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PayPal method of payment is better than putting the credit card information directly onto their website. Now coming from China, the biggest question is the quality of the LIP-4WM batteries.

I ordered some batteries for my mobile flip phone; waited a little too long to test (my mistake), paid only a $3 a piece. I finally did a test and 1 battery would not charge or be recognized by the phone and the other would not hold charge. I took the loss in the long run.

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I have the same issue with a group of 5 LIP4 batteries I bought as spares for RH10, DH10P and NH1, I had them in a drawer for so long and did not test them, a few have worked but not very well, they are clearly knock-offs not licensed or manufactured by Sony. It's a shame really, it's the major design flaw of each of these units as well as a few others which rely solely on that specific battery for portable power.

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i don´t think there were ripped -off batteries around at all. They were not as popular as tha NH14 so i dot think there was/is a market for facturing fake ones at all.

I got myself some abnormal but original looking NH14 some years ago.The weren´ bulk wrapped but in a neat looking ( later recognized as fake) card/plastic sleeve.

They didn´t work very well too so i put em in the waste.I even had one that blew off nearly 1,5x from the original thickness when chayrged up.

Iam glad nothing happend to my recorder as a consequence (

One and only LIP4 i got that doesn´t hold a charge more than 20% is the supplied one from my NH1.

Besides this one i hold a bunch of 25 i guess and they were all fine.

I keep them in the fridge charged netween 30-60% and this has been proved to be a good storage.

Nevertheless iam looking forward to get replacements all the time :D I wonder if there will ever appear some third party ones.

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I just went there - and noticed that if you buy two or more, shipping is free (at least to USA, I didn't check for myself).

Which makes those gumsticks shown on the bottom very interesting. It might be worth the gamble of paying a little more than six bucks to get two of them...

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