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User Impression on Mp3 playback with Mobile Phones

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Just wondered from any of the "MP3" crowd who also have MD units.

Anybody using Mobile Phones for MP3 listening --and what's the quality like (Sony Ericsson 810 etc etc.) compared with MP3 on MD's.

The screens on these newer mobiles look OK so navigation should be fine. Not sure what the quality of the play back amp is like however and whether the phone would have enough power to drive a decent set of headphones either. I think the SONY models support a maximum of 2GB card together with 0.5GB Internal phone memory.

Anybody using these --I'd be interested in some comments from users of these.

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Mine only accepts a USB headphone, basically the iffy one that comes with it, so it's hard to tell the quality. Anyone know of a USB to ordinary headphone adaptor?

I've seen them for the computer - just don't know if they would work on the phone (drivers ect)

I know they do exist...

(This is the only one I've seen)


End of offtopic - sorry

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I've just got a k750i. Only has a 64mb card in it at the moment. I don't like the earphones, and I thought it would sound terrible but a 320kps track sounded ok. Took forever to copy it on though. Thats one reason I wouldn't use it all the time. Theres a few people on Head Fi who use mobiles. It was suggested that I get the 3.5mm handfree accessory and use my own earphones. I thought I might use when I go for walk at lunch time. I didn't buy the phone specifically for MP3 though. Once funds allow I'll probably get a Samsung YP-Z5A 4GB or similar. Its just easier.

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I'm currently using the W810i (with 1GB MS PRO Duo) and it has some decent basic features: playlists, track information, shuffle, repeat, equalizer and Mega Bass. Mp3 playback sounds decent but like Sparky, I do not fancy earphones that much so the mobile will not be employed for such use.

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I've also got a K750i and it works ok for MP3 playback. The amp is not the strongest but can power buds. It's a little noisy too, with some background hiss. Apart from that I was very surprised at the quality of playback. As Sparky said, transfer speed is very slow, if you have a card reader/writer use that. I shelled out for the adaptor with EX51s so i could swap in any 'phones I want. I'm waiting for a higher capacity card to make better use of the mp3 functions though.

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