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MZ-RH1 Driver problems in Vista

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Hello, still considered a noob to the forums. I'm having issues with Vista and these drivers. I downloaded SonicStage according to my operating system (Windows Vista Premium). Installed it, the first time I plugged in my MZ-RH1 it had no problems and was able to transfer music. A few days later now when I connect my mz-rh1 it asks me to install the driver. So I thought that was odd, so unplugged it and I downloaded the driver itself and installed it. Restarted and plugged it back in and it still gives me this Locate and install driver crap. Has anyone had any similar issues and if so what can i do?

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Thanks for the advice guys. It appears to be a issue with 64-bit. I tried manually installing the .inf driver file through device manager and it says it's not compatible with 64-bit based systems. Is there any way around this whatsoever? Or am I screwed? Has anybody had success with sonicstage reading your discs on 64-bit. Thanks

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Thanks for the suggestions. I did try installing Avrin's Ultimate but that didn't do anything, I've jumped to the conclusion it's just a driver issue. I read a few places that SonicStage isn't compatible with Windows Vista 64-bit. So since both my computers are now 64-bit, I searched around and found a great solution. I came across VMWare Viritual Workstation. It allowed me to partition 10gb of my drive and install Windows XP Professional on it so I can run XP and Vista at the same time. Installed SonicStage and the drivers on the XP drive and it works perfectly. Don't mind doing this since it's pretty easy to use. Here's a picture:


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