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Where can I score a MZ-EH1?

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Where are you located? If you are outside Japan, under $150 is near impossible unless you can get someone to part it at that rate. The best place to acquire a fairly mint condition EH1 (either in black or silver) at your desired rate is by YJapan Auctions. Otherwise, be prepared to pay an excessive AudioCubes rate.

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I think the EH1 is the best looking unit also. I just got a brand new one (a black one) off ebay recently but that cost me $350.00 Australian dollars.

I like the 'gen 1' units the best (I have no gen 2 units) as they seem to have all the features of the gen 2 units (well except mp3 playback but I for one don't want or need that anyway) and are smaller! The likes of the DH10P are just to big and bulky for my liking...afterall this is 'portable' audio we are into....for me, the smaller the better.

I always use remotes so not having any screen on the unit is not a big issue for me.

Yeah, I am really happy with the EH1....looks fantastic, sounds fantastic....a great little player

Cheers :P

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I was wondering was there something more to it than just looks.

Of course there's more to it than just aesthetic appeal. The build quality itself is something that sets it apart from other Hi-MD player-only unit - the shell as I have indicated in the pictorial is of brushed magnesium. Please read thru the pictorial for other notes regarding the EH1.

Ishi what's the difference in price between a unit buyed in U.S and a unit buyed in Japan (for example what was the difference in the mznh1 when it came out, or any other unit, just need a reference)

If I remember correctly, the MSRP for the NH1 is approximately US$400 and ¥45,000 for the US and Japanese market respectively. However, one can easily acquire the NH1 from ¥29,000 to ¥37,000 in Japan; maybe even lower in some stores. I don't think one can acquire the NH1 for that price range in the US during the first year of its release. Of course, these are street prices and only valid if you are in Japan itself or have a local contact to facilitate the transaction.

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