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wanted:sony qualia 017

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everything at this price in asia without any professionnal garantee is proposed by a crook

I have no affiliation with the guy, and I can offer NO FEEDBACK. Try at your own risk.

However, people have told me that he has a shop in Shanghai and he even has a "listening room" for customers to chill and test their units. He's on Taobao too. He has feedback there.

Just trying to help out this member with one post. It's interesting that Azureal says that he has heard his "plea" before... but he only has one post? Wrong member?

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There's a problem with online or online-sourced transactions of high value. Human nature being what it is, there is (if you look carefully enough) a high potential for not concluding the transaction, whereby one or the other party ends up with both money AND item.

Consequently at the very least it has to be conducted using a service like http://www.escrow.com

But I am sure the OP knows this. We have had all sorts of individuals (at least they claimed to be different people, some of them were the same person) wanting to buy or sell expensive MD recorders. Many (if not most) of these attempts appeared to end in tears. It's also common in the world of musical instruments - I have heard some pretty awful stories.

A word to the wise, that's all from me.

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My statement should have been made in a more general manner, I have heard this plea in the past. Not specifically from this individual ...

Yeah, I checked his profile. He became a member only a few days ago.

Anyway, I think a face-to-face transaction in Shanghai would be best for such a high-value item. Again, I do not recommend anything. These are just opinions. Try at your own risk!

Of course, you would have to fly to Shanghai.

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I noticed that almost all Sony Qualia 017 I have seen on the web are proposed by people living in china. The safest way to know if the guy realy own the unit is in asking a ton of pictures and then checking if they come or not from the web. Stephen is right, a service like escrow.com is highly recommended in such case. I will also not be interested if the unit is not complete (including the box) and in perfect aesthetic condition (a technical problem is always possible and can explain why the unit is sold). At this price, it is the minimum. By any way, I will never do a transaction with a private chinese seller, except in Vietnam (because I can see the unit).

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Someone just messaged me on this Forum... I actually have a Qualia 017 that I bought at the Sony Style Qualia Store in NYC, it's barely been used and still have the original box and all the extras... and the Sony Receipt! It's absolutely beautiful and incredibly rare! I actually had it posted on this board a few years ago so I'm guessing its still on here because like I said someone messaged me the other day.

I have a ton of pictures if anyone is interested. Thanks!


Los Angeles, CA

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Oh here is a picture of my Sony Qualia 017 charging in it's charging station... just took it out of the box and it still works perfectly. Again, I have all paperwork, original packaging, manual, earbuds, chain (yes it came with a chain), leather carrying case, attached remote, etc. If anyone is interested, I can post more photos of everything too.

I was told by someone at the Sony store in LA , that mine was probably one of only a handful made for the U.S. market. I still have no idea why I bought the damn thing since I probably only used it a dozen times and never took it out of the house for fear of it being damaged.

I'd be happy to give more information to anyone. Of course escrow.com would be fine and I'm in Los Angeles if anyone might want to see it in person!




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