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  1. I think sonicstage is good as long as you dont trust it to look after all your music files, only rip cds when you want them and transfer, then delete the source files. All my albums are ripped in mp3 and will stay that way until I can play atrac3plus files in winamp etc.
  2. funny thing is i thought this was true until the last line lol
  3. Yup thats exactly what happened! I claimed on the house insurance and got an RH10 as a replacement so cant complain
  4. Sony centres can order them in for you for £2.38 a bud, rip off!!
  5. I thought this might be it, but when I select MD mode it does not format my disc. Seems the unit can only format to Hi-MD mode. As you can select the disc mode though sonicstage I still dont really see what this is for, sorry if im being stupid! I've worked it out, set to MD mode then format! Thanks bland10000
  6. My local sony centre sells the discs at £5 for one, or £9 for two which I think is quite good. I have yet to find out how much they sell the five pack for, probably around £20
  7. True there are other music players out there which tempt us minidisc users away, but we always come back as the format has so many uses. Now sony lets people upload their own recordings in digital (eventually!!) Im going to stick with the format for a while yet. On an unrelated note the record function on my N910 has recently broke and I cant record true SP on my RH10, which is very annoying!!! Might have to go looking on ebay for a cheap old unit, you can never have too many players!
  8. Just a quick question, in the rh10 options, you can set the disc mode. There seems to be no point in this option as you cannot record in MD mode, and the disc mode is selected automatically when you insert a disc. What use is this option?
  9. You can get 1750mAh batteries but they are hard to get hold of. www.bargaining4all.com sells them for 15 dollars plus 10 dollars p&p for worldwide delivery. You can pay by paypal i think
  10. Pick up an old school unit (e.g mz-r91) which has mega bass on. In my opinion it provides more bass than the 6 band equaliser on present models
  11. Thats why there is some confusion around the 352 bitrate, why did Sony not add direct CD ripping capabilities??
  12. I heard that you can upgrade your firmware (using the north american firmware) to make the backlight permanently on, but no idea how to do this without taking it to a engineer. I know this is the case with the RH10 so I would guess the same is true for the 600d. Hope you all had a good christmas!
  13. I used a product called Displex Display Polish, only £3 or so from here http://www.mobilefun.co.uk/product/3298.htm Designed for mobile phones but I have used it to good effect on my old MZ-R91 screen
  14. I have not been able to find any comparisons so far, however When converting from WAV to SP in sonicstage, the resulting .OMA file stored on your computer is LP2 in size (Hence fake SP) When converting from WAV to 352kb/s the resulting file works out at 352kb/s in size. This would indicate that 352 is a real bitrate and not just another fake SP. The general consensus that 352 is better than HI-SP, but it would be interesting to know by how much (i.e. is it worth the extra space).
  15. I started this as I couldn't find a thread about the quality or usability of 352kb/s atrac3plus. What are your opinions on the quality compared to HI-SP and PCM. In my opinion, 352 sounds more refined in the high frequency ranges compared to HI-SP. Lack of direct CD ripping leads me to believe that it is a variant of fake SP which was experienced with Net Md's. However there would be no benefit to having a fake variant unless the 3rd gen of HI-MD's were going to play 352kb/s as a standard bitrate (I would imagine they would consider removing atrac3 48kb/s to make way for this). I read somewhere that 352 was originally engineered into the units but never released as a recordable bitrate as it was considered a poor performer when placed against other formats at high bitrates. Do you think that 352 will become a standard bitrate for future HI-MD models? (if any future ones are made). Please tell me your personal views of 352kb/s when compaired to HI-SP. Apologies if I have posted this in the wrong place as I am new to these forums
  16. Just wondering what turntable you had with a digital out, or is it the mixer with digital out. At the moment I have to use analogue, although I imagine that as vinyl is an analogue format there wouldn't be much benefit to a digital output? Surely it is just turning the analogue signal into a digital one before reaching the minidisc recorder, rather than after. Would there be any benifit in terms of sound quality?
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