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Law suit filed over iPod Nano scratches...

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Claiming that the iPod Nano has a widespread propensity for scratching easily, lawyers this week filed a class action suit against Apple Computer on behalf of those who have purchased the diminutive music player.

Full article here: http://news.com.com/Suit+filed+over+Nano+s...ml?tag=nefd.top

I'm personally unsure what to make of this. Hi-MD users have had similar woes with the plastic surfaces on the RH10/910, should we be filing a lawsuit againt Sony?

Sure, companies have a responsibility to ensure the build quality of their products. On the other hand, I see plenty of ipod users just shoving their units into their pockets next to keys, wallets, mobiles, etc. Perhaps people don't take care of their gadgets like they used to...? Are consumers being pedantic? I'm not so sure... A case like this could set a nasty precedent... or could indeed be a victory for consumers, in these times where many expensive gadgets are of poor build quality... essentially disposable items...

Your thoughts below....

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Was today at the local branch of a nationwide retailer chain and took a look at the iPod nano.

Aside from the fact, that this overpriced thing is a fingerprint catcher, the unit on display already had caught a number of scratches.

What I don't understand, TDK developed a coating for blueray-discs, that makes the discs extremely scratch resistant. You could treat a disc with steel wool and it would still be playable.

The same coating on the iPod or the RH10 and scratches would be a thing of the past.

While I was there, I noticed something else: They have an anti-theft system, which consists of a tear-away-sensor and a two-part holder.

The two-part holder is the problem. One part is put on the display unit with double sided duct tape, the other one is on the shelf.

And the one on the shelf contains a relatively strong magnet.

They use that to affix all sorts of MP3-players on the shelf, including harddisk-based players.

Now start thinking...

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