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  1. I have two of these cradles and you have been mis-informed. It works with my *818 and my new X1060. Whatever music is on the player WILL play back. I have rarely used Sony Connect music store. The only issue you might have is the remote control functions are not guaranteed to work with each generation of walkman so you may need to use the controls on the device for scrolling etc. Other than that go for it. The IX001 can be found at a really good price now.
  2. Can anybody confirm that the X series will fit into the BCR NU5 cradle. I have a BCR NU3 cradle ( for the *818 ) but as always with Sony one size DOESN'T fit all.
  3. Juli, have you tried using WMP 11 on "Sync" mode to transfer? I don't have any problems with it using Vista. Content transfer and Media Manager have always given me niggly issues with Walkman(s).
  4. Well, I have been on a two day trip to London ( Chelsea Flower Show). I brought my new X-series Walkman along for the ride and here is my review after some intensive testing. BTW this is my eight Walkman (sad I know) so my comments are based on previous Walman experience. Touchscreen....... In a word...Stunning. Nice and bright at highest setting and very responsive ( except for Netfront Browser, more later). The menu is very intuitive. I was familiar with navigating and scrolling in no time. I love the way the buttons "light up" when selected. It's a fingerprint magnet though so some sort of cover is essential......... 4.5/5 Video Playback..... This is the first Walkman device I can comfortably watch movies on. The screen is excellent and the sound quality is also exceptional. At times I forgot I was focusing on a PMP. Touch on the little "arrow" icon thingy and up pops up a whole string of thumbnails. These can be touched to quickly navigate through your currently selected movie. I don't know if other devices have this facility but I think it's brilliant. The only issue I had was my selected movie got "choppy" in places. I'm not sure if this was faulty encoding or an issue with rendering on the device,comments welcome on this issue please. The only problem associated with watching movies is the highly reflective surface, sometimes I was drawn to my reflection, not a pretty sight and it can be distracting. 4.5/5 ( half point lost because of reflection issue). Wi-fi and Internet....... The good news first. The X series is very quick to connect to a local network and in my brief experience it stays connected. The Youtube feature is really good and I love the way it directly links to currently selected artists when playing music. Reception is also good. Now he bad news, the Netfront browser is awful. It's slow, it renders very badly and it appears to hang the touchscreen. When I touch on a link it lights up as it should but nothing happens most of the time. I also have problems downloading podcasts. It appears buggy and I wonder was it rushed during the design phase. I really hope this can be fixed with a firmware upgrade as there is no reason why it shouldn't work properly..........2.5/5 ( because of awful browser). Picture viewer....... Not much to say here except that Image quality is excellent. A picture can be chosen as wallpaper.........5/5 FM Radio.... This is pretty much a standard FM radio with no bells and whistles; No AF, No RDS; just an FM radio. BTW when I set the Scan Sensitivity to LOW it picked up nothing, not even in areas with very good FM reception.Sound Quality is very good though .............3/5. Podcasts..... I preset one podcast for regular download and it seems to work okay. I am not a big podcast fan so I reserve judgement here. However, as previously mentioned the Netfront browser seems to have a few issues with podcasts in my experience. ...........reserved. Noise Cancelling....... Very effective if you hike up the microphone sensitivity. This was very useful on the plane and really suppressed engine noise, I usually have to crank up the volume really high on planes. The only noise it didn't cancel was the screaming child 3 seats behind me. Firmware request; add a "Screaming Child" setting to Noise Cancelling. One thing to note about noise cancelling, it remains active even when you stop playback. You either have to switch it off or engage the HOLD switch. Otherwise it will drain the batteries. I'm open to correction if anybody knows better.............4/5 And Finally........Music playback..... As expected this is another super digital music player from Sony. Sound is rich and detailed with some emphasis on Bass as usual. I'm not as much of an audiophile as some of the visitors to this forum but I know good SQ when I hear it. This is why I am such an avid Sony Walkman fan. Obviously, there are better headphones than the ( very good)supplied set of NC phones. The only issue is whether you are prepared to do without the noise cancelling as a trade-off. The menu for navigating music has changed slightly and there is no playlist option. This is a blatant blunder on Sony's part, surely it would have cost nothing to include this feature. BTW the blutooth adaptor designed for the NW-S series also works perfectly with the X series. Overall.....4/5. This is a really good device. IMO it was worth the wait. I'm not too sure that the sound engine is hugely different to previous high end models though. The combination of high capacity, excellent video,excellent sound and fantastic design is a winner. The only let down is the Netfront browser which should really be addressed in a firmware upgrade. Anthony.
  5. Well I like the youtube feature, I didn't think I would take much notice of it but it IS cool. Yep, browser is the big let down here. I'm trying to play podcasts only to get an error message"cannot Download". Coonection to network is actice , just won't play the podcasts. BTW the WM bluetooth adaptor designsed for the NW-S series also works with the Touch.
  6. Georgous screen....fingerprint magnet. Lovely design and build. Trouble free wifi access. Love the youtube feature. CRAP Browser. Great Video. Too early to comment on SQ just yet but appear to be brighter than A818.
  7. Hi all, GOT IT................. I've just put it on charge.
  8. Well I hope to collect mine today. If my contact at my local Sony Centre sticks to his promise I will have one in my paws around lunchtime. Can't wait to report back with first impressions.
  9. That feature may be available in the "Fully Activated" version. Check the online documentation
  10. Juli, you sound a little mixed in your feedback. After 48 hrs how many "stars" would you give this??? I wish they didn't bother with the browser, there is little point in including something if it is only going to annoy people. The marketing is a little mixed up too, or at least some reviews are.... Sky TV seem to suggest that Sony are reviving the "Walkman brand" in a bid to boost sale..........Truth, Walkman brand never went away. Stuff are suggesting you can record direct from Bravia on this device..............Truth, you can with a cradle as with previous models. I read somewhere else that it's the first noise cancelling walkman.................Truth, the NW-S7*** was. But I'm curious as to why Sony have an aversion to "on the fly" playlists. This is one the great features of MP3 players, something previous portable music players simply coud not do ( tape, CD) so why not just provide it?
  11. Juli, do you remember some time back we discussed the "ability to record from a Bravia TV" on the X-series? This was promoted as a feature somewhere. Do you have any info on this feature based on the fact that you have one in your hands?, or do we need the VRC NW10 cradle( available from AMP for about
  12. Yes it works..............use 768kbps MP4 for video and 128 MP3 for audio. The default ipod format will also suit the earlier Video Walkmans. However the screen on the Touch has a different aspect ratio so you may need to create those settings yourself. I don't have a Touch yet so I can't comment fully until I try it out for myself.
  13. The Nwz-A808 looks more "classy" next to it in your picture.
  14. You lucky,lucky,lucky person. Was it worth the wait?.....Quickly now!!!!!!!
  15. Just contacted my local Sony Cenre in Cork, Ireland. It will be delivered to them on Monday (18th). He ordered 20 of each and was allocated 2 of each. So, time off work on Monday and in to "TRY" for a Sony Touchscreen Walkman. Flying to London on Tuesday for the Chelsea Flower show. Can't wait to try out the NC feature on the plane. I hope all of this is going to go to plan.
  16. This is really cool Chris, many thanks.
  17. Stuge, I purchased one of these also. It's a lovely unit at a really good price (
  18. Yipee, I will be in London( I live in Ireland) on the 19th and 20th of May. Does this mean I can buy one and get to try out the "Aeroplane NC" on the way home???????????? ShanieAIBO.....Do you expect a rush on these or will there be enough to go around ( during the first few days after launch)?
  19. Okay guys, I'm curious;what's THE double CD of the year??????????
  20. Dabs.ie have updated the "Greater than four Weeks" status to ""Due in 3-4 weeks". http://www.dabs.ie/products/sony-nwz-x1060...=sony%20walkman
  21. Shanie, irritating I know, but is 29th May more or less correct for UK/Ireland release???????? I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO impatient now!!!!!
  22. No BT built in, but it will probably work with the WLA-NWB1 adaptor as the x-series has WM port.
  23. Thanks Chris, I am considering one of these for outdoor use. I also tried the bluetooth route which was fine until I saw the W202 as a better (modestly priced) option.
  24. Personally,the browser issue doesn't bother me, I thought it was gimmicky to begin with. Noise cancelling is actually an important feature for me because I can keep the volume down without loss of SQ. I have regular hearing checks and there is no doubt that high noise exposure does damage over time. I am very conscious about preserving my hearing. Some of you might laugh but this is going to be a serious problem with the "ipod generation". I reckon NC will feature in a lot more players going forward and SONY should make this a marketing issue IMO. As for the ipod............I can never understand why SONY got hammered for the whole Sonic Stage-Atrac thing by the same people that overlook similar restrictions with Apple and itunes. Almost two years after Sony dropped Atrac and SS Apple still maintain their market share despite being tied to proprietry software. I like the GUI on the itouch though. My only real gripe at the moment is the lead time for this device. For such a consumer savvy company they really lack in the marketing department. Not only that but some of the staff in the SONY Centres ( I said "some" shanieAIBO ) know less than I do. You have to give Stevie credit for something; if he says there is a new iPod or iMac he actually means it.
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