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Would you participate in group purchase?  

  1. 1. If so, what is the most you would pay (shipping extra)?

    • $70
    • $65
    • $60
    • $55
    • $50

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My turn.

How many people would be interested in getting an RM-MC40ELK? There is a supplier who says he either has or can get lots. Currently his x1 price is about $75 US plus relatively minimal shipping (under $10).

I am willing to approach him if/when we have 10 purchasers.

Note: these items are probably used, a new one (if it were available) would be around $110 (someone else may know different, please let's hear this information), I think.


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I'm not going to vote in the poll in case you're using it as a potential buyer tally. I just bought two of these and I paid what I felt I was willing to pay--$50 each + nominal ($4-$8) shipping charge. There is (was?) a listing in Germany for $75 and I was not (and am not) willing to pay that. That being said, if a few more weeks had gone by without me seeing an alternative and it was still there, I probably would've bought the $75 unit.

Clear as mud? :)

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I think $75 for a used one would be a little steep. They were available new & boxed from the ebay seller buyfromjapan for less than that a while back. He doesn't have any listed right now but maybe worth contacting him.

That said it is a nice remote, in fact I don't think I've ever really used any other remote for years.

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