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  1. Yeah, give us the 4.4 ultimate!!!! :-D
  2. maybe try another software. do you have a burning program? like infrarecorder? try it and be sure to disable track pauses in the options (Nero for example hast this option)
  3. Yes, yes, yes for notexistingchrissake! "Gadgets not released outside of Japan" equals "they deliberately make differences in quality for EXACT the same unit made in EXACT the same factory" ??? can't be serious. and the far-fetched comparisons in the other thread is the next thing i'm skeptical about. There's nothing better than the good ol' blind A/B test. Period.
  4. I totally agree. I'm a fan of products not made in slavery-land. But to say that the RH1 was deliberately made worse for foreign markets is nonsense (except of course the EU forced volume limitation).
  5. That professional that his ears may suffer?
  6. I assume THAT is not likely but to reason a difference in sound quality between two RH1's from only hearing a NH3D and a RH1 is a little bit far-fetched. Sorry, Avrin!
  7. Yeah, but the NH3D is 1stGen Hi-MD. Do you have a japanese RH1 you can compare to your european ones?
  8. I think he was referring to the Invision forum software (look at the bottom of the page) not to Internet Providers.
  9. I'll do the same as skogens - there still is the german MD forum ... i might as well wait for a new international one.
  10. I have to agree with you - but I think you understood correctly. Sorry.
  11. erm, i thought you'd get the irony.
  12. Only Gold forchrissake!!! And only made by Sony!
  13. received yesterday - together with a twinkle MD (also new to my collection) not in the ebay article description. a rather rare TDK bitclub
  14. Here you go. No x-rays but grey morning light. The catalog # is MD-BC80LMB
  15. from time to time, yes! But sometimes I get easily annoyed when listening too long to too loud music.
  16. DO YOU EXPECT ME TO OPEN IT????!!! of course, I'll keep it in mind. PS: I'll have the Memorex MD as a shipping guard for the TDK! :-D
  17. I felt the same when opening the box - the speakers appear larger on the images. the turntable is in classic black.
  18. Eh, stop it will you?! I want to stay the highest bidder!
  19. Don't have to. Here we go - the show-off picture of the month ... from left to right: Onkyo D-TK10 speakers Technics MK2 turntable with audio-technica AT33PTG pickup Onkyo MD-133 Hi-MD deck Denon DRA-CX3 receiver Denon DCD-CX3 SACD player HeadAmp Gilmore Lite with ATH-AD2000 headphones my audio journey at its end - I hope!
  20. Guess what - I bought them. Together with a Denon DRA-CX3 receiver. Sounds nice!
  21. Was it a quote from Wikipedia???? Shame on you, Wikipedia!!!
  22. not true. I have a Samsung laptop with optical out (mini).
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