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  1. Anthony

    New Sony DAPs?

    I agree, I'm holding out for something more " Ground-breaking".
  2. Yes, I found it on ebay. Very rare item indeed. I presume if I buy one I will never get any real support, not even a useful warranty, I suspect.
  3. Having found this little device in the Sony Summer catalogue I decided I wanted one................ http://www.sony.co.uk/product/hfs-cradle-a...system/vrc-nw10 "Excellent" I thought, for recording direct to Walkman and viewing on the move. So, I contacted my local Sony Centre requesting them to order one for me ( I knew they wouldn't have it in stock). After a week of silence I contacted them again only to be told that Sony doesn't actually have the item at all. I explained that it is on their website AND the current catalogue. The reply was that it didn't actually make it to mass production. Unhappy with this I decided to ring my local support no. ( Ireland) only to find myself transferred to a call centre which I presume is on the other side of the world, as all call centres are these days. The operator hadn't got the faintest idea what I was on about, not to mind being able to actually help me. Yet another case of awful customer service from Sony. Why on earth advertise such an excellent accessory and then make it impossible to actually get one.......GRRRRRRRRRRR!!!! and SONY if you do read this ( unlikely, I know) PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEEEEEEAAAAAASSSSSE make it easier for consumers to get support for your products.
  4. Anthony

    New S730

    Good point about the memory cards. Given that I have Sony Memory sticks for my camera it would be useful to use them as extra memory in a Walkman. I don't see why they don't allow for this feature given that they can generate some revenue from the cards. Lot's of other manufacturers have this and are unlikely to profit from the media as they don't have any license revenue from the card format. Actually my first Walkman ( NW-MS7) was a memory stick player but the capacity was paltry. I don't care how they allow me to increase memory capacity so long as I can.
  5. Anthony

    New S730

    Sony releases the next Walkman..........................apart from the noise cancelling feature in the S series there is NOTHING here. Where are the 32GB players?? I am STILL maxed out at 8GB because frankly the A829 ( and now the new series) are simply not worth the upgrade to 16Gb. BTW 'senseme' is hardly a reason to upgrade......................32Gb and I'm in, otherwise there is nothing in this announcement.
  6. Murder by Death-Red of Tooth and Claw http://www.emusic.com/album/Murder-By-Deat...d/11169933.html
  7. Anthony

    New Sony DAPs?

    I hope Sony sticks to the WM port. I have spent a lot of money on acessories for my NWZ-A818. I would eveentually like to upgrade to a higher capacity unit ( not A82* series) without having to dump my cradles,speaker docks etc.
  8. Yep, all of my life. I'm from Cork in the South of the Country. Wait 'til the dollar gets a bit stronger before you visit. There are very few Americans here this year 'cos the Dollar/Euro conversion is so bad. Either that or somebody told them about the rain. We are currently having one of the worse Summers on record, worse than last year which was one of the worst on record. I'll stick a 'wet' picture on my photo blog tomorrow just to prove it.......www.anthony-antz.blogspot.com
  9. Hi all, I'm Anthony. I live in Ireland where it always raining (it's raining now). I am 40 this year and currently studying for a BSc in Molecular Science. I already work in the pharmaceutical industry. I have many hobbies including Astronomy and Kitchen Gardening. I'm married with two daughters and a wife that thinks I have a gadget obsession. She's right BTW and most ( not all) of those gadgets are made by SONY. I think they are a cut above the rest in terms of consumer technology ( with a slight reservation about the VAIO brand). My favourite toy at the moment is the NWZ-A818. I recently bought the Sony Walkman Bluetooth transmitter and BT22 headphones to make it a wireless device............. That's me!!!!!!!!!!! AntZ
  10. Greetings from Ireland (and an Atraclife memeber). I hope to spend lots of time here praising Sony inc.
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