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SonicStage 4.2/4.3 full (non web) installer

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I had SS 4.2 installed on one of my machines, but uninstalled it. When I went to reinstall I tired the full installer for 4.0 but it failed, and after numerous attempts at clearing and reinstalling, without success I decided to try the 4.3 web install and it worked. Took an age to download it though.

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I was finally able to find some offline installers for SonicStage 4.2 and 4.3 on the VAIO FTP server. The installers include all prerequisites (DirectX, etc.), which makes them 80+ Mb in size, but they do not include any drivers, so I provide separate links to the respective drivers. Also, these installers are called "Upgrades" for some reason. I don't quite know what this means, since they seem to install fine on a clean machine.

All these versions feature support for Connect Europe.

SonicStage 4.2:

English_GB - removed by SONY. Alternate link (press the Free user button and wait for some time).

French - removed by SONY.

German - removed by SONY.

Italian - removed by SONY.

Spanish - removed by SONY.

Drivers - removed by SONY. Alternate link.

SonicStage 4.3:







IMPORTANT! Security Update for SonicStage 4.0-4.3. IMPORTANT!

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I already posted a complete list of web-installers for SS42 here: http://forums.minidisc.org/index.php?showtopic=18645

Currently working on getting full installers for SS42 and SS43 from the Vaio FTP.

I hadn't seen that thread.

I installed 4.3 on XP Pro SP1 and its fixed the problems I had with a bad install. The first bad install I've every had with SS I might add. My other machines all have 4.2. I think a lot of the problems I read about with 4.3 are people with other problems, that 4.3 isn't fixing for them. Or that a reinstall of SonicStage has caused, as can happen with any version of 4.3. I don't think they are bugs specifically with 4.3. That just my opinion though.

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Very unfortunately, there ARE new bugs in SS43. After installing it (I performed a clean install, after completely removing the previous version) I got two BSODs (SS-related), and these were actually the first two in almost two years after I installed the OS - Windows 2000 Professional SP4, which is really stable. After removing SS43, and reverting back to SS42 - no more BSODs, and everything is OK. Looks like SONY paid too much attention to providing compatibility with Vista, at the cost of reliability under older OSes.

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There is a full installer for the US Connect SonicStage 4.3 version here http://sonicstage.connect.com/SS-US.zip (88.4 Mb).

thanks so much to all of u who have put these files here (downloading now, it will take all day on nepal's slow broadband connections). i tried for days with the sony installer with no luck. i was having the omgjbox error on open that is mentioned here so much, so hope this download helps. i am starting to think the problem was windowblinds, but we will see.

but perhaps some expert here can help me and my wife with this scenario:

i am an ipod/ipod shuffle guy with itunes, totally happy with a huge music lib in itunes on a home server. but i just use the shuffle to listen to podcasts when the power is out here (6 hours per day). however, my wife is a singer with style, so i got her a sony nw-e000 to listen to music on the road and at work. the sony looks so much better then the shuffle and has the needed display for her. it also matches her eyeshadow and whatnot. BUT, i have to have sonicstage to get music from my itunes lib to her device. this turned out to be problematic, but i figured out a way to have sonic stage just point to files in the itunes lib (i don't think soundstage is creating new mp3s). that works, but i have to load her device by connecting it to our soho server. this is problematic, as i would rather just have sonic stage work over the network and have her plug her device into her laptop that is network connected. However, the version of sonicstage that came with the device (4.0) would not point to files on the network! perhaps v4.3 is fixed, we will see. but then i have the problem with a sonicstage lib on the server, and can i somehow transfer that her laptop? my god, what a pain just because i have dif mfg. devices! i really think the way to go would be to just buy cheap chinese devices that all u have to do is to drag over mp3 files and that's it. well, thanks again for help with this and for the complete installers!!!!


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I would strongly advice against using iTunes and SonicStage to point to each other's libraries. These programs tend to update tags in files, and there is a chance (however slight) that this may render the files unplayable or untransferrable by the original program. Simply copy the library to wherever you want (like a local hard drive, or a network folder), and then import the files to the other program and transfer them to the required device.

I also advice using SonicStage 4.2, and not 4.3, if your computer is not running Vista.

As for copying over a network into SonicStage, use the "Import Music Files" command instead of "Import Folder" - it seems to work over a network (at least in 4.2). You can also drag files from Windows Explorer and drop them into SonicStage.

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Officially the only new thing in 4.3 is Vista support.

Instead of them releasing a new version, they should have released a patch for those running Vista. New versions should not be released unless the codecs have been improved. Bug fixes should be done with patches, not new versions. I should have just stuck with 4.0, seeing that 4.1, 4.2, 4.3 is exactly the same, as far as codecs.

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There was too much to change. A patch would have been the size of a full installer. So they released a new version instead. Full of new bugs.

IMHO, the best version available now is 4.2. It has some improvements as compared to 4.0, and is really streamlined (no "Limited Patches", etc.) and stable.

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Thanks to Avrin, I used the attached installer link to get 4.2 online from Sony--upgraded from 3.4, and it works. Remove .txt from the filename to use the .exe file.

Well thanks to both Avrin and A440, at last, after many hours trying to find 4.2, I am now able to set up my new Win XP Pro SP2 machine.

Thank you guys :dance2:

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The only two sources for non-English European versions I know about are the VAIO Server and the web-installer server, but both have all 4.2 versions removed some time ago.

Maybe someone in Germany has the German version from the VAIO server backed up. Try local forums.

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