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  1. Same with Windows 7. SonicStage 4.3 "Ultimate" worked for several members with a 32-bit version directly, but with a 64-bit one you'll need to use the newly available "Windows XP mode", which is nothing but a virtual machine running a 32-bit version of Windows XP with USB support.
  2. SonicStage 4.3 "Ultimate" works fine with 32-bit Vista by design, and worked with 32-bit Windows 7 for several users here. With 64-bit versions, you'll need to use a virtual machine with a 32-bit version of Windows to work with NetMD units. The "Ultimate" version is also strongly recommended for 32-bit Windows 2000/XP because of its really stable OpenMG 5.0 kernel and driver compatibility.
  3. DSEE only affects playback within SonicStage itself, and has no effect on file import/export/conversion.
  4. This looks like a problem with variable bitrate MP3s (these always show up with strange bitrates). As long as the bitrate varies within supported limits (32-320 kbits for MP3) it won't cause any problems. But some encoders go beyond these limits, dropping below 32 kbit/s for very simple parts and exceeding 320 kbit/s for complex stuff. SonicStage may or may not have problems playing/transferring such files. And such files may or may not play on a particular device. It's quite unpredictable. Actually, even some constant bitrate files may sometimes have non-standard (i.e., out of the 32-320 kbit/s band) blocks at the very beginning and cause problems.
  5. AFAIK, MP3 files at least take less space on a Hi-MD disk. ATRAC3[plus] files are padded with something, so that you can't put as much music in this format as you can in MP3. And it's always better to keep the original format and not to do an unneeded lossy-to-lossy conversion.
  6. There's no way to use a NetMD player with 64-bit Vista directly. The only solution is to use a virtual machine with USB support and install a 32-bit edition of Windows (Windows 2000 will do) and SonicStage onto it.
  7. Realtime-recorded ATRAC Type-R is subjectively nicer than almost anything, possibly including the original CD. Just don't forget to disable Automatic Recording Level and set the unit to keep the original CD signal level so as to avoid unneeded rounding errors and related distortion (Manual Level 23 on most SONY portables is what you need). And NEVER use any enhancements. They may add some funny effects, but any processing of the original 16-bit digital signal adds distortion due to rounding errors. And you will want to avoid adding any distortion to the signal before compressing it to lossy, since the cleaner the signal, the less the losses (more bits can be allocated to the useful signal). And the quality of the CD player is not important at all, as long as it outputs unchanged signal (this can be easily determined by trackmarks present in it). So, a $30 Chinese plastic toy will give you same results as a $50000 audiophile delight.
  8. I was talking about copy protection that SonicStage adds to all ripped CDs by default. Just uncheck the respective box. MP3 files made by other software are most probably not protected. SonicStage shows whether copy protection is "available", in track properties.
  9. Some SonicStage components (including OpenMG and drivers) are always installed to disk C:, so it is useless to try installing it to a portable drive. But you can configure SonicStage to rip CDs to an external drive (Tools->Options->Location to save imported files), but make sure copy protection is not added. You may then import your music files from the external hard drive to any installation of SonicStage, as long as they are not copy-protected. This is not very convenient, but seems like the only option.
  10. There is an alternative to the RH1 for SP uploads: http://www.minidisc.org/part_HHB_MDP-500.html
  11. 3-4 years is about the lifespan of a modern battery. Especially in the RH1, that never charges/discharges it completely and doesn't even see it if it's deeply discharged.
  12. It is not possible to select albums on the RH1 without a remote.
  13. You may very carefully clean the lens in a portable using a cotton swab.
  14. Never ever use a CD or MD lens cleaning disc, if you don't want to damage the optical head.
  15. A remote introduces additional contacts and active electronics (if it has a display), which may affect sound quality, so it is obviously better not to use it. The cleaner the path, the better the sound. The clamp filters do not affect sound quality in any way, and are totally useless in a normally working system. Their only function is to prevent the respective cable from becoming a radio noise transmitting antenna in case your computer turns mad and starts outputting radio frequency signals from its USB port. Such things do happen, and may affect entertainment/traffic and equipment control/emergency service radio transmissions in the neighborhood, but the probablity is infinitesimally small.
  16. I've had this error a couple of times on 1 Gb Hi-MD discs. All my Hi-MD units refused to play them, but SonicStage was able to upload all content to the computer, and then I reformatted the discs and put the music back. If you don't need the content, you may simply reformat the discs in a Hi-MD unit.
  17. Not quite so. I was referring to non-standard Windows OS skins installed in addition to the themes supplied with the OS itself. The original themes shouldn't affect SonicStage, although setting Windows to the default theme is worth trying.
  18. Do you have any Windows skins? SonicStage won't work normally when these are used.
  19. This also works perfectly with the optical in. Just don't forget to switch the level to Manual and set it to 23 to keep the original CD level/quality.
  20. This is actually normal. I have the same situation on my XP SP3 machine. It looks like a reinstall is inevitable.
  21. http://rapidshare.de/files/48723434/MDSB.ZIP.html
  22. In a nutshell: Type-R improves recording and playback of SP and MONO. Type-S includes Type-R and also improves playback of MDLP.
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