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Equipment Browser Update


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I have a doubt: why hasn't minidisc.org updated the equipment browser with the new (or not so new) devices released on Japan? or is this browser just for western devices? There are a lot of nice minidisc players that minidisc.org hasnt listed sad.gif ... peace



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i'm sure it'll be updated; there just needs to have a sufficient amount of info for each unit, i guess. the new hi-md units were just released last week; give it some time.

Yes, but they updated the list with the 2nd genaration HiMD devices so fast that I began to wonder what happen with the NetMD devices released lately huh.gif?

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Guest tony wong

I'm quite peturbed to see Sony's recent MDPs absent from the list. There were released quite some time ago: the E630 and E730 untis.

yes, quite a many is missed

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