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    S738 questions

    You may have a faulty set of Noise Reduction headphones. Try a few things.... 1/ See if you have the problem with NR both on and off. 2/ Try with a different set of headphones. 3/ Ensure that the headphone jack on the player is free of dirt and grit( blow into it). You appear to have typical sound problems associated with faulty signal transmission.
  2. "They also stress that experiencing hallucinations is not a definite sign of mental illness and that about 3% of people regularly hear voices." Excellent, that's me in the clear.What about talking to yourself???
  3. Not bad, I was pleasantly surprised with the SQ. Obviously, the Equaliser and Clear Audio settings are not functional, but it's still a worthwile addition to my collection. The volume and track selection are operated from the headphones. I've had to tone the volume down a bit in recent times, which means I can be less critical. I have recently developed slight tinnitus in my right ear and that's not good.
  4. Juli,Stay away from that netbook, I won't be held responsible. You know, not since the hayday's of Atraclife have I seen so much excitement about a new Sony player. I hope SONY look at this forum. Just in good time for me as it turns out. I still use Sonicstage for my 20GB NW-HD1 but SS has gone wonky in the past few weeks (refusing to import tracks). I have decided not to bother trying to fix it given that my 20GB player will soon be superceeded by 32GB SONY, don't even consider limiting capacity to 16GB in Ireland. If you do I'm GONE,I mean it this time.
  5. Juli, that is SOOOO unfair, I was the first to tell this forum about the review. Besides, I spend a fortune on magazines; and STUFF is just a great big"AD MAG" ( with lovely piccy's). Anyhow, I've got bad news, I'm losing my well paid job after 12 years.........bloody economic downturn. The zeddex better come fast or it will slip off my list of "must haves"!
  6. I don't like this concept of some regions being able to use features like BBC iplayer. Whats available for one should be available for all, so the concept of hooking up to a TV or Digital satellite source is more equal for everyone. I was going to purchase a Sony Walkman from AMP at Christmas ( for a friend, I have the *818) but the iplayer function would have been a pointless function in Ireland. Sony must spend a fortune on creating deals with companies like the BBC and it only serves to restrict sales as opposed to enhance them ( my opinion of course).
  7. Sony DR-BT22A Bluetooth Headphones and Sony WLA-NWB1 Bluetooth Transmitter for my NWZ-A818 Walkman.
  8. OK Juli, deep breaths. "Stuff" is a lovely glossy mag but I'm not too sure if we can take their release date as the whole truth. Don't waste your money on the 'mag, have a peek at pages 8-9 at your local. Please come back and tell us what you think.
  9. Sorry Juli, it was youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! Now, for those of you in the UK or Ireland.The February edition of "Stuff" magazine ( Gadgets etc) has an exclusive on the new "Touch Walkman" on pages 8-9. The author gives the impression he/she had actually handled the device. They claim that it has a UK release date of March'09. There is also an excellent (huge) photo' of the device. They give it a "thumbs up" in almost all departments. I suppose I could have bought the mag and posted an image of the review here but at €6.50 I'd rather save it for the ZEDDEX. BTW, the reviewer also claims it can record direct from a BRAVIA TV source, I wonder does Chris have any info on this particular feature.
  10. Well, they DO have a brand name......WALKMAN. The trouble is they throw out so many different models and versions of models it would be impossible to brand them all. However Walkman Zeddex (as one of our bright forum members suggested) sounds really good in this case. Walkman Zeddex 16GB and Walkman Zeddex 32GB....... simple as that. Whoever suggested Zeddex should get a free one today to review for Sony Insider IMO (I think it was Shirley), but I might be wrong.
  11. Hey Juli, I'm a bit afraid of your personal pic, are you really that scary..............BTW have you checked the price of Sony's latest 16GB device on AMP. Excellent value for someone looking for a 16GB device. Not for me though, doesn't offer anything else over my *818.
  12. Anthony

    CES 2009

    interesting summary here, compliments of Sky News UK. http://news.sky.com/skynews/Home/video/Con...200901215201239
  13. I don't mean to be funny but NO and NO. One of the biggest issues with the Walkman since SONY dropped Sonicstage is no gapless. As for enhanced podcast support, NO is my guess-----my *818 ( similar firmware) doesn't support such features but I'm open to correction....anyone?????
  14. Hey Oldskoold, Welcome to Sony insider ( I use to be aob9 on Atraclife). I can't help it, I'm still a Sony fanboy. Any chance we could convince Sony to forward us old timers a trial "Zeddex"?, in the interest of research of course.
  15. Ditto............................, my thoughts entirely.
  16. Hi Juli, I remember you from Atraclife!!! I agree with you. IMO the best player Sony have released so far was the NW-A80* series for reasons you outlined. In addition, the build quality of these devices ( including the MTP NWZ series) was outstanding. It seems to me that SONY are compensating for the obvious need to drop retail prices by offering cheaper materials and poorer design overall. I love my NWZ-A818 but I don't have enough capacity. I'm not too sure about all of this "Touch OLED" stuff to be honest, I just want excellent design and build quality, excellent SQ and loads of capacity. For now even the the new X series really doesn't get my heart racing ( maybe I'm getting too old ). As for the W-series, I would be afraid of the funny looks to be honest, it reminds me of those silly "Star Trek" bluetooth hands free thingys..................not for me to be honest.
  17. I really hope it utilizes WM port. I have purchased a few devices that use this port. As for having to wait, maybe SONY are hoping they can build up some hype. ...........actually no, I bet you somebody else will get to the market with a 32GB OLED touch screen first.....Oh come on SONY, you're killing us here.
  18. Anthony


    I understand, and my commets were based on the fact that I don't bother with podcasts. However, it doesn't take from the fact that Media Manager is rubbish. Anything that makes WMP look good can't be very inspiring. What really bugs me is that Sony finally sorted all the bugs and problems with Sonicstage and then PULLED it from the current line of Walkmans...............AAAAAAARGH........and then gave us Media Manager.......................AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH.
  19. Anthony


    Yep, Sony media manager is crap. The best way to tag tracks with album art is to right click on the tracks ( in WMP ), and use advanced tag editor. Always use WMP to transfer, drag and drop messes up album art as well.
  20. I have one of these also, great cradle. I would suggest that they are worth the money.
  21. Anthony

    New ipod?

    I am of the firm belief that SONY are going to do something dramatic with the Walkman soon..........large capacity,Wi-Fi, Browser, (no Phone SE take care of that).......and hopefully NOT a large screen and NO touch features.
  22. Christopher, I'd really appreciate if somebody could tell me if this item is official or not, and if so where I can get one. I can't see why this is such a problem, Archos and a few more provide these cradles almost as standard issue these days. It is an obvious evolutionary step that Sony would manufacture these as a compliment to video walkman.
  23. Anthony

    New Sony DAPs?

    Build quality compared to the A80*,A81* series?
  24. Anthony

    New Sony DAPs?

    Agree, I think there is a market for a 'very high' capacity Sony Player. They seem to pander to the least important things like WM port bluetooth adapters. I mean who uses those things (apart from me). A 60GB Sony Walkman would definitley sell.
  25. Anthony

    New ipod?

    It amazes me how Apple grab the attention of the worlds media when they release a mediocre "NEW PRODUCT". There is nothing here to call "NEW" in the world of digital music. In fact itunes is every bit as restrictive as Sony's Sonicstage ever was,yet they still get away with it. Surely this can't last forever........... As for the SHUFFLE feature...come on. http://news.sky.com/skynews/Home/Technolog...Nano%2BProducts
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