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Plea to Sony --please an all METAL MD unit Like the N10

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I've just fished out an old MZ-N10 unit. I was going on a longish train ride and took 2 MD's @ LP4 on which I'd recorded the Da Vincii Code audio book. Great for listening in a train when you don't feel like actually reading the book.

I couldn't believe how small, strong and even 'Cute' this was and the display was sufficiently readable and informative to be useful without needing the remote.

It's totally different from the Ipod plastic look and I got quite a lot of interested people delighted in it's "Retro" look.

They couldn't believe that it was an "Obsolete" (actually "Deprecated" is a better word since the model still plays current MDLP formats) model of a few years vintage.

OK I know it had a built in battery (easily removable)--that was to keep the unit really thin --it's actually thinner and smaller than the very nice NH1.

You could also can attach an external battery with the supplied case. --Built in Battery technolgy has improved in any case since that unit was released and it avoids flimsy battery opening compartment levers which break easily (see previous post about potential problem with RH10).

I'd love to see a new HI-MD model based on this but with say the type of screen used in the RH10.

The "titanium" look of this unit is really chique and looks expensive. This would certainly appeal to the "fashion crowd". --I've never seen so many people curious about a piece of gear I've been using.

When I'm only using MDLP disks this unit is certainly going to be brought "out of retirement". --I didn't even know I still had it until I was doing a Studio spring clean.

So Sony -- let's get a nice Metal "Retro" style new HI-MD unit. --The market out there is bigger than you think. No more of the plasticky NHF 800 type of units.

For the RH10 --some other colours as well might be nice such as Red or deep blue.

I'd also really love an All Metal RH10.



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The N1 is very similar and looks just as nice --I'd be extremely happy if I'd had that unit instead.

Now wouldn't something like these units in Hi_MD format with the gorgeous screen of the RH10 be an absolute Winner and real IPOD cruncher.

(Can't really agree about the N10 being plasticy however it looks VERY similar to the N1)

Also it really is the THINNEST and Smallest model produced

--quote from spec

Even smaller and lighter!! 30 grams lighter and 2.6mm thinner than the MZ-N1. The first recorder less than 100 grams!

--end quote



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Well of course I have to throw my hat in the ring in favour of the N10.

The style and overall ergonomics of the unit just happen to ring my bell!

It sounds good too.

The N1 is also a nice machine, but to me it is much less sexy - a solid piece of engineering no doubt (notwithstanding the "1st generation NetMD Optical Block" issues)

The built-in Li-Ion battery of the N10 makes me nervous - Kyle said it is easy to remove - how is this done and do you mean "replace"? Managing this battery properly is the biggest downside of this unit for me.

Now the only Sharp machine in my collection, that IS plasticky! Sounds OK though.

The NH1 is cute too, and its Li-Ion battery is a removable one, though the 1-line display gives it negative functionality points in my view.

And if you really need a boatachor, get hold of an old R55! It's "all metal"! :D

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yeah...but as MDfreak has mentioned, it isn't sure it uses Li-Ion and the first pages on the RH1 clearly stated a flat batterystick and AA-addon (but of course these could be wrong)

I'd hate the Li-Ion choice as it really would limit the useability for field recording


I just checked the RH1 on the Japanese Sony site and translated this bit:

"Power source: ac power adapter 100-240V and lithium ion charge pond (LIP-4WM)"

so I guess I'll have to learn to live with the limitations of Li-Ion batteries :angry:

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