but I'd still love one of those as well. I tend to divide my discs up by artists (and then there's a handful of mixes as well), and for all but a few bands (David Bowie, Pearl Jam, The Smashing Pumpkins) I can fit almost everything I have for the band on an MDLP, so I haven't been using my RH-10 as much lately. It's very nice to have such a small player. Ishiyoshi, would you say the E-10 is significantly smaller than the E-900? The only thing I semi-miss on this unit is the group skip, but it's not so bad. Oh, and amazing pictures as always (they were pretty much my reason for buying this unit!)
  2. Good!! More users might keep the format alive a little longer
  3. I KNEW I'd have a good reason to un-max my best buy credit card one day! This is my reason to finally start paying it off.... I REALLY hope this actually happens
  4. I know this probably isn't the same thing, but I came here with a similar problem on my RH-10 when I first got it. I would try to transfer 3 or 4 albums, and it would freeze up and give an error and close SonicStage. If you're only trying five songs, it seems crazy that it would give an error for such, but give a try with one song at a time and see how it goes. Oddly enough, my RH-10 can now understand larger transfers, especially if I transfer a group while an individual track is transferring. Good luck!
  5. But I thought all hi-md units had USBs? So if I give my brother my RH-10 and have two player-only units (EH-50 and EH-1), I would need to borrow his RH-10 every time I wanted to make a disc off the computer? It would all be so much easier if I just got into minidiscs in the '90s...
  6. That's exactly what I was wondering. Thank you very much
  7. How can I find out which md/hi-md players and recorders have USB connections, and which do not? My girlfriend wants an MZ-EH50, and I was going to give my RH-10 to my brother so I could get something new, maybe an EH1. However, I only use files from my computer. So would I be able to create a disc by plugging in an EH50 or EH1, or would I need to create them via my computer with the RH10?
  8. Awesome. Thank you Zoso, that was exactly the answer I was looking for. All my files are in LP2 on my computer, so it should be okay. I figured it would be alright last night, because I had it formatted as NetMD, and even though it said 80 minutes remaining, I transferred more than that and still had 38 minutes remaining. Cool. Can't wait for my E900 now
  9. If I want to play a disc on my E900, how must it be transferred on my HI-MD player? I can format an 80 minute disc as a regular MD in the options on my RH-10, but SonicStage only allows it to be read as Hi-MD or NetMD. I'll just go ahead and assume there's no way to get MDLP, and I'm stuck with only making 80 minute discs for my E900, correct? But if I make it as NetMD, will the E900 read it? Please, any information you can offer would be GREATLY appreciated
  10. Is is sad that that much alone is making me want one? It bugs me when it takes more than 20 minutes for me to make a disc before work....
  11. Do you notice any significant difference in speed when transferring files to/from the computer as opposed to an RH10?
  12. I'm not sure exactly what I did wrong. I've had my RH10 for about 5 months now, and I finally caved with a few extra bucks and bought a microphone. My local Radio Shack was going out of business, so I purchased an "electret condenser omnidirectional microphone." Put it in the mic hole on the unit, talked into the mic for a bit, and only the left side showed any volume fluctuations. Sure enough, when I played back it only came in through the left headphone. Anyone have any idea why that is? Did I just buy a crappy microphone?
  13. So I'm ready to finally make my first minidisc recording. I'm going to record a vinyl lp, and I have the proper plugs. What I need to know is: do I need to have the source at a certain volume, or can I have the source volume completely off?
  14. So I was just adding music to a 1gb disc, and it said that "the following tracks cannot be added," so I clicked 'okay.' Then it said the disc had 0mb or however it's measured left. So I clicked on 'initialize disc' in SonicStage, and it gave me an error message. So I clicked on "safely remove hardware" and unplugged the USB. Now for the last 10 minutes my MD player has been making mechanical 'whirring' noises, shows NO display, and won't open. also, when I plug the USB back in nothing happens. At all. Why do I always post before I figure out my own solutions? I took the battery out, put it back in, and now it's working fine... Furthermore, the disc still has all the tracks before any of the transfers took place on it... Weird.
  15. The new Pearl Jam self-titled cd! I love it. I'm probably among the youngest (23) here, and my taste in music is probably far from anyone else's... But alas! I am who I am, and I love what I love.
  16. And I doubted everyone's wanting of red, but now that I see it, that would've been awesome!
  17. Hey, just to double-check (I know it was answered SOMEWHERE before), the RH-1 doesn't have an artist/title display on the actual unit, right? Only the remote control? (btw, I voted black ) Alright, I'll reply to myself. Sorry. Just read that the display doesn't show name/track/album, only the remote. And it only supports a 1-line remote. That's crazy...
  18. so i put a 1gb disc in my rh10 yesterday, one that had been playing perfectly and i hadn't done anything weird with lately. well the display kept flashing some error message, i think about being the wrong format. so i erased all the tracks, and now when ss tries to read that disc, first it says "checking to see if any tracks were deleted from the library" or something to that effect. then it says "omgjbox.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close." anyone have any idea what that's all about? p.s. stupid me. i just reformatted the disc on the unit, and now it's okay. you can probably delete this thread...
  19. i'm watching "last action hero" on tv (don't judge me), and i just now noticed that arnold schwarzegger has a portable md player in his car when the kid lands in his back seat was also glad they used 'em in "white noise"
  20. i get about... 9-10 hours @ 128kbps, if thats any help.
  21. i second stefan. have we any japanese yahoo!'ers here?! with generous hearts?
  22. i saw the eh-1's going for very cheap on yahoo japan auctions, but poor web page translators can't help me out much. i can't tell if any of them ship outside of japan, or how i would register. HOWEVER, they're going for very cheap ($100 range) http://translate.google.com/translate?u=ht...Flanguage_tools
  23. the sonicstage didn't work, but once i initialized it on the unit it was a-okay. thanks guys!
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