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SI: Sony Bravia XBR11/12 Line Up Leaked

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It seems like XBR10 line up was just announced and people already started wondering what Sony has in store for the next line up. It’s like Windows 7 is out now and we know for sure M$ is already working and developing the next operating system. There were a ton of rumors going around and a number of unhappy customers who were hoping that XBR10 to have TruLED or RGB Triluminos technology, as we all know now the pretty Bravia is shining with LED Edge-lit panel and wireless HDMI.


However just recently a certain internal document was leaked from Sony that identified a line of upcoming TVs with some pretty juicy details. The good news is LED RGB is coming back! It will be released in the XBR12 flagship models with ”High Range Advanced LED RGB” backlighting. Local Dimming and a bag of chips too!

XBR11 line up lists panels ranging from 32 to 60 inches:

  • KDL-32XBR11 | 32-Inch
  • KDL-40XBR11| 40-Inch
  • KDL-46XBR11| 46-Inch
  • KDL-52XBR11| 52-Inch
  • KDL-60XBR11| 60-Inch

The Sony KDL-XBR11 series uses W-LED technology, which is White LEDs.

XBR11/12 will feature:

  • New LCD development called UV2A developed by Sharp;
  • Bravia Engine 3 PRO with HD Video Processor DRC;
  • HD Triple Tuner;
  • New EMO brand The Edge Motion Speaker
  • New Look (Floating Glass design is coming back, something similar to Sony’s very first and dear KLV-30XBR900 model), available in semi-gloss and glossy pane.

Another interesting piece of info, the document mentioned KDL-ZX series OLED! Woot! I was hoping we would see the continuation of XEL series. Anyways, all this info should be of course not considered as final, the doc does state those models are prototypes. However the specs do speak for themselves. CES 2010 will be the answer to those who are wondering and is just a few months away…for now feel free to salivate about these new Bravias…

Other models listed are:

  • KDL-S6100 | Entry CCFL
  • KDL-V6100 | Mind Range CCFL
  • KDL-W6100 | Mid Range CCFL
  • KDL-Z6100 | High Range CCFL
  • KDL-X500 | Mid Range Edge-Lit LED LCD
  • KDL-650 | High Range Edge-Lit LED LCD

Here is an additional picture:


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My friends bought a new Sony Bravia everything seems to be fine, except we noticed that while watching a tennis game the other day, every time the player would hit the ball...the ball would leave a small trace. Also, the white lines in the court were kind of shaky. Any explanations?

Sony TV's tend to do that to spammers and scammers. Live with it.

Post nuked.

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