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FIFA World Cup 2006 Thread

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Which Team are you going to support ?  

  1. 1. Which Team are you going to support ?

    • Brazil
    • France
    • England
    • Czech Republic
    • Mexico
    • Portugal
    • Argentina
    • Greece
    • Other (please Mention in the post )
  2. 2. Do you support Underdogs ?

    • Yes
    • No

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Gerrard puts England ahead!

Oh my goodness... Larsson equalize. What a match.

Robinson and Ashley Cole were all over the place second half. Thank god for Sol Campbell... England's defence will have to do better if they want to go further in this World Cup... Well at least it's not Germany second round.. phew.

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meanwhile australia draws 2-2 with a man sent off for both teams against croatia. if there's a replay on near you guys it was a high spirited, exciting match

I saw the final half of the game at a pub, so I would occasionally look over and see someone getting a red card :-P. Did see 3 really good goals (if I remember correctly) and all the highlights as well. Good show 'Roos!

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i'm a little disappointed, the czech's apart, there's been no big surprise teams like senegal last time or big team failures laike france for the last 6 years. i know ghana & ecuador made it through, maybe the swiss consistancy is the biggest news?

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