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Thanks Mosaic.

Not too bad considering the problem in rendering a mixture of 16/14, 24/48 etc.. sound tracks into a single full HD video (24fps film) format suitable for uploading to Vimeo /YouTube. The end result must go through about 2 chains of format recompression. So what you actually hear listening to the Vimeo audio is nowhere near the dynamic range or quality of the original audio.

With all that gear, you don't need the motivation for field recording, do you?

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Yesterday I was able to record a vessel passing by along with some cheering gulls. As I found out its actually quite relaxing. Not just the sound you record but the whole process of standing there trying to be quiet while you concentrate on the sounds. As soon as I have decent microphone with an extension cable I'll be out there again. This time without the noisy MD drive messing up the record.

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You can use either stereo or mono with their plug-in-power supplied by the MD.

Many use the small in-ear binaural microphones similar to those produced by http://www.soundman.de/en they record a good stereo field if listened to on headphones. The only problem is using them with those fluffy windjammers, so they're often mounted inside an old set of headphones - the other advantage with that is that people think you're just wandering around listening to music, so they tend to act more naturally than if they spot you holding a microphone in the hand with a fluffy windjammer on the end! The only other problem is trying to keep your head still whilst recording, as quite naturally the average person looks around whilst walking or even standing still, which can result in a stereo field which appears to keep moving from side to side, and that sounds terrible when listened to afterwards.

Never dismiss the good old mono recording - they can sometimes produce a more solid sound field, so you will find naturalists often record with mono mics to capture specific bird calls etc.

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Thank you very much. Sights and sounds of my childhood. I too still have a reel-to-reel taperecorder, and recordings of family and friends - though never outside - your editing especially of video is quite superb.


Very best wishes for a Happy Christmas from the other side of the world.



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