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Order of imported files

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When I import MP3 files, stored on a SD card, into the library, the order they appear in the library and are burned on the MD is different from the right order they are on the card.

Is there anything I miss or is there a trick to have the same order in source files (SD Card) library and MD ?

Thanks for your attention.

I use SonicStage 4.3 and a MZ-RH1.

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I would suggest numbering them. This is the approach Sony's software tends to take when importing things anyway. Then you can sort by name, and the number will be the key.

Remember that if you have more than 9 songs, you'd better prefix the low numbered ones with "0"

This is because "10" comes right after "1" and before "2". However "01" comes before "02" and "10" comes after "09" just as it should. Same problem if you have more than 99 songs, better number starting "001".

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Thanks are also due to raintheory who gave me this tip last year.

Agree, yes thanks to Aaron. I was rather assuming that. But (only) sorting them won't have the desired effect unless:

a. all the files are in a single directory (folder); and

b. all are numbered

(unless you want to have them in alphabetical order, which is quite possible, I suppose).

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Presumably they were already numbered, then? :rolleyes:

They were, but, after importing, their order in the library was different from the original/good one on the memory card.

In the case of music this mix of tracks could have been acceptable... but it's an audio book ! Imagine reading a book that way ! All chapters in disorder.

Sorting by "file path" allows to get the same order than the source files... and you listen to the book from chapter one to the last chapter.

Thanks again to all who helped.

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