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What is your favorite sound setting in your Network Walkman

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Guest Stuge

Favorite Sound Setting .  

  1. 1. At which sound setting you Listen most ??

    • Studio (V-SUR or VPT Acoustic Eng )
    • Live (V-SUR or VPT Acoustic Eng )
    • Club (V-SUR or VPT Acoustic Eng )
    • Arena (V-SUR or VPT Acoustic Eng )
    • Heavy
    • Pops
    • Jazz
    • Unique
    • Custom
    • Digital Sound Preset

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Those who are using Custom Setting can tell us at what setting they are using, For eg in the Picture

There are Six columns for Bass & Treble(Left to Right ) .Example . 1.(0),2.(0),3.(+3),4(0),5.(0),6(0)

I Use Mosty Digital Sound Preset with Bass full & Treble (+1).Many Times I also Use Club or Live sound Setting .

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I just voted myself... To be honest, I think the V-SURROUND/VPT Acoustic Engine modes are quite good at what they do, they seem like very good DSP modes to me. (I've never had an MD unit with this feature so it was pretty nice to hear for the first time...)

However, at the same time they are very prominent, not subtle in anyway. Whereas I used to have a Panasonic PCDP back in the day that had a single "Live" effect DSP, that could be used pretty much all the time as it wasn't nearly as much of an effect as the Sony V-SUR modes. Not that they are bad, but I just wish you could adjust the level of the effect like you can on receivers...

But I ended up voting for Digital Sound Preset. Though the 6-band EQ is nice it just doesn't have enough bands because by the time I've adjusted it, it pretty much is the same as using Digital Sound Preset anyway. I.e. If I didn't have the 6-band thing and only had Digital Sound Preset, it would be no loss to me...

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