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  1. i have an rh10.. a mz n10... an iaudio x5l and an ipod nano 1 gb... the easiest to carry while walking, jogging, going to work is the nano..hasnt broken after some serious usage as well.. the rh10 records beautifully, the x5l has incredible sound.. but the nano tops in usability and simplicity....
  2. coincidently, i installed kubuntu last night and am dual booting with windows xp pro. everytime i need some software, i need adept or go to the command line and do a sudo apt-get... its frustrating and not easy for the kind of people who like to do simple things...
  3. The bomb blasts in Mumbai yesterday have left me shaken. What a bunch of absolute moda fukks.............. My heart goes out for all those who died..
  4. battery pack attachment.. the final frontier
  5. I am absolutely fed up of this heat... hate it... the a/c is constantly on and this makes matters even worse.. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  6. i have a question.. does this unit upload tracks recorded from mic-in/line-in after you have added or deleted some track marks??
  7. chris and jade,, heres wishing you both a very happy birthday
  8. i have the iaudio x5 and the recording is ok if you are recording a lecture or a meeting.. for anything else, it is horrible.. the rh10 is unbelievably good
  9. i am using the rh10 for recording and the iaudio x5 for listening. the n10 is lying unused. i was wondering if i can start taking the n10 to the gym. i was contemplating an ipod shuffle but i thought why not use the n10. its incredibly small and light. sounds good even now. anybody use md's while working out? cheers
  10. it can record legacy modes.. the only bummer is the battery
  11. md records amazingly well. no other portable solution comes close for sheer ease of use and low cost for portable recording. if people here use the md for recording, this discussion would not take place. the HDD players are excellent, but they have a different purpose altogether. personally, its futile to compare these 2 devices.
  12. build quality of hd5 is better than that of the 2nd gen Hi Md recoders. these scratch easily. also, my rh10 allows 5 band eq even with mp3 files. its another story that mp3 playback is crippled
  13. While i really like the new features, perhaps the most important feature for a live recording enthusiast is the option of an AA battery attachment. This in my opinion is another stupid mistake on sony's part. Anyways, good product. Good software. Good looking. Bad logic
  14. its been a while volta. how are you?? anyways, i am quite disappointed about the battery being Li On. does that mean no battery pack extension? that would seriously hurt people who record live for long durations
  15. forget making ipod crunchers.. let sony just make a nice recorder thats easy to use and sturdy
  16. good stuff.. i shall buy once the official specs and photos are out.. looks yummy...
  17. lose the big fonts peare.. all in all, a wonderful development for Hi Md. i shall procure one on release.. having 2 himds would be lovely
  18. search which directory the wav files are stored in.. could be just that
  19. soon, we may have to make our own original music to listen in peace.. i guess the best thing to do is ensure your kids know how to sing or play an instrument . what a world we live in!!
  20. hi all, first of all, i have been away for a while but i never stopped recording with the hi md. recently, i recorded a performance of mine using the line in and another with a mic. both the results are spectacular. sony needs to hear this to make sure they dont discontinue the hi md line soon. anyways, good to post after a very long time. cheers. btw. chris, congrats on those impressive registrations
  21. how are you chris?? had a mini orgasm seeing all the electronics around you??
  22. for reducing interference.. thats the reason
  23. http://www.hydrogenaudio.org/forums/index....topic=36042&hl= Good read. and pcmaniac, your courageous stand is truly inspiring
  24. There are tons of software to make the ipod work with win98se. There is anapod explorer ( paid), ml_ipod winamp plugin (free), sharepod, yamipod.. a simple google search would have saved you a lot of money
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