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My MD machines

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Hi guys!

I am new here but am i really astonished to see all this MD fan fellows here!! I must told to my freinds here in my place that I am not the only one crazy about MD format! drinks.gif

I started collecting Md machines but was amazing to see that some people is collecting too blank md's! Nice idea!

So, i left here my Md collection machines if you think that it might interest to take a look.

I have also some acessories, Pre recorded Md's (Michale Jackson's Thriller is one of them), and some (few) blank ones.

I might start collecting this blanks too but is veryyy rare to see some of this stuff here in Portugal, besides sony ones.

Sorry for some english mistakes! In the pic is missing Mz-Rh1, Mz-R3 and Mz-Nf810, i must update the photo.



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Sweet collection! Excellent pic too, I keep wanting to do something like that myself. That turned out really nice.

Hello! Thank's for your reply. I think it will be great to see other user collections. I think there is any topic about that, or am I wrong? Might be very nice, cause there are some nice MD models that I never see on pics, or limited editions of some stuff I'll apreciate to see!


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What's that "MD Walkman" in the bottom right? Doesn't look very portable! Got a retro chic charm to it though.

I think that is the MZ-R1 which was the first "portable" MD recorder. As far as I know it uses an early ATRAC which doesn't sound great, but nevertheless I would love one for my collection.

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