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New Stuff at Hardoff

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Thanks TC, is it onle me, or isn't that Panasonic CD player one beautiful machine? I could look at that all day. Good prices on the other stuff too. Any digital Camera's and watches??

BTW, how's your ankle??



Its getting better , just feel like I have a chain around it . your package is still safe.

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Watching those, I felt as if my whole life was flashing before me. Well, the last ten years at least.

looking at your list of MD's I can see why

OK Everyone , once again , Hardoff = Buy and Sell , no refurbs , only used gear ( there is some new stuff that they carry as retail stores close out inventory , they have a deal with Hardoff to distribution of "New Old Stock " But I have seen brandnew stuff in there as well.

Hardoff =Used gear , Great deals .

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