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  1. Windows 7 is not supported officially or even unofficially. And a 64-bit version of any Windows release will not allow you to use NetMD mode (other modes may or may not work with Windows 7).
  2. The RH1 only gives about a 2x advantage in transfer speed over other units, and only in some transfer modes. Speeds are seriously limited by the magneto-optical writing method and by the DWDD reading method of 1 Gb discs.
  3. Non-DRMed ATRAC3plus is also playable (e.g., by Windows Media Player), if you have SonicStage installed, or have the decoder I've posted a while ago. No gapless though.
  4. ATRAC CDs are not playable by anything except standalone ATRAC CD players. This is by design.
  5. 1. Disable automatic track name search (Tools->Options->Get CD Info->uncheck all boxes except the first one). 2. Also, disable saving to WAV automatically during upload. 3. After uploading, go to a folder containing your uploaded tracks, but do not select any tracks. Just press the CD Info button. The program will search for information, and then display a dialog box that allows you to select names for tracks, if there are several possible options. 4. When all track names are taken care of, convert tracks to WAV manually. And don't forget that SonicStage converts uploaded legacy recordings to Hi-SP by default (before converting them to WAV). You may wish to avoid this unneded conversion, so select PCM in Import settings.
  6. Avrin

    Quality in Blanks

    All MD blanks provide the same quality (quality depends entirely on the unit in which they are recorded/played back). But professional ones may be a bit more reliable. Or not.
  7. Avrin

    hi-md to mp3

    All this looks like you have not disabled copy protection when ripping your CDs, or used an old SonicStage version that applies copy protection to everything it sees. These tracks can now be uploaded by the original computer only. Still, the best option will be to re-rip your CDs by a more convenient program (like EAC), instead of going through the upload trouble and a lossy-to-lossy conversion.
  8. The problematic songs may have non-standard tags in them, so SonicStage doesn't understand their names. And renaming is an excellent idea, since it will make your files universally playable. I always use English letters for names, even for Russian songs, so that they can be properly recognized, displayed and played by anything.
  9. Try the "Ultimate" 4.3 version - it has an updated OpenMG engine (5.0). But still it won't work for NetMD.
  10. Avrin

    RH1 & LIP-WM4

    It looks like there is no separate charger for the LIP-4WM, and it can only be charged in the units that use it.
  11. Avrin

    RH1 & LIP-WM4

    The problem with the RH1 is that its battery circuitry never fully charges or discharges the battery. E.g., when the RH1 screams LOW BATTERY, you may take the battery and use it for quite some time in the NH3D. And when you fully charge the battery in the NH3D, and then put it back into the RH1, it works significantly longer. Currently both my RH1s are packed and put into storage, but I am using the NH3D to periodically discharge and fully charge all three batteries (two from the RH1s and its own).
  12. Non-stop albums include live concerts, operas, The Beatles's "White Album" and side two of "Abbey Road" and most Pink Floyd LPs, when tracks play continuously, without pauses between them. ATRAC was the first lossy format to support such playback, but only when tracks are recorded or encoded continuously as a single stream. But Sound Forge can only encode tracks separately, one by one, so gapless encoding is not supported, and you will hear small gaps between tracks in continuous albums.
  13. Avrin

    RH1 & LIP-WM4

    The battery always requires 3 hours to charge completely. The counter only shows time required for the battery to charge to 80%. And it becomes totally useless when the battery is worn to some extent, same as the charging LEDs on the E10 or the NH3D that stay on for just several minutes for a worn battery.
  14. Avrin

    RH1 & LIP-WM4

    Looks like the battery has lost some of its quality. Just charge it continuously for three hours (do not restart the cycle, and don't pay attention to the counter - it is totally useless) to get the most out of it. The crazy "empty battery" beep cannot be switched off. But it shouldn't sound when the unit is in the LINE OUT mode.
  15. Sound Forge doesn't support gapless encoding, so if you encode non-stop albums, tracks will have gaps between them. And yes, to display CJK names during playback, you need a player or remote that supports CJK.
  16. It's not that easy to take the battery out of the N10. But it looks like there is a problem. The battery is either already dead, or is discharged beyond the level at which the unit is able to detect it. In both cases it needs replacement.
  17. No, the deck drivers are quite old and not certified for modern operating systems, and, as such, may cause problems when installing the full program package. If needed, you may download them separately from http://www.mediafire.com/?3mt2nmtbomz
  18. Is the unit still able to record? E.g. from a PC or from an external source. Because, if not, then the magnetic overwrite head or its cable is broken. Also, try a different type of disc (a 80-minute one instead of 1 Gb).
  19. There are no new portables and will never be anymore. But any Hi-MD unit in Hi-MD mode will work with a 64-bit system directly, since the mode doesn't require any actual drivers. The NetMD mode of the unit won't work though.
  20. "Quality recording" = a recording as close to the original signal as possible. Type-S affects ATRAC3 decoding (before DAC), so it has an effect on an optical out.
  21. It is always better to record unchanged signal, to avoid rounding errors. I.e., with the original level and no EQ/enhancements. So, there is no way to get a quality recording from a PC, since it always changes the original signal from the CD.
  22. Windows 7 probably already contains all pre-requisites. And the method for installing CJK support for Windows 7 may be completely different from XP. The AreaCode registry modification for the OpenMG engine is still required, but you may need to change other system settings, which I know nothing about.
  23. Be careful: Hi-MD-formatted discs are not playable by any professional/studio/venue equipment.
  24. The "Ultimate" version consists of re-packed original official components with slightly modified installation scripts. It's completely standalone, and does not require any official components be pre-installed. But you may need to install some systems pre-requisites from Microsoft, which are no longer included. The way to get Chinese/Japanese/Korean support is described here: http://forums.sonyinsider.com/index.php?showtopic=976
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