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List of Pre-Recorded minidiscs

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I've been trying to find a list of store bought pre-recorded minidiscs. Does anybody know where such a list exists, if at all? I've seen alot of these for sale on ebay and there seems to be alot of them and from many different genres. I've thought about coming up with a list but that would probably take too long. If you can think of any that you have or have seen, go ahead and post them on here.

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I remember a list once compiled but I dont have it anymore, I may have gotten it from a search back in early 00's.

Thats a tough one, unless another MiniDisc enthusiast still has one from way back. Try Audio-T Station, someone still on there may have an old file with all of them listed. Collecting them is still something people are doing.

Also, you might want to consider the Japanese releases that had different more square jewel cases - here's a photo I found:


Good luck and please share what you find! I wouldnt mind seeing a gallery of every release one day.

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Although this is also likely to be incomplete and has some mini cds incorrectly categorised as MiniDiscs this is a much more substantial list of releases.

It also includes several releases on recordable MDs some of which came out long after prerecorded discs stopped being manufactured, the most recent I spotted having been released in 2013 which is quite interesting.


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I had exactly one pre-recorded MD, something by Richard Thompson. I found it in a used-CD shop for $2. I was simply curious about such a thing. The audio quality of that particular disc was poor. I eventually gave it away. Although the pre-recorded MDs have a very high "cuteness" factor, they were never of any real interest to me. Great list, though, Jimma!

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