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  1. I installed the UK version 2.3 with the UK version 3x. I tried both an in-place upgrade and a clean install.Very strange, but I'm not too bothered now it's working in CM. Windows Vista kindly sent an incmpatibilty report to MS. I just know all of the big boys are working on it as we speak.
  2. I added it to the DEP exclusion list to no avail. However, I did manage to get it to work in XP SP2 compatibility mode. I use VISTA 32bit, I really don't understand where the incompatibility could be if version 2.3 worked without a problem. Thanks for your help Richard.
  3. I downloaded and installed this update yesterday. Then I uninstalled it again. IT DOESN'T WORK. When the program is started it shows up in the task manager as active but it doesn't actually start on screen. I tried two re-installations and then went back to version 2.3........the mind boggles. BTW it's not my set-up at fault, it's the software, I'm using computers long enough to know when my system has a problem.
  4. I occassionally use the DR-BT22A (previously forgot to mention I have them) with my Walkman(s). There is no doubt that SQ suffers a little bit in a silent environment. But when I'm outdoors the convenience is worth the trade-off.
  5. Agreed Stuge, but they DO look nice though.
  6. Anthony

    Audiobooks on X-Series

    Typical, non-specific reply from a large company. The only useful line is the link to the support website, which I'm sure you were aware of anyway. Sony don't do firmware updates ( unless to fix bugs), they update their devices instead.
  7. I like the stock earbuds with the new X-Series. I also have Senn CX 300 ( abit too Bassy), Sony MDR V300 ( for Flight Simulator) and would you believe I wasted over
  8. Anthony

    Audiobooks on X-Series

    Good idea, I'll be doing exactly that.
  9. Let me kick off this forum by stating that I have installed SS 4.3 on Windows 7 RC without any problems whatsoever. It looks like the "no longer supported" software will continue to work for some time yet. This is good news for those of us that have older NW models. I still use (and love) my NW-HD1. it is the only device I have seen to date that works perfectly as an "in car" device due to the line out facility. I was getting a little worried that ATRAC was going to brick this player before it's time.
  10. Hi all, Just to let you all know that I finally purchased the VRC-NW10 video cradle to compliment my new X Series Walkman. I got it at a great price at www.advancedmp3players.com. It's a perfect partner for the high quality screen. Set up is simple and recording quality is really good also. I'll answer any questions here as I don't have the time to post a review at the moment.
  11. Nothing real;ly new here, why do SONY bring out new (same) models so often?
  12. Take it back, you have a faulty device. I have 5 Walkman devices and NEVER had to push the reset button.
  13. Maybe it's just me but I am decidedly "underwhelmed" by the X-series. I don't know why, It just doesn't excite me the way the NW-A818 did.
  14. Faulty, See what Sony have to say. Officially it's outside warranty but have a go.
  15. Computers are better than TV because YOU choose what to do to entertain yourself. But ONLY in spare time, nothing should really suffer, incuding sleep. Having said all that my wife is in the living room watching TV while I'm in the study surfing forums. So, when they say " television destroys the art of converstation" at least people are in the same room.
  16. Anthony

    New Sony Media Go

    They seem to have a lot going on in the media transfer software department. Content Transfer, Media Manager for Walkman, Media manager for Sony Ericcson and now Media -Go. It'a all a bit confusing really.
  17. Off topic; do you have any other issues with "7" kiitykat81? I was considering giving it a go but I have a lot of purchased software that may not work after the upgrade. And rolling back is a pain.
  18. Anthony

    New Sony Media Go

    IT recognises A818,W202, and the Walkman Touch. You can change the Walkman name to suit. It transfers only in MP3 (multiple bitrates)from what I can see
  19. Anthony

    New Sony Media Go

    Has anybody else tried this out? The software description states that it's for PSP and SE phones. But it recognises and syncs with my Walkman(s) as well. It's worth a look!!!!
  20. Anthony

    help for Sonicstage V

    SS V won't be available in English. Atrac has been abandoned everywhere except Japan. As for the error message, I don't have the language.
  21. Way back in 2001 I purchased my first digital Walkman; the Sony NW MS7. I was not as baffled by the whole OpenMG Jukebox crap as a lot of people were. This was purely because I had a real interest in computers at the time. Looking back on it now this device coupled with OpenMG was the most expensive piece of rubbish I have ever had the misfortune to waste my money on. BUT, I have an unexplained attachement to it. I still use it and it still works with SonicStage 4.3 on my VISTA based PC. I worry now with the advent of Windows 7 that this device is about to become totally redundant. Despite this I still have it on display near my PC along with my other prized gadgets. I hooked it up today and transferred some music to it in ATRAC 3 132KBPS to compare it to my new NWZ X1060.........oh how far we have come.!!!!!!!!!
  22. Anthony


    To me some of the high end is lost and there is a general lack of "richness" to the sound. Obviously it's hard to describe. However, it is worth investing in if you have the cash. I found wireless operation really useful if I'm working as I listen. Of course you could also consider the W202 but it's not for everyone, it looks kinda Star Trek(y) to me actually but sounds very good..............better than BT to date.
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