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  1. Try JapanDirect. They should be able to send it to you.
  2. Try using 320 CBR and up to four processing threads. It's faster.
  3. OMG! I have the SE-305!! Just the same without the volume control per channel! The oldest electronic device (which I still use) must be this turntable which sounds pretty good. The output of this machine goes to this receiver/amplifier which acts only as a pre-amplifier to send it's signal to a much modern Pioneer digital A/V Multi-Channel receiver.
  4. Incredibly true. Anyways, I have one of these and... well, see for yourself. For a price that's near the PSP... it's fool-proof and expandable forever because it runs Linux. Try JapanDirect to get one. The new models (more expensive) come with 6GB of built-in memory, a processor overclockeable to 630 MHz and of course, the amazing 640x480 display. (oh, you can watch divx and ogm on them too ) EDIT: Bad link corrected.
  5. xatax

    New MDR-EX90SL

    Oh ok. Thanks. Wondering if they will sound better than my ER-6i's...
  6. wondering why they have exactly the same specs...
  7. xatax

    New MDR-EX90SL

    Nice design, but at that price I would expect more than just design... how about the sound?
  8. I have an N1 (first NetMD unit) and this is also possible... it would be very cool if they release a real cue function. Just like in Winamp.
  9. Not sure what you want to do... you want to upload SP to SS? Please explain us what exactly would you want to do.
  10. You've got some pretty crazy rig there Jimbolico, a real beast! Congrats
  11. xatax

    RH-10 output?

    Another point is that wattage is not linearly proportional to dBs.
  12. Line outs usually differ from a headphone out at full volume. Headphone outs are normally 5mW + 5mW at 16 Ohms (less or more), and Line outs are usually 194mV at 10 kOhm. The sound should be more balanced and quite louder. Like one coming out from a deck. Headphone outs usually "color" their sound to make earphones/headphones sound better. Line outs are super power suckers, juice monsters, etc, though.
  13. I payed the US$100 some years ago... My N1 was also in mint condition. So unfair Sony never recognized the problem. A$$holes.
  14. Chances are, you now owner of an N1 with a faulty optical block. Very bad news Try to get it to a Sony Center...BUT if you're handy enough with a solder and taking apart things, maybe you can check this thread. Good luck.
  15. Try the Noise Reduction Package for Sound Forge.
  16. I notice a difference between my N1 and my brother's RH10. In mine there's noticeable hiss with my ER-6i. Not cool, I want an MD with digital amp now.
  17. Er... really, EAC is the best thing outhere.
  18. Your NH900 has a digital amp. I believe digital amps have a lower signal/noise ratio. Another point: I dont' have the E3c myself so I can't compare them to the Er-6i but from what I've read in Head-Fi and other forums/pages, the 6i have better high frequency response than the E3c. Maybe that's the reason you're not picking it up? Anyways, hiss = not cool.
  19. I already STINK like MD! This is for iPoders, to smell the sexiness of minidisc... ahh...
  20. It's a HI-MD limitation as well...HI-MD can't write faster than roughly 1MB/s... bye bye, camcorder, serious digital camera... blablabla...
  21. SS 3.4 First: 8sec Second: 3sec P4HT 3.2Ghz 1.5GB DDR400 RAID 0 7200RPM Small library though...
  22. I have never seen a deck with volume knob. Maybe for the "phones out" but that's it. Not sure about what version of ATRAC it would be... possibly 4.0? Surely it isn't ATRAC Type-R... it should sound fine though since it isn't one of the first ones.
  23. Hehe, most of us don't have a three line remote They are pretty hard to get and extremely expensive. Remember the RH10 already comes with a 6 line display...! That's not an excuse. Maybe you can send me one of your remotes, just search for a nice one in your box of stock ones...
  24. From here: Audio Foren Netzwerk (Thanks to indeego.) Specifically here: "LCD-Kabelfernbedienung" means Remote with LCD display, "1 Zeile" means one line display... The one line remote is what kills this unit IMO. Extremely nice style however...
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